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Develop the marketing plan based on the information identified in the briefing report. Need to present the marketing plan to the CEO and management team.

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Marketing plan

Target Market

NatureCare Products targets the customers in the Japanese market by initiating eco-friendly products as the expanding business overseas. After doing the research on the market, it can be identified that this company focused on a diversified range of products based on the demands of new customers in the expanded region (Kayabasi & Mtetwa, 2016). Moreover, NatureCare Products targets the same group of customers just like the existing Australian market, as in Japan middle-aged seek higher quality cosmetic products. In this context, as woman customers of Japan want enriched functionality and quality value from the products, it becomes essential for this company to represent a better opportunity in the new market region after expansion (Spyropoulou et al. 2018).

Risk management

Japanese customers have continued to devote an essential budget in terms of skin care products and the growth of business in Japan has increased due to the wide range of foreign visitors around 2,450,800 in November (Japantimes, 2018). Moreover, Japanese customers have directed their focus upon natural care products, NatureCare Products will need to soothe different attributes of beauty and skin care products based on the demands of Japanese and foreign customers also. Otherwise, it can be considered a major risk for this company at the time of expansion. Apart from that, natural beauty products will need to provide affordable prices by claiming their developed business performance and innovation. Additionally, natural care products including herbal mixtures, plant derivatives and essential oils, will need to use for featuring and formulating the skin care products of this company after expansion in the Japanese market.     


In order to develop market entities after expanding business in the Japanese market, organic lifestyle trends of beauty products will need to enhance as the basic form of product positioning strategy (Salavati et al. 2016). In the new Japanese market, through over viewing the rapidly growing customer demands, beauty brands of NatureCare Products will need to provide in reasonable price for grabbing the wide consumer base in the Japanese market. In this regard, it can be observed that the price of the skin care product of this company is high than other brands of Australia, which will need to measure and limit after expanding business in Japanese region. Moreover, as they already use natural and eco-friendly raw materials for manufacturing their skin and beauty care products, it will be their major advantage in the new market. 

Competitive analysis

While expanding business in the new competitive market region, it becomes essential for a company to embed their existing business practices with new practices for having a major advantage. Within the Japanese region, F Organics, Ruhaku and Three are considered as main competitors of this NatureCare Products, as those companies also provide organic and natural skin care products (Jw-webmagazine, 2017). In terms of the F Organic, it can be observed that they use advanced botanical technology for bringing an elegant touch through their organic beauty care products. Moreover, Ruhaku uses true organic products related to the global standard. Through taking reference from the product manufacturing entities of their competitive companies, NatureCare Products will need to develop their brand value by using advanced technology at product manufacturing.   

Marketing strategy


It is evident that the power of organic plants influences skin ageing. Moreover, the skin will be much smoother, brighter and firmer based on the organic plants. Hence, Nature Care Products will need to manufacture their products by using raw materials from organic plants that helps them in grabbing the competition market directly.


Primarily the natural skin care products will need to deliver at affordable prices within the Japanese region. In this regard, the product price will need to fix between 400Yen-2000Yen according to the quantity of products. Moreover, based on the prices of raw materials and the number of products, pricing can be varied. 


In order to expand business in the Japanese region, Tokyo is the best place for this NatureCare Products Company. In the highly populated region Tokyo (13.65 million people), the capital of Japan, major opportunities of business including gross valued at USD 930 billion are found, which can be more helpful for this company (, 2017). While establishing a business in the capital of Japan, Tokyo (as a new market region), legal as well as ethical rules and regulations based on the government of Japan. Through maintaining the norms of the Regulation of Cosmetics in Japan and country guide of cosmetics & personal care products in Japan, it becomes possible for this company to expand its business successfully.  


With the growing demand for cosmetic products in Japan, NatureCare Products will need to advertise their products through the different promotional campaign.


While developing this marketing plan budgeting is more important part that helps in over viewing primary necessities of this business at the time of expansion.


