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Competing Values Framework (CVF) Assignment Help

Identify and describe your management style in an interpretative report, using the CVF conceptual framework (Quinn et al. 2015). The steps involved let you situate yourself within the parameters of management mastery and draw out aspects of your style.

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The Competing Values Framework (CVF) survey is a highly useful tool for self-assessment purposes. It acts as a metric system for evaluating an individual's strength and weakness as a reflective of their personality (Quinn et al, 2014).


According to my CVF, 2 quadrants (compete and collaborate) describe my strengths and the remaining two quadrants (create and control) show my weakness. Working as a tourism and hospitality manager helped me to pursue collaborative skills (especially, mentor role) like understanding customers' requirements, effective communication, and managing conflict. The job also enhanced my ability to manage time and stress simultaneously, which further helped to excel in several competitions. I also possess stronghold on the ‘compete' quadrant, particularly in context to director role. Being a manager, I encourage and create a productive work environment for my colleagues. I always believe in setting short term and long term goals to achieve the final objective (Lavine, 2014). However, due to lack of experience, my CVF scores low for the broker role in ‘create' quadrant and coordinator role in ‘control' quadrant. Despite this, I am a good innovator and monitor, which is reflective in my work performance. I can efficiently manage change, examine individual performance and interpret information through critical thinking.


In summary, it can be concluded that presently my personal skill is primarily based on the ‘Human Relations model' and ‘Rational Goal model'. For a better professional and personal life, I have to improve my role as a broker and coordinator. This improvement will help in negotiating agreements and managing projects effectively (Tong, & Arvey, 2015).

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