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BUS 655 Financial Investment Management

This course is of 3 credits from Ashford University. This course is for all those students who want Finance Specialisation in Graduate Degree. The main aim of this course is to make students understand and develop the skills to know the way the security market functions. It also includes the factors which impact the valuation of security. Knowing the differences between different types of investment. It tries to imbibe the skills pertaining to understand and ascertain the principles of investment risk and return. The above said course includes various topics such as allocation of portfolio asset, analysis of financial environment, equity evaluation, securities with fixed income, information of investment, market operations etc.

BUS 655 Financial Investment Management course carry total 3 Credits. The central focus of this BUS 655 Financial Investment Management course is to develop an knowledge of how security markets function, differentiating between various investment types, factors that influence security valuation and understanding investment risk & return principles. This BUS 655 course covers security markets operations, portfolio asset allocation investment information, financial environment analysis & evaluation of equity or fixed income securities. 

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