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MR2320 Management of Events Assignment - University of Central Lancashire, UK

Courses: FdSc Motorsport Management & Logistics

LEARNING OUTCOMES - On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:

1. Evaluate hazards, risks and danger, and safe working practices for an event.

2. Organise an event and communicate effectively with other organisations and people

3. Develop a marketing plan, and control, monitor and evaluate the performance of an event.

4. Differentiate between stakeholders and their individual needs and manage the relationship

5. Communicate effectively in written reports and in presentations.


Assignment Title: Review of the delivery and management of an event

Produced a detailed manual/plan for an event to publicise Myerscough College Motorsports. In groups you will now go on to deliver the event and individually analyse the outcomes.

REQUIRED - Taking note of the feedback on your previous assignment, you will now go on to deliver the event you have planned. NOTE: In the event that the event cannot take place due to circumstances beyond the control of the group, an alternative event will be allocated.

Answer - Event Review


This paper is about an event named, Northwest rally, take place in Myerscough college. It was a motor show which was planned in order to provide, an opportunity to students to meet with skilled motorists, it was a successful event. Proper management and strategies help to make that event successful. 8 clubs were invited to take part in that event. Everything from starting to award ceremony was planned and executed effectively. Objectives of that event was to experience the process of planning and management. Budget was planned in order to avoid any issue regarding management and arrangements. Every team member work effectively to ensure positive outcomes, although there was a bit delay in event but in the end it goes well.

Description of the event

Overall management of the whole event was responsibility of the support team, every plan related to that from start to end was planned and executive by members of the support team. From planning the event, making strategies, developing an action plan, targetting the audience, meetings with stakeholders and monitoring the arrangements was the duty of support team. Members stay active throughout the event in order to take care of guests and ensure the successful execution of the plan. Final event and award ceremony was also planned and designed by the support group. Northwest rally was planned to be organized for six motor clubs where a combined social event would take place in the Myerscough college. The event involved a long tenure of discussion and organizational commitments. After successful planning and management, eight crews of different clubs were invited to participate in the event. The winner of the event was Chris wood and Lee Carter. The planning of event included lots of challenges which include the support team for management as well the skills required to perform event analysis. Planning was also required for the event because the size of the audience and the contestant laid out the question for the management. The success of the event was generated by the help of teamwork and application of event management techniques.


The major role of the support team was to apply the tool of smart objectives to plan the event with Northwest stages and Myerscough college. This help to manage each of the stages in event and event was successful for completing its objectives and targeted goals. The success of the event can be related to the event management principles and techniques which were applied in the course. The motorist rally was a real event, and it helps to practice the core skills of planning and execution.

Objectives of the event

The objectives of the event were to increase practical experiences for organizing and planning the event. The technique of smart objectives helps to produce a specific and measurable recommendation to the overall layout of the event (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2019). The event preparation included a vast range of activities. It was required that effective monitoring and evaluation should be carried out for the outcome of each of the objective. One of the smart objectives was to initiate an early period of the planning process. The early phase of planning was executed according to theoretical frameworks, and it helped to remove primary obstacles for the event management process.

A primary objective of planning and execution was to propose a flexible schedule and activities. This objective was fulfilled by analyzing the situation of the event and making an early decision for the responsibility of each team members. The objectives were also met in a good way as offers regarding vendors was analyzed by the individuals and selected the best offer for the final ceremony. It was a good approach to separate each stage of registration, catering, transport, stage, building and parking to team members. This helped to raise responsibility, and final effects were prominent in the event performance.

Technological tools are important for the management process, and they were utilized effectively in the present situation. This showed that all people were committed towards the responsibility and had a clear vision for the planning and execution phases. The importance of backplane cannot be ignored because in recommending a planning process it is required that some pack decisions should be taken for the event (Bjerke & Renger, 2017).

Every objective was achieved; planning goes well which lead to achievements. A main objective behind the planning and execution was to schedule the activities, using advanced tools and technologies allows meeting the required results. Every team was directed towards the goals and that results in a positive way. Meeting with objectives was a difficult thing, the situation was little panicking at the start, but proper management released that stress, everyone was enjoying doing their tasks which plays a role in obtaining objectives.


