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Gun Control on Higher Education Campuses in Arizona Assignment Help

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Body Paragraph-1

It was evident that carrying guns at educational institutions will not overcome any of the major risk factors that the students or any other members of the educational institutions were facing in a given learning environment. It is noticed that in the recent times students are often found to be carrying guns with them at their respective educational institutions (Blocher& Miller, 2016).

It is thereby recommended by several social activists and other regulatory agencies to make necessary changes in the legal law and thereby prevent the students from carrying any type of such weapons in the educational institutions.

The role of the educational institutions and the regulatory agencies should be to determine the need and purpose of carrying this weapon at the schools. Instead there are examples of massacre found that not only poses danger to the lives of other students but also poses several other social challenges to the entire community(Blocher& Miller, 2016). The role of the government is thereby crucial in taking stand on this matter and thereby takes steps that will prevent all types of shooting incidents within the school premises.

Body Paragraph-2

Seung-Hui Cho's massacre at Virginia Tech is considered to be one of the major shooting incidents that involved killing of 27 students at a given school. It will thereby raise controversies for the government as they have failed to curb this issue from different perspectives.

The students got the right to carry gun under SB1474 bill but it seems that the students have started to misuse it. The limit to use this weapon has increased to such an extent that there are several incidents of mass massacre taking place (Wozniak, 2014). It is thereby recommended to amend this bill and thereby take necessary steps to prevent and control mass killing within the education sector.

The true purpose of achieving educational institution will not be served and instead there will be creation of a fear environment that could pose multiple challenges(Wozniak, 2014). It is thereby recommended to the government to make both legal modifications and also take preventive measures that will allow in overcoming the risk of gun shooting in a given environment.

Body Paragraph-3

To carry arms in an educational campus could be easy way but it will lead to multiple challenges in a given environment. For example, it will create fear among the students and could even disturb other students from the mental health perspective. It is thereby more important for the government and educational institutions to develop a proper plan in this direction. It is observed that Arizona is utilizingphysical forces as well for overcoming this critical issue(Frank, 2014); however, it will not guarantee that this problem will be solved in a given environment (Frank, 2014).

On the other hand, they should strive for creating a safe environment and reinstall the confidence among the students(Frank, 2014). The government should however monitor the different strategies implemented in this direction, identify gaps, if any. They can thereby provide their new solutions for improvising the future outcomes.

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