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Communication Strengths And Weaknesses

BUS-1168 Management Communication, Lethbridge College, Canada


Part I (approx. 1 page)

1. What are my major strengths in each of the 8 major areas of the evaluation?

Answer: - The first major strength is my perception of self and others. I am well aware of my self-perception and intentions well enough.

- The second area that I excel in is regarding language use. I do not use any profile duties and very much conscious about the choice of word that are used in a conversation

- As per my opinion my communication model is also good and can be considered as my strength.

2. What are the major areas which could use improvement in each of the 8 areas?

Answer: - One of the major areas of improvement in my communication is regarding nonverbal communication. I am often unaware to make eye contact and the impact of nonverbal communication as on others.

- Another major area of improvement is regarding self-disclosure. I hardly ever notice the verbal and nonverbal feedback that I send and receive during a conversation.

- Also I am not able to self-disclose information in a relationship which is also considered a lack in my communication skill.

3. What is the evidence from my communication experiences that indicate that these areas are strengths and weaknesses? Give specific examples.

Answer: I have been told by my coworkers that my language is easy to understand and very appropriate. Also they are able to convey the context of communication easily. This establishes the statement regarding area of strength.
Contrarily my co-workers also convey that my body language is not appropriate while making a conversation. I often do not make eye contact act and reluctant to disclose self-information even with my closest friends.

4. Are there any areas in which you have reconsidered your original evaluation mark after learning more about each area during communication class - either changing to a higher or lower rating?

Answer: I have reconsidered my original evaluation mark regarding my listening skill. I often do not pay as much attention to the other person and distinguish facts in a message. In the communication class I have learned the importance of correct interpretation of messages which changed my perception and rating regarding the topic. The class has taught me that in order to interpret the meaning of a message it is important to become a better listener as well.


Part II (approx. 1 page)

1. Why did you choose this as a goal to be accomplished in this class?

Answer: I have chosen to improve all the weakness that I discovered in the self-assessment process. The reason for choosing improvement of body language, listening skill and self-disclosure would increase my ability of overall communication. In this class I would focus on all of these areas, which will also increase my employability. I would be able to communicate with my employer's better.

2. How did you decide on your plan? How effective and realistic do you believe your plan was for accomplishing your goal?

Answer: All of the plans that I would undertake are realistic in nature and receivable as well. For instance getting enrolled in a nonverbal communication workshop increase my chances of achieving my goal and it's attainable as well. Similarly all the plans are made keeping the usefulness and achievability in mind.

3. What measurement did you put in place to determine if you met your goal? How would you know that you had made progress or had achieved your goal?

Answer: In order to understand if I have achieved the goals that I have set in regards to improving my communication skill there will be small survey. I would ask my coworkers friends and family today the area the improvement. In addition to that I would also ask for feedback from my peers which would highlight my progress easily.

4. How would reaching this goal improve your overall ability to communicate?

Answer: Reaching all of these goals would improve my communication skill. I will be able to communicate both verbal and nonverbal much more fluently. In addition to that I will be also able to disclose self-information and receive positive feedback which would also further help in establishing a better career in future. I would be also able to convey my opinion better to my superiors as well as colleagues.


Part III (approx. 1 pages)

1. From the questionnaire what specific information did your observer give you about your communication behaviour? Did you agree with his/her perceptions? Why or why not?

Answer: From the questionnaire my fears have been able to inform me about the areas that I lacked in the field of communication. Certain areas such as nonverbal communication and issue regarding maintaining good communication in relationship was lacking in my communication. I agree with their perception due to the fact that I have faced certain issues while establishing a good communication with my peers. Even I have reconsidered certain areas that requires for the improvement.

2. Was there any information that was new to you? Explain.

Answer: There was certain information such as lack of eye contact was a revelation to me as I have never paid attention to my body language when making a conversation. However, now I am well aware about importance of nonverbal communication and therefore understand why body language matters in a conversation.

3. Did your observers give you other feedback not directly related to the questionnaire? Was this information helpful to you? Did you agree with his/her interpretations? Why or why not?

Answer: Other than the usual feedbacks there were certain information regarding interpretation of any message which I received was helpful. I agreed with most of the interpretations and would integrate all these in improving my communication skills. The reason that I agree with this is that often my interpretation of certain information have proven to be e wrong.

4. Have you or will you use this information in a constructive way to improve your communication experiences? If not, why? If yes, discuss specific examples of how you have or will use this information.

Answer: I would definitely use this information in a constructive way which will help in improving my communication skills. A good communication skill can help tremendously in career development and also required for personal development as well. I would discuss more about this information that will help me in understanding my communication abilities. I would also ask for suggestions that will help me in improving my communication abilities as well.


Part IV (approx. 1-2 pages)

1. Do you believe your communication skills have improved since taking this class? Why or why not? Give specific examples.

Answer: I believe my communication skills are improved tremendously after started taking this class. I have participated in lot of activities that has improved my communication skills both in verbal and nonverbal manner. My peers have indicated that I pay more attention to the conversation and also maintain a good body language which is an example of improvement of my communication skills. Therefore, all of these are evidence that my communication skills have improved after participating in this class.

2. Do you think you have reached your goal? How do you know? If not, do you intend to continue working on this goal? Why or why not?

Answer: As per my opinion I have reached my goal in certain areas however there are still room for improvement. My nonverbal skills had improved tremendously and I have become a better listener. However there is still not as much improvement regarding self-disclosure and receiving feedback. The various require much more attention and I continue to work on them in order to achieve my goals. In order to do so, I will participate in various seminars and workshops. I would also ask for feedbacks from my peers in order to continuously improve my overall communication skills.

3. If you believe you have reached your goal, how do you think you were able to accomplish thi2 goal and do you believe you will be able to continue with this improvement?

Answer: According to I have reached my goal regarding certain aspects of communication however there are goals that require improvement. Particularly in self-disclosure and receiving feedback I have not accomplished my goals. Therefore I will continue my improvement and participate in activities that will improve my communication skills. Continuous self-development would enable me to become better in this field.

4. Did you improve any of the weak areas from your original communication evaluation? If so, how did you accomplish this? IF not, why do you think you were unable to improve?

Answer: From the communication evaluation I have found out that why nonverbal communication skills were very poor. Therefore I want really hard in improving this area of communication in various ways. In order to do so I had participated in various workshops and seminars regarding nonverbal communication. I was mindful of my body language file making a conversation. I practice safe distance while making a conversation as well as made eye contact. All of these activities help me in improving my nonverbal communication which I found lacking initially.


Conclusion: My experience in this self-evaluation activity has been positive. I have been able to identify all the areas that I will lack. Therefore I had set goals regarding these areas of improvement. In order to achieve these goals, I had also set achievable actions. Please help me in finding the right course affection to improve my personal skill. The impression of this exercise is extremely positive. It has been extremely helpful in improving my communication skills both in a verbal and nonverbal manner.

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