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Ethics : Natural Law Theory Assignment Help

Consider the doctrine of Natural Law Theory. In a sense, things are said to be good and moral if they conform to the natural order. To put it another way, the natural order tells us what is--as well as what ought to be. If this theory is correct, then the creation of transgenic organisms like Aquabounty's salmon, dairy cows that are genetically engineered to produce human breast milk, and "Mr. Green Genes," the glow-in-the-dark cat, go against the natural and moral orders. Do you agree with Natural Law Theory's critique of transgenic and/or genetically modified organisms? Construct an ethical argument in support of your position. Links providing more information on the Aquabounty salmon, dairy cows that produce human breast milk, and Mr. Green Genes can be found under "Links to Materials on GMOs."

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Natural law theory is described as a legal theory which in builts a relative deep connection and extends support to the law and morality. It even describes how there can be a natural law theory, that is best applied in the cases of the laws which would be evidently following the pattern of the unjust laws that can also be ignored

In the instance of the Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) describing how the plants and animals which have also included with the artificially altered DNA. It is even described as a process of the “transgenic” organisms that can have inclusive characteristics that can lead to the kind of organisms such as the plant, animal, virus or bacterium. This is, in fact, more related to the form of the substitute donor DNA that can incline towards the human fetus that even would have a DNA hand can lead the birth defects. It is observed that the infant would even have a more than the usual DNA acquired from their“birth parents” which is also denoted as a “biological” parent. Scientific along with the advancement in the technological inculcation has lead to the changes in the farming that can extensively lead to the much-supported foods and the items, which are extensively unavailable due to the large demand (Lawson, 2016). Ethically, it is just filling the hungry people demand but thinking from the other angle, it leads to the genetical modification in the eater and the leads to alteration of the new breed formation. The natural process leads to no breaches or the unethical violation of using genetically modified food. It is believed that the natural process to eat and nurture the food is the best-integrated process within the system. The GMO is just to support the people, but not to be dependent on it.    

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