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Theory of Evolution – Fossil evidence Assignment Help

Describe at least one piece of evidence that supports the theory of evolution. Alternatively, you can describe one misconception or criticism of evolution as long as you also provide a counter to that criticism. 
Note: Accepting the theory of evolution is not required to pass this course, but all students are expected to explain the theory and describe the supporting evidence.

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Theory of Evolution – Fossil evidence

“Theory of evolution” by natural selection of Darwin is the historical progression of the origin of species. Inspite of hard criticism based on religious belief like creationism, there are several supporting evidences strongly supported the concept of the evolution. For example there are fossils of long back existing species seen on the planet. They are extinct as well quite different to the species existing on the planet right now. However still a critical evaluation of the species shows that there is a lineage of link between these species. The earlier existing species are related with the current species through a change progress process. A trend or a progression of change is evident in this lineage. A particular form or trait has undergone changes in the transformation chronology. For example consider the case of evolution of legs, teeth transformation (Guatelli-Steinberg, 2016), as such there is nothing missing in between the evolution process by natural selection. The fossil evidences found in the undisrupted rocks find evidence to the fact the fossils do occur in sequence. The bottom layers of rock do contain chronologically the oldest existing species and as it moves up, the more modern species are seen (Knoll and Nowark, 2017).  Carbon dating and other chronological investigations proved the same fact.

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