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COMP701 Nature Inspired Computing - Auckland University of Technology


Learning Outcome: Research and critically analyse new networking technologies

Topic: DevOps (Infrastructure)

Investigate, describe and analyse that technology's architecture and components

Identify the pros and cons of this technology

Identify two industry products from within your chosen networking technology. Compare and contrast their features, and recommend situations or contexts in which they might be best used.



In this assignment, I have studied about the DevOps (infrastructure). The DevOps is nothing but a combination of tools, researches with practices and philosophies. These tools help to increase and improve the business or the organization which provides the ability to deliver the services and applications at greatest velocity. Here, the DevOps is the term that appears through the combination of the operation and the development. This DevOps tool is used in many companies that help the developers to make the design. IT professionals are work together in the "business automation software development". After that, the DevOps is referred to as the environment for the testing and the development of the business software. Then creating the DevOps environment is easy to understand for the QA engineers, IT engineers, security specialists, etc. then the engineers have tested the software that ensures the integration, synergy, and workflow of the organization. DevOps are the services that are important for the business. Here, the general arguments of the DevOps are that the DevOps is not the process however, it is a philosophy which is nothing but the software development. Here, the main purpose of the DevOps is to make easy and facilitate many changes in the organization or the management. this is the importance of DevOps and it is an important tool for the process. After that the success of DevOps means the "embrace agile software". Many enterprise components are used to integrate software iteration. Also, you need to integrate the enterprise components and to ensure integrated software. As the project is complex then you need to integrate more enterprise components. Also, it needs to do more software iterations and testing for checking the flawless integration. Here, the DevOps is the service that helps you to locate the enterprise resources that are used in the cloud. In place of using the discrete "software development tools" DevOps as a Service that gathers the various development tools in one toolset that remains in the cloud. I can use is used for business development. DevOps is the service that helps to collect the development tools that it is hosted in the cloud. The main aim of using DevOps is to ensure that the developers can make common toolset. Every action can be tracked for promoting continuous product delivery, integration and the value of the business.

For the complete software package, putting the development and operational team together is the responsibility of DevOps which describes the culture set of processes for doing so. Rather than using the traditional approach of software development, DevOps provides the organizations the capability for creating and improving the product faster as compared to using the traditional methods.

In short, we can say the DevOps is the collaboration of development and Operations. This is we can be called a union process. It incorporates the employees of people with the working product this will give continuous integration and del8very to the real users. This service can accelerate the process of delivering applications and the required services to the software at maximum speed. And high velocity. It creates a relationship between IT operations and Development.



The software architecture is the program that comprises the structure or the structures of the program, which enable the elements to be connected and the relationships between them. The goals of the architecture when it involves various people various crowds the stakeholders the business goals as well and also the IT infrastructure which needs to support it. Like DevOps, the IT infrastructure is the most important aspect of it, but there are the other two points to take into account as DevOps will be concerned in building the infrastructure to support the architecture that's required so an IT architecture. what is it, where its rules and guidelines and patterns assisted development, so going to manage the problem as a series of discrete pieces I need to define the communication interfaces between the pieces? I need to think about the overall structure and how data flows. I need to integrate the various systems and subsystems in the environment together. I need to develop software modules on the best possible design practices and design patterns need to control the delivery of software into the system environment effectively and efficiently and reliably. This compares architecture and design architecture is more strategic Rather's design is tactical the important word in architecture is how. How do things fit together rather than what do I use to connect things? I look at programming paradigms and architectural patterns high-level patterns rather than algorithms and low-level patterns. We're looking at the non-functional requirements. Architecture is a non-functional requirement.Ifa statement of these systems is going to communicate in this way whereas design is concerned with the functional requirements. What does the system do and in UML the diagramming language I have certain diagrams which are more associated with architecture than those that are you use for design. Now let's look at some architectural patterns, the client-server architecture plasma has been around for some time the idea is that I have a thick client that communicates across the network with some external data storage. The thick client has the user interface the business logic and the data access layer all in the same unit of functionality. So the advantage of this is I separate all of the code from the data. it enables the server components to be reused the server components and managing is some central location and I can optimize the use of infrastructure. It's also quite scalable so the advantage of this is I separate all of the code from the data it enables the server components to be reused the server components are managed to some central location and I can optimize the use of infrastructure. It's also quite scalable. The problem is that it doesn't work well with the requirements changes. Thereis security issues as well associated with it. This is a single point of failure which means the whole system becomes unavailable if the one component fails. We've also got the presentation and business logic in the same place which is not a good idea. It's also quite difficult to test and scale in terms of the thick client.Another very popular pattern is the interior architecture were any number which is usually 3 the great advantage of this. it's completely multi-threaded so the middle layers can be executed in parallel so multiple clients can. Each has its threads executing it.


