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Discussion: Brain storming for System Solutions Assignment Help

Write a 1-2 page paper that answers the following:

1. Do you think these varying needs would be challenging for a scheduling system? Why or why not?

2. What sort of alerts or reminders would you put into their system(s)?

3. Brainstorm 4-5 solutions and issues for dealing with these various needs.

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Discussion:  Brain storming for system solutions

1)      Well it is a typical replica of the types of needs that are more likely to be noticed in a health care organization. This much complication in needs is not rare in actual scenarios the needs can be even more complex. The configuration of the system features and the efficiency of programming can effectively meet these objectives in real life. In the current case, the scheduling is the focus of attention. The needs of scheduling for each of the three doctors are different. Summarizing the three cases it can be said that Dr.Mansfield need scheduling that comprises about 1.58 hours in total for each patient. Dr. Summer wants billing and coding based on the patient lesions and this need to be considered in the scheduling. Hence allocation of the scheduling of the next patient can be confirmed by only likely appointment time. Accordingly the patients can be informed.  Dr. Frost is not available for Thursday afternoons for lengthy consultations and hence they can be restricted for Thursday afternoon employing alert services. These are the current needs, they are complicated and challenging since some of them are purely based on the case to case basis like in the case of Dr. Summer, unless the patient is inspected of the lesions, it is not possible to schedule the timing of the other patients. Dr. Frost and Dr Mansfield scheduling constraints are not very complicated and they can be planned and programmed with ease (Dennis et al., 2018).

2)      Some of the alerts possible in this scheduling plan can be as follows,

Dr. Mansfield case need to be scheduled with an alarm to check the total time it is allocating for each patient consultation. An alert can be programmed to verify that the total time of consultation is not less than or more than 1.25 hours and the time slot for preparing the pathology specimen with 20 minutes. Whenever there is deviation or insufficiency observed for the times allocated for these slots an alert can be generated.

Similarly, for Dr. Frost case, if a long consultation is scheduled for a Thursday afternoon, it is possible to keep an alert to avert the same. Also in the same scheduling there can be a reminder to schedule a break for Dr. Frost to pick his kid  at 2:00PM.

3. Some of the solutions that can be employed in this case are as follows,

Marking out the Thursday afternoons as pre-scheduled for Dr. Frost case. So that the system can automatically reject any consultation allocation on that day.

Setting the total consultations of Dr. Frost as per the time available like suppose a total 8 hours available per day, then only 8/1.58 = 5 consultations can be scheduled per day for Dr. Mansfield.

Dr. Summer case, every time about two cases can be scheduled first and once the first patient is complete the third patient can be provided with the approximate appointment time. By this procedure, it is more likely to avoid unnecessary delays. Also based on the daily average and weekly average the time of consultations for each of the patients can be adjusted to represent the most appropriate and feasible timings.

 Coding and Billing for the Dr.Mansfeld and Dr.Frost can be done along with the consultation fixing and however for Dr. Summer it can be done after the completing the consultation. However the procedure can be adopted based on case to case to basis. For cash cases, a fixed sum and variable portion can be taken as advance. For Coverage cases, an understanding can be collected from the patient for billing in the later stages (Hinsen, 2015).

 So the system solution invariable need  to accommodate these changes, each of these three different medical cases need to be provided with different access provisions and corresponding scheduling and billing need to be done differently.

Of course an electronic or computer based scheduling and billing system with well defined billing codes and processing procedures can meet the requirements of the current case. Compliances with the local regulations, costing procedures and taxation for the charges etc can be taken care by the program designed.

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