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EVT207A Event Venue Management Assignment Help

1. Identify 4 assets that would be important to a  venue of your choice such as a Hotel, Convention Centre, Stadium, Wedding Reception Centre or Theatre. (20 Marks) Your response should address the following: 

Name your venue and location then provide a brief background as to what it is, and what its’ uses are.  If your venue is a single use/purpose venue then name the type of event for which the assets are required. If your venue is a multi-purpose venue, make sure you clarify what types of events the venue can host. 

Identify and name your assets, then describe each – this should at a minimum address each item’s composition/materials, functionality, purpose and uses; 

Provide your reason for selection of the items, and rationale for selection of each asset; 

NB: Assets can be permanent or temporary but fixed, infrastructure related items not generic transportable items e.g. First Aid kits are not an asset, nor infrastructure. 

2. Complete an Asset Management Register for the assets you have chosen using thetemplate below.

(20 Marks) 

Your content should be practical and appropriate for real life use. For example, an approximate lifespan for a hockey goal would not be 50 years as the nets and backboards would not last that long. 

NB: Unless you actually work at the venue you’re doing your assessment on, information provided in purchase date and current condition sections will be an estimate.  Research your selected assets to ensure you make a rational decision regarding approximate lifespan of your assets, and apply a similar approach for the scheduled maintenance section. 


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Asset and Maintenance Register


The fundamental objective of the paper is to maintain an asset management register for the assets used for the hotel. The four assets will be identified to determine their uses, purposes, and functions. It will also provide a brief description of the background of the hotel chosen. The asset management register will contain the name of the assets, date of acquisition, current status, life span and scheduled maintenance. It will also demonstrate the personal reason for selecting the assets for the chosen venue.

Background of venue 

The name of the hotel is The Roosevelt Hotel, which is located at 45 East 45th Street in midtown Manhattan in the city of New York. The hotel was opened in 1924 and renovated in 1997. It consists of 1,025 rooms with 52 suites and provides various services like laundry service, dry cleaning, breakfast, fitness facilities, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi in the lobby, business center, and restaurant services (Denizci Guillet, Kozak & Kucukusta, 2019). The hotel is used for various purposes such as for shooting of movies, business meetings, and conferences. The Roosevelt Hotel is a multi-purpose venue, and it can host multiple events. The hotel is available for events like conferences, receptions, banquets and meetings. The hotel has also achieved several awards like Platinum Choice Award 2015 or Best of the East 2012. 

The type of event that can be host by the Roosevelt Hotel is the corporate events or business meetings. There are 19 breakout meeting rooms on the second floor of the hotel that ranges from 300 to 2,800 square feet. The rooms are perfect for the event and occupy up to 200 people. Therefore, assets are required to be identified for corporate events. Moreover, there is a grand ballroom for wedding events, terrace ballroom for a wedding celebration or special event, and palm room for cocktail events in the hotel.   

Identification of assets 

Four assets will be identified as required for organizing the corporate meeting in the Roosevelt Hotel, which are as follows – 

Furniture – Furniture is considered a fixed asset which consists of round tables, chairs, desks and end tables. The furniture is made up of warm wood, rich fabrics and many other things. The table is used for arranging the data or essential materials of the business in rows and columns or a structure. The chairs are used to allow guests and other persons to sit and conduct the business meeting. The chair is considered as the seat in which the individuals used to sit. The main purpose of furniture in the event is to create a focused and appropriate environment for the corporate meeting and makes the meeting more enjoyable (Cornforth & Macmillan, 2016). 

Audiovisual equipment – The audiovisual equipment available for the business meeting are data projector, wireless microphones, and powered speakers (Ahmad, Sleiman, Thomas, Kashani & Ditmyer, 2016). Different equipment is used for different purposes. Projectors are prepared for user-friendly as well as simple functionality in any atmosphere. Projectors are used for projecting an image from the laptop, computer or any other device to show the necessary data to all the persons present in the meeting (Takano & Tatsuno, 2017). Wireless microphones are used by the presenter to present to the audience in the meeting room. Powered speakers are used with microphones to offer audio service to all audiences in the meeting room. The major purpose of audiovisual equipment is to assist the presenter in presenting the videos in an effective and easy way so that audiences can understand easily.     

Personal Computer – A personal computer is an electronic device that consists of various functions like the recording of data, creating documents, sending emails and form database (Kuzma, Robinson, Dobson & Law, 2018). It helps the business persons to get all the information immediately, and they could also type notes quickly. The audience need not carry a stack of paper to the venue for getting information. The presenter could also present the slides easily and quickly. The primary purpose of the personal computer in a business meeting is to allow the audience to share a document, give a presentation, and use the internet services (Peters, Wieder, Sutton & Wakefield, 2016). It is the fastest and most comfortable means of communication with all in the meeting.

Meeting rooms – The hotel comprises of 19 meeting rooms that have the capacity of 200 people. Hence, the business meeting can be conducted easily in those meeting rooms of the hotel. The meeting room consists of all the necessary equipment like the chair, table, lights, and other materials. The breakout meeting room is used for conducting the corporate meetings and accommodate the group of audience to run the meeting smoothly (Goerger & Henson, 2016). The meeting rooms of the Roosevelt hotel are well-equipped and comfortable to conduct the session.

The rationale for selecting each asset

The reason for selecting the above items for the business meeting that is host by the Roosevelt Hotel is that these items or assets are necessary for every business conferences or meetings. These assets help in making the working environment of the business meeting attractive and beautiful, along with providing a simple way to conduct the session. The rationale behind the selection of the audiovisual equipment is that it helps the presenter in presenting data effectively (Hao & Helo, 2017). The reason behind choosing a personal computer as an asset is that it helps in getting necessary data quickly and sharing documents easily. The logical reason for selecting furniture for the business meeting is that these assets are compulsory in every event to allow the audience to sit and feel comfortable.




The paper concludes that the Roosevelt Hotel is a multi-purpose venue that organizes several events like meeting, wedding receptions, cocktail events, and business centers. There are 1,025 rooms in the hotel, in which 19 rooms are for corporate meetings or events. Furniture, audiovisual equipment, breakout meeting room and personal computer are the four assets identified for the organizational meeting that will be conducted in the hotel. The assets are used for multiple purposes, and each asset has its own functions as well as utilities. An asset management register is prepared for all the four assets that consist of information such as life span, purchase date or condition along with scheduled maintenance. 

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