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Experiential Learning Project: Apply the Design Thinking Approach to the creation of a new service and prepare a report of the entire process. The report should include all the following major steps of Design

Thinking Approach:

a) Understand: Referring to available sources (own experience, outside experts …) research the status quo on the concept you would like to develop

b) Observe: conduct an ethnographic research by firsthand observation of potential users

c) Ideate: create as many ideas as possible (use techniques as brainstorming). Select the most promising idea

d) Prototype: translate the idea into a simple representation of the app

e) Test: the model with target users. Interact with them. Observe their reactions and behavior and collect feed-backs to refine the concept

f) The work should also include the marketing plan of the new service.

Service: Food Truck Service

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The main idea is to create a service that is backed up by the concept of design thinking implication in the decided service. The concept of the service is the induction of a food truck to the community system of the globe.  There are many factors that need to be incorporated in the stance of the appropriate planning for the generation of the food truck. The course of the generation of the plan is an essential step in the organizing of a food truck. This is because the course of action which is to be taken before the onset of the activity. The report associated with the experiential learning is an approach towards the explication of the factors that play an essential role in the structuring of the appropriate system of actions that are required to be undertaken in the aspect of launching the service into the society. 

In the structuring of the system, it is an essential aspect to mind the factors associated with the experiential gain of the assessment before launching it into the system in an appropriate manner. This is an essential aspect in the induction because the concept of induction is the required aspect for the success of the service but this factor requires sufficient level assessment before being inducted to the system on a practical note. The initial expectations from the system are the systemic factors that have rendered many such endeavors to failure. It is, therefore, an essential measure to grant the appropriate assessment to all the prevailing factors, which might be an impending factor towards the growth of a system. 

Major Steps of the Design Thinking Approach

The major purpose of the designing of the approach is to create a system that is the most eminent in the course of application. The assessing application in the system is the most appropriate measure in the structuring of the service that is to be instilled in the system. In this manner, the system in the course of planning related to the governance and the execution of the system. This is an informative approach that provides us with the appropriate measure to make the assessment of the system that is well thought and observed before the implementation into the system (Geissdoerfer, Bocken, & Hultink, 2016). 


The concept related to the present resources that are available for the sake of providing guidelines to oblige the gaining of the knowledge to the system is to be elaborated in this section (Carlgren, Rauth, & Elmquist, 2016). This is the stage where there will be an implication related to the issues associated with the launching of the food truck service. In this manner, there is an evaluation which is conducted in the terms of the prevailing factors in the sector of food truck services. The present sources and the appropriate insights that are related to the issues faced by the people prevailing in the sector are to be assessed. 

This will provide an implication that is related to the needs of the users who are relying on the system. The understanding of the system is an essential implication that is to be granted consideration on the note of the research that can provide the appropriate insight to the system. In this manner, the appropriate functioning of the system will be granted ground for the sake of execution in the depiction of the associated factors of well being and customer value. The concept that is associated with the implication of the appropriate services present in the sector is to be researched and the insights are to be compiled for the sake of gaining the appropriate access to the system. 


In this stage, there is a need to make an observation that is associated with the concept of potential users who are going to use the services. This will be the stance of the ethnographic research which is conducted in the course of evaluation for the launch of the service. The market of the potential customers will be elaborated in the context of evaluation for operations. This will provide the course of knowledge to operate with the implication of awareness. 

There is the observation of the collapse of many such endeavors due to the lacking of the assessment of the essential factors which are required to evaluate the research in the appropriate manner. The assessment will reduce the gap by the gaining of recognition, which is to be provided in the context of the gained insight related to the customer market which is prevailing in the society. The issues, such as the preferences of the customer, assessed the concept of value, the provision of well being is granted evaluation in this sector. 


