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Discussion: Counselor and Reflection on Assessment Assignment Help

Imagine you are a counselor conducting intake interview with a client. What type of assessment questions would you include for the psychosocial history of the client? Why? Imagine the client brings results of previous psychosocial testing with them. How will you determine if the test results are meaningful, useful, and accurate assessment of the client? What are the various ways in which ways you can measure your treatment goals? Considering the American Counseling Association''s (ACA''s) code of ethics, what are some goals you might plan for the treatment of the client? What are the various ways in which you can measure your treatment goals?

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Availability of systematic tools of assessment is very much required for the evaluation of the progression and direction of assessment in the counselling process. This is very much true in the assessment of psychological history assessment of clients as well. There are standard professional organizations like Association for assessment in Counselling (AAC), which formulated a set of guidelines and regulations for controlling the assessment procedures. Assessment tools usage is supported by several such professional organizations, however there are also restrictions there emphasized considering the rights of the assessor and the clients as well.

In any case if the objective of the test is to find the psychological history of the client, the set of questions to be employed should be both valid and reliable too. The questions are required to be valid, as they need to focus on the issues for which they are targeted for. Secondly the questions are expected to be reliable too, the answers need to be sufficiently effective in validating the reliability, and similar answers from different style of questioning will ensure the information collected is reliable. This type of assessment will ensure that the answers collected are reliable or not, hence introspection of the procedures and applicable regulations and legislations will ensure the validity of the assessment done in the previous case.

If the client does have previous set of psycho evaluation test results, still they are not of good use for initiating the treatment at present. As the time elapsed may bring out the changes in the test results as well the validity and reliability of the tests results are also not very certain. Hence considering all these aspects, it is right procedure to reconduct the assessment test to obtain information on these aspects (Melton et al.,2017).

As per the ACA code of ethics and recommendations it is more likely to set the following goals for the client in enabling his betterment. Some of the goals may include the Client welfare, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality management, working with professional collaboration with other professional any if needed during the treatment and employing only those assessment procedures which are recommended by the recognized professional organizations. There are ways of measuring the progress as well. One of the most important aspects of measuring the treatment goal is to measure the expected outcomes from the measurement. If the patient is experiencing sound mental health and well being, it is a sign of good treatment. Hence feedback of patient on the treatment and its outcomes make up the most important aspect of the treatment procedure. Questionnaire based feedback on wellbeing and patient satisfaction is one important measure of the treatment goals, other evidences may be from therapeutic findings, if there are instances like insomnia, long time bed stay etc, re-assessment of the timings and the current level of problem the patient facing will provide outcome towards the goals of the treatment (offson,2015).

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