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Culture Assignment Help

1. Identify a cultural group to which you belong. Explain why you consider it a culture by describing some of its characteristics and providing examples of the kinds of experiences and knowledge shared by its members. 

2. Is this group a dominant group or minority group? Explain why you classify this group in this way.

3. Is this group a subculture or a counterculture? Explain why you classify this group in this way. 

4. Identify a symbol, a language, an institution, and a value associated with this culture. Explain the importance of each these cultural elements to this culture. 

5. Explain how this culture's way of life is learned by and taught to members of this group. 

6. Describe the greatest benefit(s) and drawback(s) to being a member of this culture that you have personally experienced.

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In my opinion, I am an avid believer and a practitioner of the African culture. Not only I hold an equal satiating etiquette, but even have similar expectations along with following behavior norms that are required for the dancers to adopt and to define with one own culture.

Through the cultural beliefs, it helps to develop an attitude, goals and to also relate with the set beliefs and behavior norms that would be required by the dancers to relate with the culture. As I am an African traditional dancer I follow norms of a set behavior that follows the dance community and to be part of the dance world. Through the African community values, it would help to attain a set expression along with the key traditions that can help to obtain a culture. As the African traditional dancers tend to maintain through the art forms, such as music, dance, art, sculpture, beadwork along with following a specific mannerism and etiquette that can help to create an artistic culture.

By holding experience as a African culture, in my views not only it helps in undergoing a rigorous dance training but it is also equally important to create roles along with the rituals, that can help to obtain an artistic perfection. This has created a stir that can associate with the distraction, interruptions, or interferences. Being part of the culture, I have attained a beadwork and compose along with the institutions of teaching, that I can't associated with the part of the symbolism of describing the African dancers dress.

As abiding by the African culture which falls into the minority culture requires an African dancer to derive set expectations along with norms related to the other dancers. African is also interpreted as an artistic subculture that would help the dancers to share norms and fall into the dominant culture groups, which would help to examine the norms and values to be part of the African community parallel and to make it a large community group. As the African dancers abide by the daily practice, cross-training along with the rehearsals, they learn all the etiquette, behavior, mannerism, and the dress or routine by the seasoned or retired dancers along with the help of the director of the dance school.

The symbol of the African culture is a tutu that describes it as a piece of costume and also showcasing it as a hierarchy in status. It stands as a symbol of dedication to the practice along with following the dance routine and set accomplished goals. It is a symbol of learning the opportunity that can associate with the tutus to relate with the privilege (Mitchell, 2019). An institution representing the African culture is located in the Francophile, South Africa. It is a pride institution that holds the dance community and supports through the high-level training and also helps in bringing a new choreography and training. It holds significance in the African culture as it maintains the standards of uniformity.

The pride of associating with the African culture is more focused on the personal goals along with setting achievements, as all the dancers and trainers are greatly influenced to work hard which is an "art of empowering". African community has helped me to explore and create new expressions. But the only negative aspect is of the set posture, same pattern of dancing style and following the routine.

African culture holds a part of the artistic subculture that represents the hard work, tradition along with the key strength, and artistic expression that has helped to acquire a set identity and values. Within the given traditions, beliefs, along with the key aspects of the symbols hold a significant part of the community, that is trained professionally. With the given values along with the experiences, it has helped to attain a African culture required to represent the decisions, routines and also help to relate with the professional life following the dance culture (Blanche, 2019).

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