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MIS603 Microservices Architecture Assignment - Torrens University, Australia

Task - You are required to briefly survey the history of computing and to explain how and why the present contemporary suite of information systems are fundamentally different to the various generations of technology and its use throughout the ages. Provide a short summary of what your role is in the hypothetical professional context and explain what about your background makes you qualified to give advice on microservices architecture.

Solution - Microservice

Executive Summary

Technology has been revolving in no time, and the implementation of microservice is refreshing in the field of technology. The technology is improving day by day, so the software is also growing day by day. So in this context, we have discussed the microservice, the monolithic, the microservice architecture and the benefits of microservice as to how microservice has evolved out. Different microservice architecture has been discussed in this context the languages that microservice heavily rely or depend upon microservice.

Thus microservice in technological field has reduced the burden of long coding and increased in the reusability of the software which can be used by multiple users at a single time.


Microservice have been suitable for the technological aspect, and I as a professional software developer have been working on this aspect for a few days as to how microservice develops and since 2011 how it has comeinto force and replaced the monolithic structure.The monolithic structure was massive and it was not possible to break that structure and the monolithic cannot be reused, but in the case of microservicethere is no process of long coding, but there are small blocks of code which will help in microservice as the small blocks if damaged will not affect the whole system. So the implementation of microservice in the business field will be beneficial as a new implementation of services can be done very quickly.



Technology is changing rapidly there is always an evolution of new technology in the field of computing science new software's, applications are being developed every day so that it enhances the vision of the software and the software helps in reducing the workload of the total workforce.

Microservice has been a revolution in the technological field, and it has established its place in the technical area in a higher position. The Microservice has been introduced to break the codes into small modules so that the program gets divided into small modules

The mainstream languages such as Java, C, C++, and Python have designed in such a way that it intends for the creation of single executable program files. But these unique executable programmable file structure leads to the monolithic structure which is it very complicated in the structure.


A microservice is an independent process of interacting with the messages it is also a small loosely coupled distributed services. Microservice Architecture evolved as a solution to the scalability and innovation challenges with Monolith Architecture. It allows taking an extensive application and decomposing or breaking into easily manageable small components with narrowly defined responsibilities.(Pahl&Jamshidi, 2016)

Microservice Architecture

Architecture means a framework where all the elements of the software organized in the framework. The architecture is a meticulousmeans of developing software such as web or mobile application, suites etc. The services are used to create software applications such as user organization, user-roles, e-cart services etc. The main feature of microservice is that they are independent and can write on any programming language such as Java, C, C++, etc. and they can use different data storages. So these are the features of microservice in today's world.

Benefits of using Microservice

There are several benefits of using microservice in the software and technology sectors such as

Small Modules:- One of the crucial advantages of using microservice is that the application can break into smaller modules which are easy for the developers to code and find the errors

Easier Process Adaption: Using microservice it helps to adopt new technology and the latest technology can be implemented in the program and make the program more user-friendly and reliable to use

Independent Scaling: Microservice has the feature to scale out independently through X-axis scaling (i.e. scaling with CPU or memory) and Z-axis scaling (sharding) as per the needs of the software

Unaffected: In microservice, the large applications will remain unchanged through any changes happening in the coding or also by the failure of a single module.

DURS: Another feature of Microservice is the DURS feature, i.e. DURS stands for deployed, updated, replaced, and scaled.

Freedom: In microservice applications, the developers enjoy several freedom as they can easily change coding and they can also configure the deployment of the application according to the needs of the developer, and the developer can also choose the language where they want to implement the microservice architecture.

So these are the benefits of using microservice in the new technology, and these will help the technology to flourish in a significant way.(Zimmermann, 2016)


Evolution of Microservice

Microservice has recently evolved as a newer form of technology, and technology has changed in the last few years. Here we will have a look at the technology of microservice and how the technology has evolved out from the past.

In the first aspect, we would be discussing Monolith. A Monolith is a software application that cannot implementalone these features of Monolith makes them execute in the distributed systems without the specific framework.

In the era of 1970, there was enormouscuriosity in developing the software plan. In that era, the designing of software was not very easy compared to today as many tools are needed or required to design that software. But in the year of 1980, there was vast development in the concept of software development where design and development merged and the idea of the software architecture came in the force in the late 80s. In 1992 the software architecture came into implementation, and the researcher started to study about what is architecture and how the architecture is being formed out. In the year of 1990s, another concept developed out known as Objected Oriented Design Patterns; this system was used to find out the software patterns and implement in the new technology.

After the object-oriented pattern, another technology developed out known as the Component-based Software Engineering (CBSE) that have known out an improvedorganize over the design though it was not satisfactory at all. The next implementation was Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) it is a paradigm for the distribution of the computing and the e-business process. The objective of SOC is to harness the complexity of the distributed systems as well as integrate out different software applications in the process. There are some advantages of SOC services such as dynamism, Modularity and reuse, Distributed Development, etc.

