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AHF Billboard for AIDS Awareness Assignment Help

There are limited resources in public health and public health administrators are often faced with tough choices as to how to use those limited resources wisely. Should limited resources be expended on education and prevention, or on interventions? As a public health administrator, you may be called upon to decide whether to implement a proposed prevention campaign, and to make that decision, you will need to know whether that type of campaign is likely to be effective. 1.Identify a prevention campaign such as a TV advertisement, print ad, school program, etc. that is addressing a public health issue. Post a copy of the ad, a link to the ad, or a link to the program in your response. Explain what you feel you would need to know before you would approve the implementation of this type of prevention campaign and why.

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About the Campaign and Suggested change 

AHF that is AIDS Health Care Foundation is rolling out billboards across several cities and states in order to enhance AIDS awareness. The sexually transmitted diseases has witnessed a fast spread among the youth of U.S. Around 50 percent of new infections that has been acquired by the teen aged or young adults, aged between 16 to 24 are found to be STDs. This shows the lack of awareness of this teenage and young aged population to importance of mandatory precautions. However, the Billboard that has been rolled several places like OHIO, Texas, GEORGIA, New York and several other metros, may not be able to gain the desired affect due to certain loopholes in it. The first reason is that, the media that is print media, itself is a poor choice for such targeted audience who are of the age group of 16-24 (Stuart Mitchell, 2019). They are mostly tech savvy and spend most of the time in social media. They would hardly give a notice to such advertisement that is zero interactive and have a static photo displayed. The next loophole is that, the poster is not attractive at al. It has words pained in red and golden, Love and Iconic. The "o" of these two words are replaced with a condom packet. This less attractive display may hardly attract customers and convey message to the teenagers or young adults. In this era, when the youngsters are exposed to wide range of promotional activities like emotional marketing, seo marketing, this could hardly influence them. In order to improve the campaign, I would first suggest changing the media. The digital media can give better reach to the targeted audience (Bannor, Asare, & Bawole, 2017). This billboard does not display the severity of not taking precautions. The add has to have such visual or written or graphic content that shows the fatal consequences of not taking precautions or being affected by aids. Thus, the campaign could be made better and useful.

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