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CSR and Corporate Governance Assignment Help

Discuss the Business Morales, CSR and corporate governance of the Oman Company

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Here in this context we have discussed the business morals that are to be followed at all the organizations based in Oman. By the use of policies of the corporate different business tactics can be used effectively as per the laws in Oman related to business setup gross domestic product is an idle measurement of the economic performance of an individual contributes in the national economy. Further, the corporate social responsibility and business morals are collectively used to authenticate an organization in the market based upon foreign capital and investment law royal decree number 102 / 2014 the basic objective of this business moral is as discussed below

- Privileges given to the organization that follows the business moral effectively

- There are two factors like the net capita and the profit share which are collectively used to identify the feasibility of Oman company

CSR corporate social responsibility

Since every organization has the duty to work for the development of the premises thereby it is essential to predict the risk and the consequences associated with the execution of CSR policies in the similar way Oman company follows certain CSR policies that are as discussed below

- Provide job opportunity to the people who are handicapped or have any kind of disability
- Provide better management of the waste produced in the rural areas
- spread awareness about the natural resources among the people

Corporate governance

When the discussion is limited to the Oman company its corporate governance policies are to be appreciated because of the following reasons:
The board of directors of the Oman Company introduces better laws and policies
With due consent from the senior officials the financial budget plans are executed (lauwoet al 2016)

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