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Departments with standards


Question : Describe which areas and departments should have standards, and what kind of standards they should have. Explain the importance of having different standards throughout various departments. Describe relevant agencies and organizations that determine and monitor the standards.

Assignment : Introduction

The standards help in defining how the company acts and build the trust in the brand. There are guidelines which includes the quality, performance and the safety factor for proper management systems. It complies to the authoritative agencies and the professional organizations that are enforceable by law. The voluntary rules are defined through creating confidence among the class where the business operates at a higher and consistent level.


Departments/Areas with standards and its importance

ISO 9001: This is for the Quality Management System which is for preparing the organization to produce the quality products and services. It is effective for the customers to focus on the continued improvement and the top management processes. The standards are based on working over the risk management where the effectiveness is based on ISO Survey of Management System Standard (Armstrong et al., 2018).

ISO 14001: They are for the family standards which includes the organization and how the Environmental Management Systems could be handled through PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). The companies need to work on improving the processes with over 3lakh certifications.

ISO 27000: The family standards are for the information technology, where the improvement of the security is defined through protecting the assets of company. The management-based system requires to focus on putting the code at place. It is a broader concept and standards with customization of fitting the needs which are not mandatory.

ISO 22000: The standard focuses on the development and the food safety management which helps the organization to work on the food chain. The multiple standards are working over the food manufacturing with family using the variety of organization directly or indirectly which is involved with the food department. It includes the companies like the manufacturing and transport services like the careers. The certification is based on updating version expected to be released (Barafort et al., 2017).

ISO 50001: The new standards includes the forms where there are awareness of the Energy Management system. It includes the dedication to improve the energy usage and the efficiency. This includes the reducing of the organization energy footprint with reducing the greenhouse gases and the energy costs. There are certifications which are for handling the business and the companies that are depending upon finding the benefits with thinking the standards that improve the business process.

ISO/TS 16949: The older standards includes the automotive industry where the technical specifications are mainly for setting the goals and how the suppliers are able to standardize the regulations which is based on suppliers and handling the different multiple certifications for the vehicle (Heras, 2018). The forms include the development, production and the installation of the automotive related products that help in focusing over the tier 1 companies that will require to handle the 50000 certifications.

ISO 13485: The medical equipment is about the documentation and then it does not belong to a family where there are different ISO standards. They are for the production of the different medical devices and equipment, specific to health industry.

ISO 26000: They are for working on the social responsibility where there is planning about the certification and providing the guidance on how the business is likely to operate. It works on the socially responsible forms with clarifying about how the organizations are able to put in place all the effective actions that are related to the global social responsibility (Tene et al., 2018). The certification is defined over the 60 countries.


They are effectively able to help in working over the dentification and focusing on the business metrics. This is mainly related to the proper management and controlling the business to understand how the system performance is working. It also relates to the marketing advantage and the sales or standards where the ISO 90000 is for handling and working on reducing the scrap, rework or the costs.

This will include the proper management and control with working on system performance relative to the quality forms of objectives. They are for handling the connections to that the consumers can have the confidence that their products are safe, reliable and of the good quality. It works on the safety of the road, toy and the security of the medical packaging sectors which helps them to become a better place to live in. There is a need to address the ISO with focusing on the different standards that are reliability for the good quality. ISO works on the handling of the international and environmental aspects of products with economic benefits (Su et al., 2015).

Agencies and organizations

UN Agency: It works on the development of family relations with the promotion of social progress and the rights of human.

NIST: National Institute of Standards & Technology for the measurement

ISO Standards: For determining the different concerns at the international code and standards.

IEA Standards: They are for the energy policy with ensuring the clean energy

ICC: It is the International Code Council for handling the family of model with International Fire Code

ASME: American Society for the Mechanical Engineers for promoting the mechanical and multidisciplinary engineering, designing the codes and the other standards.


The standards help in growing the business and controlling the measure or evaluating the business (Castka et al., 2015). It helps in the written guidelines, technical specifications or the product inspections where the effective performance indicators help in meeting the standards.


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