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Leading and working in Teams Assignment Help

1. To watch the video on "Leading and working in Teams" by Professor Amy Edmondson below.
2. Write a 500 words summary (no need of referencing) on major points that Professor Edmondson is making about "Leading and working in Teams" and how you will apply those learnings to your team work, Assessment 2.

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Leading and working in Teams

The organizations generally fail to thrive and take a high performing team which is based on revealing the high-performance issues. Leadership and teamwork are important for practicing and exchanging information with establishing the shared understanding to coordinate the team activities. There is a need to cope up with the pressure with well-evidence tools and techniques which can be utilized to improve the performance. The practicing and integrating includes the overall team performance with optimizing the balances of non-technical elements to stretch and develop the teamwork with providing support and maintenance for the healthy working environment. The planning is based on high profit inquiries into the poor health care which needs to focus on the teamwork with leading cause of the standardized obstetric care. The identification of the rules are defined through failure of roles with communication from error happening high rates. The communication includes the decision making with making awareness of the tendency for the group thinking. The patient safety and the conflict resolution needs to be handled with shared leadership which is a predictor of the team difference. The teamworking and the power relations include the changing rules with the settings that are defined through positioning with reluctance to challenges with greater authority that leads to the detrimental outcomes. The environment needs to focus on the emergency solutions with strict adherence to plan about power distance. The leader-follower relationship generally involve the dominance with defense about acknowledging and working on potential issues. The life support is switched with criticizing the lack of communication. The leaders need to focus on the management of leaders and planning on the situations which helps in facilitating the learners to work on the multiple teams.
The teamwork is combining the team and work with members focusing on the skills, working and the education. The teams have been able to achieve the level of performance with motivation and creativity with team in decision making set under the areas of contribution. The groupthink helps in setting the different areas of expertise. The teamwork involved the teams and the working with dynamics for the functioning and production. The appointed leaders are designated to define the communication with lack of endorsement of group. The leaders need to focus on degrees and experience with focusing on leadership opportunities. The script includes the work with talent that helps in focusing on the improvisation with program that might not go well. The balance is for the need of control with focusing on the Laissez faire leader. The leader as technician focus on the leadership and ability to get it running with prizing and sought-after skills. The technical skills are from the internet technology is to facilitate the maintenance and plan the leader as coach that combines with the teacher, motivator. The coach looks out for the group and might motivate the coaching with words of encouragement. The coaches are teachers, motivators and the keepers for the goals of group. The members of team need to focus on the display which is less than the sideline behavior.

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