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GIIM 619 Strengthening the Brand with Digital Marketing Assignment Help

Question A:HIGHLIGHTED SWOT. Provide a HIGHLIGHTED SWOT for this situation.

Question B:RECOMMENDATION & RATIONALE.Which course of action should the company pursue? Support your recommendation.

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Problem Statement

Issue with the growth Strategy in Accor



? The market strengths here are the overall assessment of the market size along with the related products which would be determinant in term of the planning a launch.
? Launch planning and assessment of the market trends
? Maturity in terms of the market (Titherington, 2018). As the markets are profitable and even stable, it is important to understand the market dimensions.
? Geographical conditions to understand the target market segment that would lead to the needs of the products and also provide a considerable solution in terms of understanding the consumer needs.
? It has a technological competence in terms of the existing players along with the inbuilt culture of the innovation and the development with respect to the industry.


Product life cycles are deteriorating
Not being able to take appropriate market decisions (Teixeira, 2019).
Redundant products planning
Not able to withstand with the competition after making a unique assessment.
Unable to understand the new untapped markets before product launch


? Untapped market sizes along with the key barriers which have resulted in the limited restriction of the market and also serving the customers.
? The companies need to understand the unfulfilled needs with respect to the markets and also access the difficult costly barriers.
? It is also important to define a core need before allowing to serve the product which is serving
? It needs to be in relation to the competitors within the given market place.
? It is also important to create a mark in terms of positioning with the product and also create a segment better.


? The threats are the opponents targeting and even covering the current and untapped market sizes.
? There would be added barriers that would deter to serve the larger market.
? There should be a tendency to serve the given areas with respect to launching the given products with respect to the wider market
? Foresee the challenges which would be faced in the given firm within the market place .
? Economic fluctuations.


The recommendations would be provided as below
• To understand the buyer behavior along with the estimation of the market sizing and the required untapped opportunities.
• It is important to identify the market share key drivers which would help in the relevant approach with respect to the given Accor company.
• The company should also invest and understand the segment Attractiveness Analysis which would allow understanding the attractive segments along with introspecting the one the firm that should take the specific opportunities It should be in relation to the company that tends to enter.
• It even needs to understand the different needs along with the relative value with respect to the offering by segment.
• The tendency to also develop an approach of the segment priorities along with the positioning with respect to the product that is based on the product that can also fit developed by the firm (Dogru, 2015).
The other important approaches are the
• Uncovering customer-based along with the tendency to understand the competitive positions with respect to the key rivals along with the firm's offering. It would help in the cascading the strengths and weaknesses with respect to the competitors along with strengthening the defined and positioning of the product.
• It is important to launch the product and create a positioning in terms of the launching strategy. This would ease with the distribution channel analysis along with the possibility of the promotion mix in terms of the product.
• It needs to also focus on the strategic marketing planning which includes the process of the development and also adhere to the strategic fit with respect to the organization's objectives and synchronizing the capabilities in term of the marketing opportunities for its products.

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