If the business logic changes, I don't need to change the user interface client code. typically the client is very thin such as a web browser. I reduce the network traffic dramatically because most of the network traffic is happening between the layers and I can add additional layers or tiers for various purposes. to add layers of traction and failover disadvantage, if requirements change I need to change quite a bit. it may be in the middle tiers the security implications are quite interesting as well because it can be problems associated with the access from the external sources. I still got server availability and reliability issues and we've still got testability and scalability issues. Service-oriented architectures is becoming more and more popular now a days.

2Service-oriented architecture.jpg

Service-oriented architecture



1. The Cloud-based DevOps services provide easy collaboration that will put all the cloud tools together that can be accessed by the users anytime and anywhere.

2. Faster testing of the product and it's delivery is the excellent service of DevOps. These services are used cloud se4vices which provide the ability to increase the frequency of release. It also provides high computing strength and data storage capacity as they need it.

3. The complexity inflow of information and the flow of data will be hidden by using these DevOps. The team members of DevOps need not worry about the entire chain of tool Rather they can concentrate on the particular tool on which they are working.

4. The same data set can be used by every user which is on cloud services hence we can call it data-driven the process. This will provide better documentation and excellent control over quality.

5. This DevOps service doesn't have to function by itself. With internal DevOps development, these services can co-exist.


1. For using these DevOps services we need deep knowledge about the software infrastructure, it needs depth understanding of the integration. For using these services effectively we require an expert with us. We also need a vast knowledge of orchestrating workflow. Without deep knowledge and experience, we can not use these services effectively.

2. Cloning of enterprise infrastructure is so much complex task for testing purposes.

3. Less Security is the main concern in DevOps. The team of these services selects speed over the security at the time of software development. If we are using cloud services then we are more prone to the external risks specifically at the transport layer. This was a very insecure layer. This is the layer that can be used by cybercriminals to do spoofing.

2Service-oriented architecture1.jpg

it also requires a very significant change in the way that developers think about how things interoperate another. An architectural model is the four plus one views which is quite an interesting concept. the idea is that different people and teams have different views of systems so for example, you got the logical view is how the end-user sees a system which is in terms of its actual functionality. you've got the development view which is a developer's seat, what are the actual software components and how they interact. You've got the process view which is watching the actual processes and how do they communicate with each other and you've got the physical view or deployment view which is where the software resides on what hardware and what location. So each of those four views gives you a slightly different picture of the system so the full force one architectural view.


DevOps in Architecture: Monitoring

Here, monitoring is most important for making design and architecture. It also helps to meet the requirements of the business operation. The monitoring chapter provides you the detail information that you need to monitor and why also DevOps metrics. It also explains the monitoring system challenges under the situation of continuous changes. and the management of the business and monitoring tool used for the online system. After that, monitoring is the most important part of the testing. Monitoring is used for the testing in the DevOps or monitoring as the testing. Also, it plays an important role in Continuous Deployment. Also, there are some kinds of testing such as canaries, Netflix's is the popular simian army, A/B testing in terms of checking the information like Compliance Monkey, Security Monkey. Also, there is active live testing such as latency monkey, chaos monkey.

DevOps in Architecture: Security

Here, security is very important for the DevOps in the software Architecture. Security is important for securing the information and it helps to identify the errors or threats with the "Microsoft's STRIDE model". Then look at the security fundamental that contains the security to identify the errors. Also identify the resources which are needed to be protected their identity, CIA, and access the information to control it. Also, it provides the security controls in the NIST. There are common security problems with the help of VMs also errors or problems detect in cloud architectures such as AWS.


Industry product


With TF VC, Azure supports version control which is centralized as well as distributed with git. you can go to your feedback from files. Quick editing is also supported. Commits permit you to view how all your branches will come close together. branches display all the branches while pushers allow you to see the historic view of the modifications made to the remote repo. For reviewing your tags you can use tag pages. new tags also you can create by using these pull request pages. by using these pull request pages you can participate in providing rich comments. This brings us to Azure pipelines which is a rich cross-platform. After build of the summary and review the all committed test .The section of the deployment permit to build the current edition. Building the solution show the power of pipelines and pull the code from control source system.Piplines offer to build agent of windows and mac OS,linux and helps to add task and build the dragging & dropping the group of hundred open source job.


