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Evaluation of Cantecul Miresei, Zorba the Greek, and Taranta songs Assignment Help

1. Two of the concepts discussed in your text include rhythm and meter. Rhythms and meters are placed in groups (or a feeling of) of 2's or 3's, often referred to as duple or triple. After listening to "Cantecul Miresei," how would you identify the meter? Is it duple, triple, or it is a combination of both? Explain your answer and how you arrived at your decision. (Hint: Listen to the piece several times and try clapping with the beat.")

2. Tempo, the speed at which the music is performed, is an important aspect in all forms and genres of music. Whether or not we understand the words, or if words are completely absent, tempo can give us a feeling of the overall mood or emotion of a piece of music. Tempo can also change and is not a static function in the music of any culture. For each piece in this assignment, identify the tempo (slow, moderate, fast, furious, et cetera). In addition, describe the mood of each piece and how this might be different if the tempo were different. Give examples from your listening to help explain your answers.

3. Understanding the concept of harmony can be both complicated and frustrating. However, in the most simple of definitions, harmony is simply the part of music that adds to (or rounds) out the melody, which many would say makes music more interesting to listen and relate to.

Choose one of the pieces from the list above and describe the harmony using terms discussed and defined in the text. Is the pitch tendency of the piece (not a specific voice or instrument) high or low? Is it "chant-like," a cappella, or accompanied? If it is accompanied, is the accompaniment chordal, and if so does it use chord progressions or merely one chord? Does it sound like the harmony was written down or simply improvised? Be sure to explain your answer and offer examples from the piece you have selected.

4. Timbre and the study of acoustics is possibly one of the most interesting elements of music. Every voice, instrument, and sound made has a distinct, unique quality that either makes it attractive to our ears or unbearable. However, it is also important to remember that while an instrument or voice (ex. a screechy soprano or an accordion) may not sound good to us on their own, when paired with other instruments or voices may sound absolutely wonderful. Choose one of the pieces from this assignment and describe the timbre of the piece.

How would you describe the sound? Is it airy, woody, tin-like, open, closed, high, low, etc.? Does the timbre change at all? If so, how does it change and when? How does the overall feeling of the music change when the timbre changes? In addition, pick an instrument from the piece (if you don't know what it is, describe it) and describe its unique timbre. Would you describe it as a brass, wind, string, or percussion instrument? Why? Be sure to explain and support your answer.

5. Choose a piece from this assignment and describe the texture. Is it monophonic (chant-like), polyphonic, homophonic, or heterophonic? Is the texture a result of the melodic and harmonic material within the piece or is it a result of the rhythm of the piece (polyrhythms)? Be sure to explain and support your answer.

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1. Review of Cantecul Miresei

Romania is the origin of the "Cantecul Miresei" music and it was first discovered by the band named Roma bass brand. This genre used to begin with fiddle which can be considered as melody and it ends with the vocals which have the melody as well. After listening to the Cantecul Miresel, I came to understand that these songs are related to the bride and the rhythm is being maintained in such a melodious way. The meter that had been used in this genre is the Additive meter where the ratio is 7: 2+2+3 so it can be considered as the triple groups of rhythm. Some of the musical instruments had been used in these songs.

Trumpets had been used to reach the high pitches and Trombones had been used to make the low pitches melodious. To make the dance steps mimic, the rhythm used to be maintained at 7 and in order to make a happy moment where the people can dance,dynamics had been used in these songs. So, it is relevant to say that these songs are belonging from the Additive meter or mix composition.

2. Description of Tempo

Tempo is the most important thing in any song as it decides the speed in which the music should be performed and it makes us understand about the overall flavour of the song even when we are unable to understand the lyrics. The first mentioned song is the Cantecul Miresei and the tempo of this genre is the moderate as it beats 128 beats per minute and the type is vocal. The mood of these songs are energetic, occasionally, friendly that these songs are used to be played in festive occasions. The second song Zorba the Greek beats 150 beats per minute so it can be considered as fast tempo song and the mood of the song is inspirational as it was used in Yankee stadium during a potential rally in order to attract the people to participate. The third song Taranta is comparatively slow in nature with a tempo of only 90 beats per minute and the mood is autumnal and thrilling.

If the tempo of the songs were different the mood of the songs would have been changed due to the tempo because tempo helps us to understand the allover theme of the song (Ren et al., 2015).

3. Understanding of Harmony using song pieces

In this assignment many kinds of music genres had been used and Cantecul Miresei is one of them where harmony had been portrayed very unclearly. The harmony of these songs are very complicated and frustrating as the lyrics were not being understood clearly due to its musical part which were going on in a very imbalanced way with the lyrics. It contains a tendency of the piece which states the unclear pitch of specific voice and the instruments as both were mixed and it was in a moderate way rather than being in high notes or low notes. After listening to this music, it can be considered that it was performed in an accompanied way of chordal where more than one chord were used to make the song more imperfect (Siedenburg et al., 2016). The harmony was written down a little bit and then it was simply improvised as the whole song was almost on one note. Harmony is all about the process of making a song more interesting to the listeners but in these songs harmony had been used in a very improper way that ruined the allover presentation of the song (Eghbal-Zadeh et al., 2015).

4. Timbre of Cantecul Miresei

The sound is something that can be described as what we can hear and it has five characteristics such as wavelength, time period, frequency, amplitude and speed. In this assignment, Cantecul Miresei is a Romanian folk song genre which used to use a melodious sound with the high notes of musical instruments and low notes of voices (Qiao 2019). It sounds like an open song where no balance of timbre and acoustics had been portrayed. The timbre is missing in these songs as the acoustics had been focused much rather than the timbre which is quite irrelevant because the timbre is used to make understand the mood of the song. The timbre used to be changed for sometimes when high notes are being played otherwise it is used to be played in one timbre (Whelan 2016).

Accordion had been mentioned in this assignment which can be considered as a woodwind instrument that had been made by wood and it used to be played by allowing air to flow across the strips that are called reeds. The timbre of accordion sounds just like a harmonium and it can be played in different pitches. It is a wind instrument that looks like a piano and it is easy to carry as had been made by light woods (Jakubowski et al., 2016).

5. Texture of Cantecul Miresei

In this assignment Cantecul Miresei had been mentioned which is a Romanian folk song discovered by the Roma bass band (Schneider et al., 2019). After listening to these songs, it can be clearly considered that these songs belong from the homophonic texture as both the trombones and trumpets are being played in order to share the same pitch of melody but in different octaves as trombones are used to share the low range while trumpets are used to share the high notes at the same time and sometimes tuba is also being used to share the low notes.

It can be considered as a polyrhythmic genre as the rhythm is in 7 in order to make the mimic dance steps which is the result of the rhythm of the piece (Kumagai et al., 2017).

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