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Webers Protestantism Theory

Sociological Analysis Based On Weber's Protestantism Theory


Question 1: Take and defend a position in the debate around Weber's Protestant Ethic Thesis.

Answer: Protestant ethics theory of Max Weber is a gem of world economic history. A writer has provided a great emphasis over the arguments of influences of religion along with its forms and its effects in the modern capitalism based economy as well as in society (Zafirovski, 2019). According to the author, capitalism is highly related to Puritan ethics. In this aspect, the argumentative discussion can be supported through the examination based relationship between the orientation and development of modern capitalism and the ethnicity of ascetic Protestantism. In this book, Max Weber has emphasized on the relationship or the linkage between the soul of capitalism and religion. In this aspect, it is highly supported from the viewpoint of debate that, from the very beginning point of capitalism there was the religion. From religious behaviours, there was the initiation of social segregation, initiation of reach or upper class and lower class based deprivation. In this aspect, it is found to be present that Weber based protestant related capitalism is linked with some rich peoples from its initial moment as most of the protestants were rich class family. From this viewpoint, Weber's protestant thesis is a highly supportive one. But, the most important loophole in this aspect is that in the entire discussion of religion and others there is no such experimental proof based discussed. It has the reason that religion, peoples religious beliefs, social segregation, capitalism, people's behaviour all are intangible in nature (Horii, 2019). As a result, Protestants were the rich and benevolent layer of society so from the initial moment of Protestantism there were supports for the development of capitalism. In this thesis, there are arguments between the presence and absence of religion for the development of capitalism. In this aspect, it is observed that there is nothing to support or confront an author had made the trial to make a proper linkage in between capitalism, along with with with with with with with with Protestantism as well as the religious-based socialism. It is also highlighted in the ethics based that, Protestants have a great attraction towards the development of economy based rationalism to get the advantages of a better job, agronomical resources as well as better social positioning. Protestants have the tendency to get social attraction like Catholics as in both of these societies the basic moral thing were same. The basic difference between Catholics and Protestants were that Catholics have no desire for material or worldly gaining. As a result of such a mentality, Catholics were also marked as the otherworldly people. In addition, Weber has emphasized the importance of capitalism in society for making lots of money and there was the probability of maintenances of equality among all peoples of society. From all the discussion and information regarding waber's thesis it can be observed that maintenances of capitalism in the protestant society was maintained because capitalism makes the origination of devotion among peoples which makes them ready for making a stru8ggle for acquiring lots of money. As a result, it can help people and society to learn more and win in the struggle for existence (Schluchter, 2019).


Question 2: How does social class shape religious affiliation?

Answer: The relationship between social affiliation and religious belief is highly controversial in nature. There are enormous differences between both of the religious belief and social affiliation. The first terminology is religiosity along with maintenance of particular practices. It makes peoples protected from religious denominations. It is observed that mainly in the lower class or working class peoples there is a strong establishment of religion according to the theodicy of disprivilege theory. In this aspect, the capitalism of Waber is assembled with the Marxist ideology that, people worship God and maintain the religious idea mainly to gain a spiritual gain from them as well as their family. It is argued by most of the Marxist that, such a social theory of discrimination has made the Catholics and protestants as the ruling and legitimate one whereas lower class peoples of the society are observed as the followers of God to get rewards in the next level of life. In this aspect through the maintenance of religious behaviours, it is obvious that there will be some differences among all the class and this was the initial period of social segregation. In this way, the upper class or privileged portion of the society has gained the way to rule over the entire society. It was the synonymous situation of capitalism. As a result, there is the argumentative point that such a system of segregation through religious behaviour is highly responsible for the development of social affiliation. It is observed in enormous studies that, mainly the middle-class peoples are the worshipper of God there is the probable explanation that is through worshipping God, going to church or other places helps these peoples to maintain their social networking, integrity and sovereignty (DeCamp & Smith, 2019). As a result, making this social affiliation Protestantism and religious behaviour has developed a great religious faith among peoples. But, there are also some exceptions also. Due to development of the Anglican church of U.K, ruling parties, and upper-class peoples are going there in a regular manner. In contrast, in the Romanian Catholic church, there is the assemblage of working middle-class peoples. It is the place where mostly the assemblage of the middle class, migrants as well as newly established peoples comes to worship God. In some specific demographics of the world, like Liverpool, Copenhagen there is the assemblages of conservative peoples. These peoples are highly conservative in performing there daily routine based religious-based activities. From this entire discussion, it is observed that religious beliefs occur from social support and mental strength. It is the main thing for getting more worshippers from middle-class peoples. These peoples have the power to get themselves free from all kinds of exploitations from social affiliation. Middle-class peoples have the earning related attraction also towards capitalism and they have the traditional rule also which is converted into religious beliefs (Kettell, 2019). From all of these points, it is observed that social affiliation is highly related to religious beliefs where age movement and cults are highly important.


Question 3: Discuss the role of African American religious communities in making the United States what it is today.

Answer: African American religious peoples are a highly sacred race of Africans who has the best ever religious practices. Most of the historians have agreed with the viewpoint that African American religious peoples are the particular race who has a great contribution to the development of the community-based lifestyle of American peoples. In the historical time, black Americans used to perform their spiritual activities outside of the control of their owners. These black communities have a great role before the civil war as well as in crusade. This race has a great role to provide strength to the civil war exhausted peoples along with helping them to develop their society along with civil right movements. These black African Americans are genetically related to protestants in nature. It is observed in different web-based reports that these African Americans are the race who are mainly appraised across the world as the most spiritual race of the world. They are also more religious than others like white and Latin Americans. They attend churches in a regular manner and they have a great role in maintenances of their religious trends. But due to enormous changes and activities, it is observed in recent years that, such black Americans are calling themselves and the religiously unaffiliated race of the world (Harper, 2019). These African American races are the worshipper of Christianity. As a result, they have developed Christian churches also. This race has taken a great responsibility in the civil war based period. In this time, this people has taken the role o support American communities and protect them from other religious peoples. The U.S has taken their present shape only for the contribution of Africa American races. In this aspect, they had worshipped their traditional rituals and beliefs which are Abrahamic religions. These African American races have taken part in the protection of peoples from different kinds of endemic diseases like plague, AIDS, and help the peoples for their employment. These races have saved enormous migrant families as well as fatherless children. In his way, these peoples have taken the roles of social welfare and development of the American community. These races had provided the entire support for the economic development of the American community as it is observed by them that, the economic backlog is the basic reason for poor health standards, their activities along with malnutrition. To eliminate the American community from poverty African American races had taken the help of the church. Such development based activities helped this community to gain their economic stability. In this way, African American peoples have provided great support to the American communities through solving their behavioral problems, policy implementations, childbearing related issues, and others. Not only in social welfare but also they had taken a great role to develop the educational systems of American communities. In this way, African Americans had taken a great role in the development of American communities (Nguyen & Ferguson, 2019).


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