Products- 400 YEN

Promotion- 3500 YEN

Location Charge- 6000 YEN

Compensation of employees- 10000 YEN

Invitation Email

To:  [email protected]

Subject: Meeting for strategic discussion of NatureCare expansion

Based on the marketing plan of NatureCare in order to expand the country to Japan, some essentials need to be discussed. I have provided a draft of the marketing plan attached in the email, however, a meeting needed to be held, in order to discuss the marketing strategies and tactics. Therefore, I have planned a meeting on 28 February 2019 at the conference hall in the headquarter of NatureCare Products to discuss the essentials sharply at 11 am.


Communication Officer

Bella Parker

Updated marketing plan

Based on the feedback from the meeting, some of the changes need to be done in the marketing plan of the NatureCare products. The updated marketing plan for NatureCare is following:

Target market

In terms of the assisted feedback from the assessor, it can be stated that NatureCare products will need to target the older Japanese woman also, who need to limit the age of their skin through high-quality organic products. Japanese women are spending more time at the indulgement of skin and beauty care products, which will need to target by this company to expand their business in the new region successfully (Cosmeticsdesign-asia, 2017). Moreover, as products of this company could also be useful for babies, NatureCare products will need to target Japanese children through special baby care products for increasing sales.

Risk management

In order to establish a successful business entity at the Japanese market, additional discounts in natural skin care products will need to introduce for grabbing strong attention of their targeted customers. Ensuring the supply of organic raw materials and minerals, it will essential for NatureCare products, to purify their skin care products. Nonetheless, superficial imperfections of beauty and skin care products will need to enhance for having a smooth application of their products in the new region.  


Towards developing product positioning in the competitive market of Japan, it will essential for NatureCare products to drive their major focus upon the product quality. In order to compete for their rivals in Japan, NatureCare products will need to produce their skin care products by using organic and herbal materials despite mixing any chemicals in order to position themselves as quality product provider with a satisfied pricing strategy.   

Competitive analysis

The company (NatureCare products) will use their own supply for the raw materials using organic farming and using the human resources from Japan itself, in order to have a competitive advantage over the other rivals and lower down the dependability of external suppliers. It will be their major strength in the Japanese market, as with this initiative their price of products can be lower than other companies. Through initiating this own supply chain management, NatureCare products will be able to cover up the entire foundation of this cosmetic industry in the Japanese region.

Marketing strategy


Different product sizes will be launched by NatureCare products in order to provide the customers to test the product on their skin, which will be purely organic. Through initiating this diversified range of product service having raw materials from their own organic farming, it will be possible for this company to have a major competitive advantage in the new region (Tan & Sousa, 2015).


The customers can have different options for product ingredients, thus, pricing will vary based on the ingredient choice, which will be the main focus of this company. In essence, to this, the emerging demands of Japanese customers will need an overview as a primary concern of business expansion. 


The retail store in Tokyo will not be enough to gain a high sale, thus, the products will be available through online shopping at the company website. Also, the products will be distributed through different retailers. Through implementing different advanced language such as HTML, C language, the webpage of the company website can be improvised, whereby the customers can easily access to the products that they want through diversified niches (Chahal, Dangwal & Raina, 2016).  


Besides the promotional campaign, in order to gain a large customers base of the targeted customers, social media advertising will be recommended, using Facebook and Instagram. In recent times, as the customers are highly-active on different social media websites in order to shop online, which can be created as a major opportunity to expand the business through Facebook and Instagram successfully (, 2018).


Through establishing own organic farming and developing online shopping entities the budgeting can be varied accordingly.


Products- 300 YEN

Marketing- 2800 YEN

Location Charge- 2500 YEN

Compensation of employees- 6000 YEN

As marketing will be a prime approach to reach to the target customers, thus, improvising in terms of marketing strategies needs to be developed. On the other hand, investing in the marketing activities will help the NatureCare to promote their products through product recall and thus will let the target customers to know about the product launching.

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