The concept of developing a number of the ideas in the generation of the appropriate plan formation is to be conducted in the case of evaluation according to the required service of Food truck, which is being conducted. The assessed value will be provided in the context of the issues which are associated with their existence and the stance of the ideas that are generated in the stance of the solution of the issues. These solutions are to be generated in the form of evaluations that are to be provided in the market of the prevailing customers. 

For instance, the ideas which are associated with the concept of issues related to the customers assessing lack of value in the system are to be granted a solution in the stance of providing the appropriate value to the prevailing customers. In this manner, the issues that are prevailing in the customer market are to be granted a solution in the case of providing the resolution. The course of ensuring the hygiene factors which are concerning the individuals are to be considered in the stance of the prevailing work site. The concept of providing the assurance in these depictions will be provided an acknowledgment to the society. 


The development, which is to be evaluated in the context of providing the associated issues with the solution of an app, is assessed in the concept of prototyping. The concept which is associated with the providing of an interactive sample is granted to the customers in order to gain knowledge related to its sustainability in the market. The assessment, which is inclusive of the evaluation that will be implied to the concept of making a preface of the app and the provision that is to be granted to the individuals, is in the form of a measure of evaluation. This will provide us with the concept of studying the prevailing factors and gaining knowledge about the preliminaries. 

In this manner, the possible response of the service will be assessed in the concept of sustenance assessment in the society. The approach will be to grant the factors of the representation to the individuals that are structuring the app in the context of getting the appropriate means of feedback about the factors that are to be improved by the concept of the induction of the certain factors which are going to be implied to enhance the factor of reliance and profitability to the system. 


The induction of the solution to the market will be made in this portion of the thinking approach. The course of the interaction will be provided in the assessment of the customers through the observation of the services which are implied to be the system. This phase is to try the assessment out. This will require the factor of the assessment of the target market which will gain the stance of applicability. The applicability of the system is to be assessed in the generation of the appropriate form of a solution, which is provided to the system in the form of a certain and absolute food truck service system. 

This phase will provide the factor of response, which is assessed in the form of the issues that are inclusive in the granted solutions. In this manner, the designers and the evaluators will be able to grant the most suited solution to the issues if they are still prevailing in the society. The course of actions that are required to be induced in the process of mending the system, which is presently proposed, will be availed from conducting these tests. These testing modules will be implemented to the concept of providing betterment to our service of a food truck. 

Marking Plan of the new service

The course of actions that are included in the perspective of propagation of the issue is the essential aspect of planning. There is a need to have an appropriate system of instructions that are provided for the course of marketing the issue.  The assessment that is included with the competitor analysis of the market is evaluated. The alignment of the marketing plan is to be structured in accordance with the perspective of the market of operations. In this manner, there will be the observation of the essential compliance which is to be inducted to the system.

The assessment of the induced strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats is also to be made in the unfolding of the issues which are associated with the solution in the form of an appropriately formed strategy of marketing. The listing of the factors after the appropriate analysis will be possible in the form of a solution to the issues. These issues are to be solved by the proposing of an appropriate solution to the prevailing issues. The endeavor is to be assessed in the form of the objectives that are going to be granted solution to in the assessment of the appropriate system. 


In conclusion, we can declare that the issues which are prevailing in the customer market can be granted an appropriate form of a solution that is provided to the customer in the form of what is required of them. These requirements can be elaborated and addressed in the most appropriate manner if the assessment through the designed thinking approach is inducted into the system. This approach will be solved to the most appropriate aspect if the prevailing issues are addressed as per the required compliance of the system. 

The concept of the different strategies of the assessment of the idea is elaborated in the system in the provision of the approach, which is formed in the contemplation of the prevailing ideas related to the system. The system will be structured in the manner of the essential considerations which are to be carried out in the solution to the involved approach of complaints and needs of the customers which are prevailing in the market. The market will be provided the appropriate course of assessment so that the concept of marketing is well sought. This execution of the endeavor will provide the best execution in the context of being planned according to the best possibility and cognitive and practical planning. 

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