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Analysis: HRM-Related Issues and Their Solutions Assignment Help

Analysis of HRM-Related Issues and Their Solutions: The Case of Uniqlo, Australia

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Human resources are considered as the foundation for any organization. It is important for any organization to ensure that the workforce is being offered the appropriate privileges and treatments so that they remain content with the organization and work towards enhancing their own as well as the corporate performance (Armstrong, & Taylor, 2014). However, there may arise situations associated with the human resources and the same may severely affect the performance or the overall productivity of the organization. Furthermore, there may arise issues that can negatively affect the image of the company in the market. The following discussion focuses towards providing an insight into the HR issues that have been experienced by the HR Manager at the clothing manufacturer and retailer, Uniqlo.

The scope of the research that has been conducted for the report would provide an insight into to the HR practices that are followed at Uniqlo. For the current discussion, the research method employed was based on the qualitative secondary research technique whereby information regarding the issue have been acquired from the various secondary sources such as online reports and articles regarding the issue. The findings from the research shall be evaluated to determine how the issue can be resolved and provide suitable recommendation based on the evaluation.

Company Human Resources Overview

Uniqlo is a Japanese based clothing manufacturer and retailer which has its stores located at different locations across the world. Within Australia, the store is located at various locations such as Melbourne, Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, with a total of about 17 shops in Australia. The head office of the organization is located in Melbourne and the total employment strength for the enterprise within Australia is about 2,160 (IBIS World, 2018). Uniqlo Australia Pty Ltd is fundamentally a foreign-owned private corporationwhich operates as a clothing retailer in Australia. The cultural mix exists amongst the employees is that from the Caucasian ethnicity and the management of the enterprise and its operations in the Australian market was conducted by Japanese delegates with limited or knowledge regarding the work or regional culture that are to be followed within the work place. Individuals varied genders were allowed to work for the enterprise and discrimination were not made at the initial stage but was considered after the employment of the candidate.

Evaluation of The Information Acquired

From the research of the issues of human resources associated with Uniqlo, it has been determined that the employees are ill treated to such extent that majority of the employees leave the work with the development of Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) (Chung, 2019). It has also been determined that discriminations were also made against the female employees for their ethnicity being Caucasians (The Australian, 2019). It has been majorly determined that the executives and management of the organization, Uniqlo, were largely biased towards those with Asian ethnicity and discriminated against those who were from any other ethnic group such as Caucasians. Some of the major biasness that have been observed against the non Asian ethnic groups were the denial in the career advancements opportunities, bullying, lack of suitable performance reviews, and so on (Human Resource Director, 2019).It was also determined that for individuals from the Asian ethnicity, the performance track record was maintained at a much better manner. From the evaluation of the information acquired through the research, it can be determined that the employees at Uniqlo were subjected to harsh work environment that causes them physical as well as menta exertions. In fact, the employees were made to fold seven shirts every minute and were treated more like machines or slaves, than employees and individuals (Chung, 2019).

Identification of The Issues


Based on the information that have been acquired through the research that was conducted, it is evident that the management of Uniqlo had presented issue of discriminatory behavior towards the employees of Australian origin. It was also determined that the organization had an abusive and awful work culture that was often similar to that of bullying and as result of the same, every employee was left with certain kind of psychological trauma which is similar to that of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Chung, 2019). Furthermore, it was also identified that the management of the organization had discriminated the employees based on their races and had ill treated those of the “Caucasian heritage”. The HR issue that was experienced by the HR Manager of Uniqlo was also experienced by other employees from different store location and job roles as well. It was determined from the research that the other victims of the racial discrimination include a visual merchandiser, a sales assistant and an assistant store manager (Chung, 2019). Every employee had presented similar experiences and the extent to which the work environment was toxic for them to work at.  It was also determined that the work culture at Uniqlo stores were an amalgamation of the different bad Japanese culture that have been places together into a single place and similar views were presented by the sales assistant of the MidCity store on the Sydney CBD, who had also worked for the company for three years (Chung, 2019). It was also determined from the evaluation that only those individuals from the Caucasian ethnicity were selected for the UNIQLO Manager Candidate (UMC) Program as the company was more amused with the aspect that there is not any “white” individual at the managerial post with more prospective.Furthermore, it was also identified that for employees, the UMC program was revoked and the employees were not intended to send to Japan altogether, despite the same being mentioned in the contract (Chung, 2019).

Additionally, during the opening of the store at Sydney, the employees had encountered a different experience, whereby a group of individuals were randomly fired without conducting any kind of performance review or offering them any proper justification. Instead the individuals who were fired were made to work for that entire day and this initiative was taken as the management realized that not much profit was gained from the store so they decided to lay off a few of the employees (Chung, 2019). Bullying of the individuals from the Caucasian ethnicity at the stores had been identified to be a very common practice at Uniqlo. In fact, the stores lacked any kind of health and safety guidance or regulation and as a result of the same, one of the employees, who had worked at the post of visual marketing, had developed hernia due to the massive workload. This implies that the company requires expenditure associated with the implementation of efficient regulations for the work place safety and health.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Based on the discussion that has been presented above, it is evident that the organization of Uniqlo lacks the primary regulations and practices associated with the management of the human resources. It has been determined from the evaluation that every individual from the Australian store and with Caucasian ethnicity have been bullied at the stores of Uniqlo and the most disturbing aspects were that the same was experienced by the Caucasian individuals at the stores that are located in Australia, despite Caucasian being the native ethnic categories. As per the evaluation that have been conducted, the following recommendations are suggested for improving the management of human resources at the stores of Uniqlo in the Australian markets, as well as in overcoming the issue that have been identified.

- Introduce a proper HR management system by employing an individual for the post of HR

- Introduce changes with respect to the manner in which the store operations have been managed until now

- Implement appropriate work place safety and health practices that would avoid emergence of any kind of health issues for the       employees, which is a direct result of the employees working late hours

- Introduce overtime management system and efficiently maintaining the same by providing the rightful pay to the employees for their contributions towards the overtime store management or arrangement processes.

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