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Healthcare Assignment Help

- Analyze the relationships within a health care system that are necessary to achieve an organizational goal. 

- Identify the partnerships you will need to complete your task. 

- Explain why you chose the partnerships you identified. What will each contribute to your task? 

- Explain how the health care system itself serves as the framework for problem solving. 

- Explain any ethical questions related to your task that could arise.

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Option C: Internal Quality Management Team

Analyze the Relationship with Healthcare System

Today, with increased challenges in the healthcare system, it has become vital for the healthcare staff and the most senior management of the organization to seek for ways through which they will be able to overcome the defined problems and subsequently also ensure improving the quality of healthcare practices (Bloom et al., 2015). 

With advent of new technologies, the anticipations of patients have increased a lot and hence it becomes more important for the healthcare and nursing staff to fulfill them. Quality Management is one of the important concepts that allow the nursing staff to improve on their effectiveness levels and productivity at the workplace (Bloom et al., 2015). 

They first need to identify concerned stakeholders with whom they will be functioning and accordingly will improve on their scope of practices. The major partners of the nursing staff in a given scenario will include - top-level management, Human Resource Management staff, policy-makers, and patients (Bloom et al., 2015). They thereby need to communicate with them about the issues related to quality management that can directly impact on the delivery of the healthcare solutions in a given environment. 

Partnerships needed to complete the Task

Researchers state that quality management will not take place within a single day. The entire scope and approach of the work practices need to be changed that will allow the nursing staff to remain committed to quality care. They need to identify competencies such as - quality and safety management, patient-centered practices, teamwork and collaboration, evidence-based practices and approaches, safety and informatics, and overall quality management of the patients (Attig& Cleary, 2014). They will first need to effectively partner with the top-level management and determine their expectation levels. 

Second, they also need to get informed about the key objectives they need to achieve for a given healthcare organization. Third, they need to adhere to the rules and regulations as formulated by the healthcare staff in a given environment. Further, they also need to focus on the needs of the patients and expectations of the relatives of the patients in different challenging scenarios (Attig& Cleary, 2014). They can thereby deploy the best working model and most appropriate framework to ensure achieving of the desired results for the organization and expected outcomes for the patients. 

Role of Each Partner in the Healthcare Organization

The role of all the concerned partners in a given healthcare organization will be crucial as they need to get trained on the aspects of quality management and quality assurance. The role of the senior management will be to define strategies in accordance with this objective so that they can ensure of achieving the required quality management objectives.

Second, the HR team needs to conduct Quality Audit regularly and at fixed intervals. It will thereby allow them to check whether all the medical processes are functioning properly or not (Simon&Kafel, 2018). They can even determine where there are major errors with respect to nursing-practices and in association with the HR team can even train them accordingly. 

Third, the policy-makers need to allocate resources to the staff as per the stated objectives of quality management. The staff can then function accordingly, deploy the technological platforms as per the requirements of the patients, and finally ensure quality control measures in a given work environment. It should be noted that there will be influences of quality aspects on the nursing practices. 

It will be the responsibility of the HR department to train the nursing staff on the aspects of - leadership, change management, effective communication, and group-based working approach (Simon&Kafel, 2018). The nurses will thereby be able to provide medical treatments on time and accordingly ensure that patients will get recovered soon from their present healthcare problems. 

Healthcare Framework: Problem-solving Approach

The Total Quality Management is a framework that can be implemented in a given healthcare organization. It includes certain components such as - focus on the needs of the patients, involvement of the staff, and effective communication with the patient, providing all the medications on time, continuous improvement approach, and time-management (Limb, 2015). 

In addition, the new aspect of change management will allow the staff to modify on their current practices, adapt to new technological platforms, and subsequently achieve desired outcomes. It is always vital for nurse-members to focus on the perspectives of quality and continuous improvement (Limb, 2015). 

They will thereby be able to win the trust of the patients, providing them with future directions, guide them on the present healthcare needs, and finally improve their outcomes (Limb, 2015). They will thereby be able to get recovered quickly in the near future. The senior management should develop strategies through which they will be able to evaluate the performance of the nursing staff. They can even check for any errors made by them and accordingly provide solutions to solve the given problems. 

Ethical Issues and Recommendations

With increased responsibilities of the nursing staff, it might happen that they will compromise either on their work approach or with their work routines. Some of the nurses are also found to be failing to adhere to the instructions of the top-level management in a given environment. Second, there are also issues related to patient focus, leadership, and reliability in the present work environment (Tamayo et al., 2015).

In addition, some of the nurses are even found to be failing in following the ethical approach at the workplace. They thereby compromise on the healthcare needs that need to be delivered on time to the respective patients (Tamayo et al., 2015). Thus, it is the responsibility of the HR department to train the nurses on the ethical principles and policies. 

They should even be guided and trained on the aspects of ethical principles such as - accountability, responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, and truthfulness. Only then the nurses will be able to overcome ethical challenges and ensure following of these ethical principles (Tamayo et al., 2015). They should however rectify their errors, improve their work approach, and accordingly deliver the desirable outcomes.

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