Use of resources

Northwest rally required to use a sufficient amount of resources for detail planning and execution. This is because eight crews were attending the event and the requirements of transport, as well as technical facilities, would raise the responsibility of event planners. It was a good sign to notice that resources remained a top priority for the management team. The main target was to promote Myerscough college event for the rally (Helleno, 2015). One of the specific highlights for the event was the conversation carried out with the stakeholders and key management for detailing out the event. The concept and theoretical tools also help to utilized the resources in an efficient way.

First areas were based on the location. The choice of venue was good, and it helped to provide a suitable recommendation for the feasibility of the event. Factors which lay key potential for event location were identified on the base of the crowd as well the number of people invited for the event. The application of event management tools for the choice of location helped to determine that management was fully aware of theoretical skills. The decision for selecting event managers identified that the event would have a great success for preparations.

The event happened on the planned steps. It showed that team members are committed for determination and there is coordination present in terms of resources and utilization of core energies. One of the basic justifications was the control of the whole event process. The start as carried out on a planned direction and location of the final ceremony utilized all of the available resources the decision to discard improper arrangement for stage and lighting was also beneficial for the entire progress of the event. This is because the final ceremony was considered to represent the arrangement of the whole team. This area was planned with professional skills, and all facilities were present in a specific order.

Human resources involved in the planning and execution of the event was students and tutors, they participated in the event as team members and helps in managing the project. They help in tasks which were related to the management of audience and people present on event day. Their help allows to perform every step in a proper flow; every student was efficient enough to perform his tasks properly, while tutors help with their abilities and provide guidelines in the areas which can be improved.

Stakeholders and managing relationship

Stakeholders for the event were the planners as well as the college. The service providers were also a stakeholder. Planning team stakes were managed in a closed environment where all the members of the team understood the roles and responsibilities for the event. This was an acceptable approach for the success of the event, and the closing ceremony showed that people were committed towards their duties (Schnackenberg & Tomlinson, 2016). College was also an important stakeholder because it provides facilities and location for the event. The event managed the college role as the choice of location was a good fit for the type of event. The college had a spacious facility for a higher number of audiences, and there were fewer issues present in the management of location.


Sponsors and service providers were also an important stakeholder for the event. This is because the facilities of lighting and stage preparation were required for the success of the event. In the event management of all the stakeholders were perceived as a critical factor for achieving successful planning. Stakeholders were managed on the base of interest and collective efforts for the team members. Team managers were also an important stakeholder to had to managed the activities of the whole event. The stakes of health and safety were managed by other team members who evaluated the risk present for the event.

Public relations managers were also an important stakeholder whose responsibilities were managed accounted to the advertisement and results in an update for the event. Display team also performed their roles for the display activities. The final stage of the event was the award ceremony which highlighted the role of the organizer as an important stakeholder (Payne & Frow, 2017).

The process of stakeholder management goes smoothly, college was the key stakeholder, other than college, sponsors, support team member and public relation managers were the main stakeholders for that event, every stakeholder was given a task according to plan. It was the college's responsibility to provide a suitable space for the event; sponsors have to participate in the process of promotion while support team and relationship manager's duty was to assist and help event participants. The success of the event shows that every stakeholder collaborates with each other to ensure positive outcomes.

Market outcomes

Market outcomes were measured with the help of promotional events. The major purpose of this decision was to increase sales and attract new customers for events. College facilities were utilized on the base of event planning and execution. The event was a success for the motorsports because it helps to unite people who had a diverse background related to planning and managed. Promotional materials contained business logos which were a positive step for increasing subscription. One of the purposes of promotional materials was to target market. This would increase the amount of revenue and help to open new sponsors for the college as well the motorsports events. So, the market outcome was positive; people get attracted to the event which helps to make the event successful. The idea of introducing promotional material works in a beneficial way; people get involved in that procedure of business logo, that plan works effectively and increases the subscription ratio.