In the second generation, we see that there is a development of Object Oriented Programming Literature. The OOP concept was being developed to initialize that all the software components work properly and all the software services are being distributed into the process correctly, and the OOPs paradigm needs to create more services appropriately, and the microservice works in that process (Dragoni et al., 2017)

Present day

Another new paradigm that appeared in the present day is known as the microservice paradigm, which is used to compose little services, every running out in their procedure, and communicate through themselves with their light mechanisms. Microservice introduced in the year of 2011, and it developed in the concept of Service-Oriented Architecture. The microservice is being described out as a new trend in the software culture like its emphasis on the design and development of the software and also manages the increasingdifficulty by functionally decomposing the large systems into the independent services. As the microservice is being utterly separate in the development and deployment of the services, the microservice approach also delivers sort of some benefits in terms of maintaining, scalability, and so on.

The microservice gained popularity recently and is considered to be in its initial stages though there is some confusion till now as to what is microservice till nowthough it has newly developed, still there is a vast scope of microservice to be expanded in the future and to be an excellent paradigm for the software field.(Thönes, 2015)


Future Scope

Microservice is very recent that we can say that their explorations have just begun and there is a long way for microservice to go. The main strength of microservice is their pervasive distribution; the internal components of the software are the free services, and it leads to a loosely coupled system. There is also some disadvantage in the use of microservice in the future scope, i.e. their distribution of the codes and programming distribution systems is very hard compared to the monoliths. So these are the future scope of microservice, and the researchers are still doing researches so that this service gets generally developed out.

So the whole evolution of microservice has been discussed as to how it has evolved out and what is the future scope of this development.

Microservice Framework

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a designed approached where several services collaborate to meet up some end capabilities. In this context, service means an entirely different operating system. The communication between those two services occurs through a network rather than method calls within a boundary.

The emergence of SOA was to challenge the sizeable monolithic application, and the approach of SOA is to promote the reuse of the software in two or more machines where it installs. The SOA aims to make it very easy to maintain or rewrite software as theoretically it is possible to replace one service with another service.

Though SOA has been developed very well still there is some problem in the lacking of the software such as Service Oriented Architecture Protocol (SOAP). There is a problem in their communication protocols and vendor middleware; there is also a lack of guidance about the services. The microservice has been emerged out from the real world use and taking a better understanding of the system and architecture to do the operation well the microservice is being approached to do the well of the SOA.(Newman, 2015)


Microservice Architecture

The microservice architecture states that dissimilar clients from the different devices try up to various services as such searching, building, configuring and managing the other capabilities. The services are being estranged based on their domains and the functionalities and selected to individual microservice. The microservices have their load balancer and implementationsurroundings to perform the functionality and capture data in their database. The microservercommune with each other throughout a stateless server that has been executed by the Rest or Message Bus. The microservice knows their course of communication by the help of Service Discovery and performs out such as automation and the monitoring. The functionalities do by microservice communicated to the clients via API Gateway. The next feature of microservice is that if anyone connects to the API Gateway automatically gets connected to the complete system.(Balalaie, Heydarnoori&Jamshidi, 2015)

Different Architecture of Microservice

Other than Microservice Architecture and System Oriented Architecture, there are various services like there is the diverse architecture of microservice are as follows:

Spring Boot: This is a microservice architecture written in, and it is a speedy prototype as it makes all the prototype very clearly written

Eclipse Vert.X: It is also a microservice architecture; it is a cross-platform architecture and written in JJava, JavaScript, Groovy, Ruby, Ceylon, Scala and Kotlin. This architecture is a full programming model and configurable, and it is very lightweight compared to other software.

ASP.Net Core: Another Framework of microservice architecture is the asp.net core this framework is used to develop an app for webs, web services, IoT apps and mobile backends. The asp.net generally runs with Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, and the article got to start on ASP.net. ASP.Net can run on both platforms of Linux and Windows. ASP. .Net software is very faster.

Grails: Another framework similar to spring it also runs on the Java Platform, and it integrates into developing, and there is a use of Java and even the Java Virtual Machine.

Molecular: The next framework that we will discuss is Molecular it uses for developing apps and also it is swift, robust and straightforward to use.

Heildon: The next framework we would be discussing is Heildon it is a cross-platform software, and it writes in Java, and it supports micro-profile and provides out some familiar APIs like JAX-RS, JSON, CDI

Fresh Squeezed Limonade: It takes the start in a second to stand up microservice with FSL Container on the docker hub.

So these are the different architecture of microservice which they have been using it out, and the applications are being used out.("Slant - 7 Best microservice frameworks as of 2019", 2019)


Microservice has a more significant impact on today's technological world as these aspects help in growing out of the technology in a better way, and the impact of microservice made the effect a very strong. The use of microservice is to reduce the monolithic structure of the previous era the best part of the monolithic structure is to break the blocks of the code and make the code to run it very efficiently. Thus microservice and the microservice architecture plays a very crucial role in technological development.


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