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Q 1) Are you aware of the concept of leadership within the company?

The concept of leadership is mainly associated with the action taken by the individual to lead a whole group or company. The main motive of introducing this concept is to enhance the capability of the employees while performing organizational work as they are being directed or led by the leader or management team. While asking the question about the knowledge of employees towards the concept of leadership, several opinions from the same has been received. Majority of the employees that 10 have mentioned that they are aware of the concept of leadership as they have seen the application of the same concept within the organizations. On the other hand, leftover 5 employees have expressed that they have not heard about this concept in their company they have never noticed its existence. The gathered information justifies that the maximum sample size is aware of the concept of leadership within an enterprise. 

Q 2) Do you know the role of leadership in the success of the company?

Interpretation:Leadership plays an essential role in the growth of the company as it guides the employees on the way of performing the work. Moreover, it also helps individuals in determining the core expectation of the company from them. This develops a path or track from the employees according to which they have to execute organizational work. It also reduces the chances of performing non-worthy work within the company that ultimately leads to the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives more quickly. From the information obtained through the interview, it has been acknowledged that around 12 people within the company are aware of the role of leadership in organizational growth. These people belong to the majority section as they clearly state that leadership'srole is quite huge in the entity as it works as the blueprint for the employees according to which they can effectively execute the work. Whereas, other 3 respondents have expressed that they work in a general department where leaders don't interfere. Thus, these people are not having actual knowledge of the same thing.  

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Q 3) Have you heard about the usage of leadership techniques for improving the business performance of the company?

Interpretation:Leaders often make use of different techniques that collaboratively contributes toimprovising business performances. Some of the common leadership techniques are appreciated employees on their work, give chance to others so that they can bring something new each time, determine dissatisfied employees within the company, inspires employees, conducts discussions about the organizational goals and objectives The gathered data from the respondents states that around 9 individuals have expressed that they are knowing the leadership techniques and its usage with the motive of improving organizational performance. The reason specified by these individuals about the same states that leaders of the company in which these people work mentions every time that they are making use of leadership techniques to make organizational performance better. This makes these respondents familiar with the term that they are aware of it. While emphasizing on the response presented by the remaining individual that is 6 on the same states that they are not familiar with the same thing as their leaders do not prefer to have interaction with them. This simply means that they cannot say anything about the leadership techniques and their use in terms of improving the business performance of an entity. 

Q 4) In your opinion does employee motivation helps businesses in attaining success?

Interpretation:Employee motivation plays an essential role in the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives which further leads to achievement. Here, it can be said that a motivated employee can perform the assigned task with mote efforts as compared to the dissatisfied or de-motivated employee. Organizational leaders now a day's emphasizes on developing motivation level existing staff in such a manner so that they can develop the interest of employee towards organizational work. This also influences employees to stay loyal to the company and sustain with the enterprise for a longer period. The views expressed by most of the respondents that are majority one states that employee motivation is highly helpful in the business success because working efficiency of the motivated employee is high as compared to dissatisfied one. Motivation also develops the personal interest of employees in organizational work which leads to the quick accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. This automatically leads to organizational success. Whereas, leftover respondents that are 5, it can be said that employee motivation is not that important for the success of the company. These respondents have further specified that according to the great leadership skill is highly important for the company success as it ensures that employees would get appropriate guidance on the same. This directly contributes to the rapid accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.

Q 5) Do you believe, there is a relationship between employee motivation and leadership?

Interpretation:Employee motivation refers to the state of satisfaction level of the employee within the company. Here, it can be said that the performance level of motivated employees is higher than the of a non-motivated employee. Whereas, when it is talked about the leadership this refers to the actions obtained by the individuals so that they can effectively lead a group of people to perform organizational work in the right manner. From the views expressed by 12 respondents that are employees of the company, it can be said that there is a direct relationship between employee motivation and leadership. These people have mentioned that both the terms are considered to be as the important part of the company thus they share a strong relationship. On the other hand, it can be further said that leftover respondents have shared negligible positive responses towards the same because according to them the relationship does not exist. After all, leaders belong top level of the company whereas employees work at the medium level. Also, the top management team of the company does not care about the motivation of employees because they are only interested in the completion of their work and the attainment of organizational goals and objectives in the predefined period.

Q 6) According to your viewpoint, which leadership style is most suitable for the business entities through which they can effectively attain success?

Interpretation:Several forms of leadership styles can be effectively attained by organizational top management teams. The main leadership styles that can be adopted by the leaders are transactional leadership, democratic, laissez-faire, transformational, autocratic leadership, and others. Concerning the current business scenario of businesses, it can be said that only a few of these leadership styles are being adopted by the company with the motive of accomplishing organizational success. From the viewpoint expressed by 9 respondents, it can be said that autocratic transformational leadership is the best for businesses as it allows business managers in adopting the required style according to the need of time. Whereas, another employee belonging to the sample size has mentioned that they think that the autocratic leadership style is acknowledged as one of the most important forms of leadership through which business leaders can attain success. The main reason behind this is the creation of a strict working culture where employees can work according to the assigned work. Also, these employees can do not get distracted at the workplace because their leaders are strict and they have reported to them with the completion of every task.