Marketing plan and evaluation of event performance

The marketing plan was made for analyzing primary target and justification for time scale and pitch of the event. The performance was evaluated on the base of market outcomes. The event planning team did a reasonable task to address the market outcomes from rally sports events. This was required at the present age because event management and planning can attract a wide deal of customers and increase the number of events for college in future. This also had a positive effect on the market as a gap was present in motorsports events.

The primary products which were related to the motorsport's events were an advertisement of vehicles as well as accessories of motorsports (Saunders, 2016). The market outcomes were favourable, and it added a constructive advantage to event planners as well as the stakeholders. Marketing plan aimed to spread messages using social media, promotional video and physical interaction. This helped to target the charity and create a difference for the local people. The target market was the vehicle industry which has showed a positive response towards the sports rally. The time scale for each phase of marketing place based on event dates.

Use of logistics

Logistics system is an essential area for event planning. The closing ceremony for the motorsports rally used logistics which was specialized on specific tools and frameworks. Event logistic planning was applied to the following of the whole event, and it represented the excellent delivery of external material. The logistics of these events was designed in such a way the final decision for dispatch was made after the group approval (Wolf & Floyd, 2017). It was a good approach to apply decision-based thinking.

The use of SWOT analysis helped to identify prominent areas in transport and logistics services. It was required that space and location should be reviewed on the base of the event and type of facilities required for the logistics services. Analyzing the information regarding weakness noise level and floor damage was required to be overcome in the event progress. Logistics services also need to analyze the parking space for the spectators.

The arrangement of logistics tends to analyze the opportunity and threats present for event management services. This is because the outcomes for the events were based for the college future. The logistics services also aimed to expand the motorsports. The event also focused on the complaints from towards. This was managed with the help of a risk assessment approach. Logistics services were managed on the base of event management tools. It was a justified approach and allowed the planning team to meet event objectives. Although there was a little delay in the event, but overall the event goes well and planning executed properly.


Adherence to health and safety regulation

Health and safety remain an important area for event management. This is because any unpleasant situation can affect the progress of whole reports. Event implied all the health and safety regulation. First of all, a detail risk analysis was made for the health and safety issues present for the guest as well as spectators. The area of elderly and disabled person was also considering. The event had solid support for first aid. This showed that event clearly analyzed the total number of attendees coming for the event (Hollnagel, 2018). Including that point in planning avoids any mishap, everything goes well, no accidents no injuries. Although the team was fully prepared for any mishandling and unexpected problem but all was good at the end.

Evaluating hazards, risks and dangers

The hazards and risk for the event were evaluated on the based-on design and planning. The health and safety design was based on standard procedures. The facilities of access were also designed related to the start and end of the rally. A proper design of traffic was implemented for the event. This showed that planning and foundation were performed on the base of core concepts. It was important to analyze the role of security concerns which dealt with the difficulties in movement. Planning was good, and it helped to reduce the issues of health and safety.

Implementation of the budget

The budget for the event was made 10,000 in pounds, lights used at finish point was worth 1000 pounds, although the budget was bit high, but the involvement of investors resolves that issue. Other than that, using promotional techniques allows getting a good ratio of investors. The budget included the cost of arrangement facilities which were used for the event organization. Implementation of the budget was carried out in an economical way. This is because the team members carefully estimated the cost of each setup. Major areas of expense included stage setup as well process of transport and logistics (Fitch, et al., 2015). Implementation of the budget was based on theoretical concepts and helped to provide success for the whole event. The management team also plays an important role in the executing event successfully within this budget.

Recommendation for future events

It is recommended for future that motorsports events should be carried out consecutively. There are benefits related to planning and scheduling. It helps the student to apply the theoretical skills to practice and also use the event management techniques for important events. Motorsports would help the college to connect with the market and make a solid interaction between sport organizers and officials. It is also recommended that the budget of the event should be increased from eight hundred pounds because it would help to increase the scope of the event and provide market outcomes for the rally sports.


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