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Comparison of Literature Review Assignment Help

Write a paper in which you contrast the structures of the qualitative dissertation specific to your discipline with the structures of the quantitative dissertation referenced above and provide a rationale for the differences. Include the following in your paper:
A clear description of the primary differences between the structures of the literature reviews.

A rationale for the observed differences. What factors contributed to the differences the structures of these literature reviews?
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Literature review covers a significant and the second major portion, after the data analysis part, of the dissertation, as it effectively illuminates the gaps in the preliminary research studies associated with the topic. However, although the literature review has direct connection with the proposed structure of methodology, the literature review structure might vary among the qualitative and quantitative dissertation, which is the main point of discussion of this assignment. The study sheds light on the comparison and contrast of two dissertations, one of which is quantitative and the one is qualitative.

Clear description of the primary differences between the structures of the literature review

It is proved that literature review is an in-depth analysis of a range of previously articulated information, which is already established in the previous scholarly articles. However, the structural and contents of the two chosen dissertations are different, as in the qualitative dissertation of Gorveunder (2017), the literature review is more explorative and inductive whereas the quantitative literature review of Mulligan (2016) is constructed through deductive fashion. Apart from this, from the structure of both the literature reviews of the two selected dissertations, it can be stated that the quantitative Mullligan (2016) study retains structured explanations of the dependent or independent variables. The process of describing theoretical framework is also different in the two-dissertation study, such as the Gorveunder study includes a MOA model for explaining the relevant elements regarding the branded online communication. However, in case of the Mulligan quantitative study, the theoretical framework does not include any specific model or framework, as it provides a structured view of the overall study, along with highlighting the variables.

On the contrary, the literature review of the qualitative study is not dependent on any research hypothesis, which is contradictory in case of the selected quantitative study, as there are 3 sets of hypotheses included in the Mulligan study, for concisely describing the causal relationship among dependent and independent variables. The qualitative study of Gorveunder (2017) includes vast range of information, generally from these historical contexts to the modern aspects, according to the topic. Therefore, a major disadvantage of the Gorveunder study is it is more structured, however, the subjectivity or topic relevancy percentage is lesser compared to the Muligan quantitative study (Callahan, 2014). Apart from this, another primary difference among this is presence of mixed-method analysis in the Gorveunder qualitative study; whereas the Mulligan literature review is more effectively comprehend by meta-analysis study for quantitative data collection. However, the process of data collection is not static in every case of quantitative or qualitative literature review.

Rationale behind the observed differences

Through considering the quantitative study of Mulligan (2016), it can be observed that the literature review is more concise, as this is developed only the variables of the research topic, such as servant leadership, climate, variable measurements, and so on. On the contrary, in case of the qualitative Gorveunder literature review, it is noticed that there are range of informative explanations, such as history of branding, timelines, concept of brand communication, crowd sourcing, brand management, and so on. Therefore, based on the viewpoint of Baker (2016), it can be stated that the Mullgan's quantitative study includes an integrative literature aspects whereas the Gorveunder literature review can be considered as the alternative process of reviewing literature.

Factors contributing

There are different factors, which have major contribution in the development of literature review. One of the major factors is the area of research topic, as the effectiveness of the topic on the current environmental contexts influence the contents of literature review. Apart from this, Callahan (2014) mentioned that there are different searching procedure and purpose of the literature, based on which the structures might vary. For example, the qualitative Gorveunder study mainly highlights the context-specific human perception towards the online branded communication strategies, whereas the quantitative Mulligan literature review is mainly related with social reality regarding the appropriateness of servant leadership inside schooling systems. Furthermore, the setting of the research process is also influential in case of the development of literature review, such as the most of the qualitative study depends on naturalistic prospects, which is more controlled and pre-operative in case of the quantitative studies (Tekin & Kotaman, 2013).


Therefore, the main purpose of Gorveunder literature review is explaining and gaining insights about branded online communication, whereas, the Mulligan quantitative literature review has focused on explanation, prediction, and controlling the servant leadership phenomenon on the schooling activities. Based on such assumptions it can be stated that both types of literature reviews have significant importance in the field of literature and research, however, it is necessary to understand the fundamental differences of writing literature reviews.

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