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UU PhD 803 Leadership - Unicaf University

PhD programme helps to prepare students to become successful researchers. The programme helps in the development of research and thus becoming a pro researcher. It creates and increases one's knowledge and as an outcome becomes a successful researcher. In Unicaf University's UU PhD 803 Leadership PhD programme, each student has to attend certain core units and leadership is one of them. The subject code is as mentioned above. Leadership is a tricky business. What might possibly sound like an inherent skill is a developed quality that each person has to learn over time regardless of whether they are in a higher-level role or not? Leadership is an essential calibre to lead the corporate to the ultimate vision by attaining the required goals for the long-lasting existence of the entity. Leadership is one of the most required and essential assets and trait which would help the entities to reach great heights and accomplish the vision and mission of entities for which it is established. To succeed in any competition, proper guidance and help of intelligent people is needed who can not only get the work done by encouraging them and not by forcibly getting the work done. Hence, there is quite a high demand for such personnel in the market who are not only visionary but also have leadership qualities. Thus, the subject stresses upon enhancing the inbuilt quality of a leader in a person and to give a proper direction to it by doing proper research on it and by learning from the successful leaders across the world and the tactics used by them.

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