A set of flexible services are provided by AWS. By using AWS and DevOps practices, companies can rapidly develop reliable products. Provisioning and management of infrastructure can be simplified by using these services. It can also help in deployment if application code and release processes for automated software. It also monitors your application and the performance of infrastructure. The combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools is known as DevOps. This will help the organization in delivering the services and applications at the highest velocity. It helps the organization for evolving and improving its product faster as compared to the organization that is using the traditional practices of development of software and management of infrastructure. This feature provides abilities to the organizations for better serving their clients and hence these organizations can effectively compete in the market.

By using AWS services, you can manage one or thousands of instances. By making use of these services you can build the most flexible computing resources by doing simplification of provisioning, configuration and also scalping.

By using the AWS command-line interface or through APIs and SDKs you can use each service. With declarative AWS CloudFormation templates, you can model and provision AWS resources. For faster and effective automation you can use AWS. You can do automation of manual work or processes like development and deployment, testing, management if the container and management of configuration by using AWS.

This Jenkins is another tool that is so popular and it is an open-source tool. This tool is currently available and it supports multiple programming languages. This will provide the applications with the MSBuild plugins. For deployment orchestration, we use this Jenkins build server. This is a very simple tool and easy to understand.

Octopus Deploy
This is the best orchestrate for the pipeline of your work. This octopus Deploy is a very popularly used orchestrate which can finely be tuned. This product provides excellent services for deploying and continues the cycle of integration, for TeamCity they have plugins.

Key features


1. Data resiliency
Your information is securely stored in the data centers which are operated by Microsoft when you use Azure cloud storage, this feature is called Data resiliency.

2. Security
As per the user requirements, Azure provides built-in security levels.

3. BCDR integration
The BCDR is the abbreviations used for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery.
AZURE storage provides direct integration with the strategy of BCDR for taking back up and data recovery.

4. Capacity planning
This activity is very time-consuming. StoreSimple is the hybrid architecture storage solution provided by AZURE which is considered a solution to the above-said problems.

5. Single-pane operability
In the back end of the AZURE, it uses PowerShell which is versatile Azure automation, which automates the complicated operational tasks.

1. The management of the keys in AWS is centralized
2. Service I integration of AWS
3. AWS CloudTrails provide you audit capabilities.
4. AWS services are scalable, durable and highly available anytime.
5. Security
6. It provides a custom key storage facility.


Comparison points




AWS uses virtual machine for processing large data.

Azure uses computers for processing large data.


It helps tostorage Service

It help to block storage  Blob


We know that AWS is cloud server and provide virtual private network and provide the API cross connectivity


Here,we can use private network and use VPN for secure connection.


It support the non relational and relational database services .

It uses postgresql,SQL and mysqland use cosmos DB.

Developer Open-source

It provide the best service for open source developers.

It provide the best service for


In this assignment, I have studied that, DevOps is nothing but the set of software building processes. This is the combination of Dev I.e. software development and Ops I.e. information technology operations. This helps to shorten the software development life cycle. In terms of throughput and stability, I can measure IT performance. I can measure throughput by frequency of deployment and also the lead time required for changes and by measuring mean time to recover I can measure stability. The DevOps practices help to increase these throughput and stability measures consequently increases the IT performance. Servers that are going to host your virtual machines and a hypervisor that is going to provide the virtualization layer. Those components to say the least represent the lowest layer or the closest layer to the hardware. You are just provisioning physically hardware to your clients. You're offering network storage servers and a hypervisor or virtualization. There you will have to do the rest on your own. you will have to install your operating systems and install any prerequisites for your software. install and deploy a database engine a load balancer and middleware or any other services that need to be deployed on your infrastructure before you can deploy your main application, so if you opted to rent just this level of infrastructure this is called infrastructure as a service. If you want more than that and you have no time or no resources or you want to pay for more than this you can let the provider get you the operating systems install the database engine or provide you with an already install or deploy database engine. Possibly deploy load balancers and any other middleware that needs to be in place before your software can be installed or deployed this is called platform as a service or PaaS. so platform as a service by definition incorporates everything infrastructure as a service offers but it adds a layer of middleware the offering system did. if the database load balancers and any other middleware that needs to be in place, if you want the cloud provider to provide you even with more services you can have the last model which is the software itself the software here if you opted for this solution is called software as a service or SaaS.


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