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Hero Journey Essay


PART 1: Complete the 12 steps of the Hero Journey Worksheet with your selected character: Samson (& Delilah).

Answer: 12 steps of the Hero Journey involve universal common structure to be followed stories and each step has its own characteristics as well as functions to be identified and even we can. This 12 step model is flexible model we can skip, repeat and even alter the stages depend on need of each story.

This model is divided into 2 parts ordinary world and special world as listed below,

1. Ordinary world

2. Call to adventure

3. Refusal of call

4. Meeting the mentor

5. Crossing the threshold

6. Tests, allies and enemies

7. Approach to inmost cave

8. The ordeal

9. Reward

10. Road back

11. Resurrection

12. Return with elixir

Hero's Journey

Samson The Hero

Ordinary world


Birth of hero

( announced by angel)

 Samson born with supernatural power

Call to an adventure

 Israel was under the rule and oppression of the Philistines in order to save Israel angel announced the birth of Samson.

Hero realizes his power during journey of his life

And feels great in his own eyes

Hero moves to adventurous world)crossing the threshold)

Samson fell in love with beautiful Philistine woman (Delilah)


Samson was humiliated by Delilah for money given to her by philistine rulers,

She asks Samson about secret of his power and he says it

Faces the test

He reveals that "if he was tied up with seven new bow strings that had not been dried, he would lose his strength", she does the same but fails twice.

Approaches to inmost cave

Again she asks him and he reveals the truth and she succeeds in tying him when he was sleeping

The ordeal

The Philistine men came and captured Samson and took him to prison in Gaza, gouged his eyes out and tied him.

Survives the death

But his hair start growing, he gains the power again and succeeds in defeating philistines.

Return with elixir


God forgave Samson


Part 2: Reflection Essay

a. Complete a reflection essay about your selected figure (Samson)

b. Essay should be a minimum of 200 words

c. Explain why you selected that character

d. How can this character''s journey influence you as a professional.

Answer: Reflection Essay On Samson

There was a person in Israel named Manoah and he was at the miserable stage of his life because his wife was barren, one day angel of the lord appeared to his wife and said that "you can be a mother for that you need to follow some rules which will give you motherhood, in order to conceive and bear a son you should stop drinking wine and other alcoholic drinks and should take clean food and even angel says that child will be a Nazirite to god and his duty will be rescue Israel from the hands of Philistines.

When Manoah came to home his wife tells about the angel, and he gets surprised and thought of getting parental guide from angel, so he prays to god and asks to send angel once again to guide them and god agrees for the same.

After some days women gave birth to child and named it as SAMSON, Samson grew up with all supernatural power, one day he saw a beautiful Philistine lady named Delilah and falls in love with her.

Rulers in Philistine met Delilah and said her to find reason behind power of Samson and in return for that they offered her money. So she made a plan and prepared delicious food for Samson, as usual while serving food to him she asked about reason behind his super natural power, Samson thinks for a while and says that "if he was tied up with seven new bow strings that had not been dried", he would lose his strength" and she does the same but he could rescue himself. But Delilah didn't let it there and asks him about his love for and forces him so much that he reveals the secret of strength and says that "This is my inborn power given by god, if I cut my hair I would lose all my super natural power". When he was sleeping at night she cuts his hair and called in the Philistines, this time they succeeded in capturing him and took him to prison in Gaza, gouged his eyes out and tied him. But his hair begins to grow and he prayed god for strength to defeat the philistines. He regains his power and succeeds in killing thousands of Philistines and making Israelites free from rule of Philistines.

PART 3: The main reason to select this character is that it teaches us how the belief in someone gives them a chance to humiliate us and put us in dangerous situation.

When we go through journey of SAMSON, we will come to know that even though we are strong enough we have to face lots of obstacles and at the same time we get opportunities which help us to succeed in our personal as well as professional life.

One thing what we need to learn from SAMSON is we need to keep in mind our strength and belief in ourselves, which helps us to come out of difficult time of our life and fetches the success.


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