Q 7) Do you believe the adoption of the right leadership style helps businesses in enhancing employees' sustainability within the company?

Interpretation:Sustainable leadership means that corporate leaders (typically CEOs) have environmental, social and long-term goals for sustainability in mind. The aim is to lead such that societies and the environment are benefited and financial performance is maintained Managers have a crucial role in the achievement of outstanding performance in reaching sustainability outcomes from excellent to great. The higher the educational performance of the leader, the better the likelihood of cognitive processing and the more complex practises necessary for sustainable development only 8 respondents stated that the adoption of the right style of leadership can gelp the business in enchancing the employess sustainability within the organization. On the another hand few employess were not agreed at this point of view that the adoption of the right type of leadership style will help the business in enchasinmg the employee sustainability within the organization.

Q 8) In your viewpoint, do businesses must stick to one leadership style, or do they move to another as per the requirement of the customers?

Interpretation:By adapting to varied conditions, leaders solve various issues in the workplace. Leadership in situations simplifies management. You can use a suitable style that best suits your team members, work environment and business needs after evaluating your circumstances.In order to address each new working issue, users can successfully adapt the management style. Simply put, change is a process that takes four steps: People first recognise the need to change. 5 respondent stated that they are not fully agreed with the statement that the business must stick to one leadership style, or they move to aanother as per the requirement of the customers. And on the another hand 3 respondent were fully agreed with this statemnt that the business should move to another leadership style as per the requirement for the better vision and profit margin.

Q 9) As per your perception, what is the best way of enhancing motivation among the employees?

Interpretation:Motivation of employees is crucial to the success of an organisation. It is the level of engagement, desire and energy that the workers of a firm play on a daily basis. Without this, organisations will have poorer productivity, lower production levels, and the corporation is likely to fall short of crucial objectives. The level of devotion, energy and ingenuity held by a company's personnel during the working day is employee motivation. Keeping and improving employee motivation can be difficult for businesses, because not every job is of interest and enthusiasm to people who need to do so. Only 13 respondents agreed on the fact that companies should enhance the way of motivation among the employees.  Companies must therefore seek to develop strategies to keep their employees motivated.Just imagine a low-motivation employee, they work slower, have to spend more time away from their tasks and potentially work online or on their telephones. But they are, above all, largely unconcentrated and do not put their job in its entirety. This does not only waste the resources, but could also affect other employees, which may prevent the whole organisation from creating jobs at the highest standard or fulfilling crucial goals.

Q 10) In what manner do leadership puts influences the growth of the company?

Interpretation:The good organisation leader's classic model is the top management in the organisation that manages and controls all parts of the company's operations. This senior manager works through a management hierarchy and the organisation's structure was sufficiently defined. The management of this type is good and has survived much of the 20th century.The company of today has no stability luxury as its markets, consumers and technology are always changing. It must embrace, adopt and implement business model changes in line with changing trends, technologies and client preferences.Furthermore, newcomers to the marketplace that have a different business paradigm continue to threaten the core business. Only 9 respondents stated that the leadership style influencethe growth of the company.Therefore, it cannot afford to rely on the leadership of individuals or a small team of top managers. The organisation's ideas, talents, energy and excitement for success must be used by the whole team. This new notion and leadership approach has grown to meet new problems, where line managers and the senator's small team of senior managers have taken on the leadership role.

Q 11) Do you think, adopting an autocratic leadership approach would help the company in enhancing its growth rate?

Interpretation:14 respondents stated that adopting autocratic leadership approach would help the organization in enhancing the growth rate. Most employees have leaders that are autocratic waiting for rules and processes to be followed. Communicating information helps employees grasp the regulations. In return, the risk of rebellion is lower and cooperation is lower.The term authoritarian, which is frequently used together with autocratic, appears better to represent leaders who take decisions with little or no input from others. But when you compare authoritarian leaders with democratic and laissez-faire leaders, that is a meaningful characterization. Autocratic leaders, like the leaders of democracy and laissez-faire, often have no illicit opinion or expertise from those persons who report to them. Autocratic leadership means instead that one individual makes all choices for a group, team or assembly. Autocratic leaders have awful obligations in this situation. Instead of making all the decisions, all the proper decisions are anticipated.

Q 12) How top management team of the company can effectively reduce the employee turnover rate with an effective leadership approach?

Interpretation:The organisations need to establish and conserve an effective resource pool. It must be said. The skills and hard work of the resources determine the result of the success of your project. It is therefore essential to preserve them for the long term in order to secure profitability and commercial success. However, although businesses have followed the best practises in resource management, the ideal approach is often challenged by breaching it. The demands of employees now go beyond a simple paycheck. 10 respondent were not fully agreed the fact that top management team of the organization can effectively reduce the employee turnover rate with an effective leadership approach. They seek a lovely work environment to enhance and excellence in their careers. Decision-makers are responsible for ensuring a culture which focuses on employees.

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