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Provide a brief synopsis and overview of the presented case. What were the major leadership issues presented? 

Classify the leadership issues into one of the following three categories: Change leadership, Team dynamics, or Organizational systems. Provide support in the professional literature as related to these three topics, from either within this course, from other courses in your graduate program, and/or other literature, to support your classification. 

Place yourself in the role of a leader in the presented scenario. What would your actions have been? How do your recommended actions compare to what was presented in the scenario? Why? Provide justification as based on the professional literature. 

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Synopsis and Overview Of case

The case highlights about the Trojan Technologies Inc. where the employees have been grappled with the issues for structuring the business in an effective manner to interact with the customers. They are mainly involved in managing the dramatic growth of company and working over the Ultraviolet manufacturing of the water disinfection systems that holds a strong customer services with projected growth. There is a realization about changes that are made to continue with achieving both. The company is involved with products using high intensity UV lamps with water which is channeled past the lamps at different speeds. The achievement is needed for the kill rate and Trojan UV technology has been environmentally safe and cost-effective alternative for chlorination with gaining a wider recognition and acceptance planning.

Leadership Issues

Organizational systems

The team dynamics involves the quoting and bidding process, with configuration to the project structures and project shipment and system installation. The technical support and the warranty claims with order processing, where the organization tend to grow with customers and the current projects. The lack of interaction among the organization employees and lack of communication leads to problems with less coordination among the departments. Here, there is no CRM and no defined job description or the dual roles that could help in formal training and a better program of apprenticeship. There are other issues for the limited promotion and the role development opportunities which needs to be handled (Anton et al., 2012). The customer service and the support importance includes handling the company issues which leads to differentiating the company from the competitors. This will help to get the business repeated from customers, with Trojan technologies with few employees working on limited concentration at every project. The organization grows with customer service playing a major role from bidding project till replacing the parts of the system. The service department need to deal with the different phone calls and the visits for the site or warranty claims as well (Ivey, 2018).

Actions for the leader role

There is a need to focus on handling the employees work which is done in a proactive manner, but the organization grows company with following the organizational structure. For this, the effective communication is important between the demands, and workload should be distributed equally with one department performing for the different multiple roles. There are no formal training as well for the new employees. Hence, there is a need to focus on properly working with team dynamics. For the better actions, the process involves the requirement to meet the municipality specifications and the sales or marketing functions that are critical for the success of company. The case study highlights about the customer support which is a collective efforts where Trojan Technologies that defines the major projects in process at a particular time. The results are for the immediate connectivity with understanding the constant attention from starting to finish along with ensuring the customers who are satisfied with potential issues. There have been no differentiations for the requirements of the job in the department. The planning needs to be done for the configuration of the project structure and the project shipment and the installation of system where the parts order processing is done (Niu et al., 2012).

Trojan has been involved with processing and meeting the requirements and specifications of the municipality with sales and marketing function that are considered to be the major factors for company process. It involves the marketing to be effective with technology that is best supported. With this, there are planning for the growth and integration of the skills which are in electronics, controls programming and the mechanical engineering.

Recommendation Actions

The restructuring of the organization is needed with facilitating the coordination in between the departments. The formalized induction system and the training is important with creating a better or specific role and job descriptions for the employees. The veterans are generally given the preferences where the employees are motivated to work if the growth plans and opportunities are communicated in a clear manner. The case study needs to involve the indication with communicating the plan for the carrier to the employees. The structures are involved with the sales and marketing, top management or the centralized knowledge base. The delivery of the benefits require to plan on the product line expansions with customers needing to interact with different departments for better customer stages. The travelling generally leads to the burn-out and the limited production with role development opportunities.

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