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Cultural Aspects and Marketing Trends in Tourism Promotion Assignment Help

Discuss what you found, incorporating answers the following for each source of information analyzed. What kind of cultural information is presented? Who is the intended audience for the website/ article? How are the host communities portrayed?

Are the host communities portrayed as welcoming or retreating from tourists? Why?

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Global tourism is the source of revenue at present and there are several events of tourism significance taking place throughout the globe attracting huge number of tourists as well making high revenues every year. In this context, a review of tourism articles and promotion trends done in the write-up as per the tourism web-sites available online. Two sources reviewed include Indonesia tourism website and Travelopedia tourism (Travelopedia) website. Cultural presentation marketing strategies are observed and findings are presented as below,

Indonesia tourism (Indonesia) website promotion is mainly focussed on promoting its own culture, it is presenting to the tourists, what makes up the origins of the culture of Indonesia. The roots of the culture of Indonesia from long years like from 6th and 7th century, gigantic constructions of that ear, what makes up the principles of Indonesia culture in its essence etc are made available on the site. This is aimed at tourists interested in other cultures. Further the other marketing strategies for tourism promotion on the site consist in promotion of local food, handicrafts, summer destinations, natural beauties of the country etc. Profiling attractive picture of the sites and with briefing that is very much attractive makes up the promotion strategy. Extensive links to variety of sites like adventures, sporting etc in Indonesia are given there.

Another site is Travelopedia and investigated for Brazil and its tourism promotion. The article has wonderful details about the Brazil and Brasilia in particular at present. The origins and history of the Brazil, what makes it unique and different, how it is different from other parts of the world and what makes it different and special makes up the essence of the article. There are variety of natural falls, geographical regions of significance, religious places like Christ the redeemer can be seen in the location and all of them are addressed in the site making it attractive to the tourists.

Basically speaking the cultural information available is about the origins of the history of the location and the cultural information about the genesis of the location and the ways and means of cultural significance of the location is well presented in the articles. For both the sources of information the audience are universal. Any person interested in the tourism can find some useful information as per his taste.

The host communities are mostly portrayed as receptive and welcoming the tourists and promising a more memorable experience to the tourists.

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