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Issues in Environmental and Occupational Health Assignment Help

Public health care in England

conducted a health inequality audit for an area of your choosing from the Social Health Atlas. In your audit you uncovered inequalities in several health indicators. and write a report on the factors that may influence priority setting for these health indicators in your area. In your report address key features of priority setting including:

1. Data comparison

2. Addressing pre-existing / background / non-modifiable risk factors (such as social determinants of health)

3. Identifying the scale of the problem

4. Aligning the priority with governments' priorities and targets

5. Assessing the financial cost

6. Potential to produce improvement

7. Strength of evidence base

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Priority setting is a term used to describe global health, it is a challenge at the global national and local level in the context of health.Consumer and funders of these projects are demanding accountability that how these health resources are used to meet the goals of the present health system. health care systems face a number of issues which are related to the priorities and allocation of limited resources to a huge population. This report is about the health care setting in England, for the people who are going through different health conditions in results of various issues, this report will help in setting priority about the health care project and indicate that what measures can be taken to reduce illness and unsatisfactory imbalance of health in the region.

Priority setting:

The ratio of unsatisfactory imbalances along with the diseases which are avoided by the people are the key points which will be focused in this priority setting. The role of government is evaluated in to identify its part in this procedure.

Data comparison:

England's population is increasing day by day, and people are living somehow a good life, women lives to the life of 83 years while men are spending almost 72 years, but there isa number of people which are facing issues in getting the right amount of health services. There isa number of contextual facts which comes in the way of priority setting which is the particular considerations, like the age of people who mainly facing the issues of imbalance(Cédric, et al., 2016).Resources used in this process will be government, the health care centres of the regionData comparison is an essential and most important part of priority setting. This allows to choose the right priority which is helpful in resolving the issue. There are number of contextual facts which comes in the way of priority setting which are the particular considerations. Careful planning is required in this procedure to establish a plan which will help in accomplishing the goals of that health research. Clear focus on goal must be defined, person should know that what is actual plan, what are the resources and what outcomes will be generated with that exercise(Laure, Hable, Lauer, & Eugster, 2015). Using comprehensive approaches will be helpful in this process too, these approaches allow a step by step guidance in the whole process of priority setting.

Sclae of problem:

The scale of a particular health problem is associated with a number of people who are affected by this health issue either directly or indirectly. In order to identify the scale of issue one can study the demographical and epidemiological factors, such as people who are facing the same issue. But one cannot rely on this sole practice to determine the priority. Basic issue measured in England was inequalities in different health indicators, which was created several issues for the health sector in providing facilities to a resident of the society(Passalacqua & Fox, 2015). Health indicators is a measure which is designed to précis the information regarding the population health along with the performance of the health system.Theseindicators allow comparing the information in different contexts like geography, administration and organizational boundaries which can cause progress over the passage of time. A number of people are living with poor health care in England and there can be the role of social determinants behind this.There are also some factors which affect people's lifestyle and their health as well, priority setting will help in covering these issues effectively and play a role in maintaining the health of people.

Social determinants and role of PH principles in the improvement of health:

Different range of social, personal, economic factors which may influence the status of health. Health determinants falls under different categories like social factors, individual behaviour, available health services and genetics and biology, all these determinants help estimating the individual health and population health(Howard, et al., 2017) The main difference in public health and Both population health and individual health are interwind, external factors effects both on the same level (J. & Ollerenshaw, 2011). The determinants which affect the life of the people, in England, major social determinant which creates issues in health is poverty, lack of money and education lead them to avoid or ignore their health issues. The health providers are not covering the issues of people who are not able to afford medical expenses. Another social reason behind that issue is lack of resources, people who can afford bug houses are facing more health issues than the people who can afford a goodlifestyle. There isa number of people in England which have to live in small houses, the number of people is higher than the capacity of residence, this also causes health issues for the people(Garg, Jarrett, & Dworkin, 016).Principle of autonomy regarding public health allows to give the whole authority to the patient, any action taken should be by choice of the patient and that will assist them in being confident and sure about the type of medical health they are receiving.

Role of public health principles:

Public health centres provide facilities to the residents of the community, they have a set of rules and principles which they follow to make significant changes in the community health. public health centres are playing a very important role in managing the health issues and assuring a healthy environment in society(Govind, Wertheimer, & Emanuel, 2009). Some ethical rules are made to be efficient in managing the issues effectively, these rulesare; at first services will be provided to the people are in severe condition, as they required the most consideration and importance, and receiving the right amount of medical help on right time can save their life. The ethical rule of assuring that health service will provide the best possible facility to their patient to manage his health, every procedure, action and method used will be in (Tony, et al., 2015)favour of the patient. And for this, every person related to the filed have to be efficient in his skills and knowledge to ensure high quality of services. Another service provided to the people will be the payless service, people who are going through different social conditions and cannot afford the cost, they will be served without any charges.

Role of Government:

As the role of general health and the legislation of responsibility for health legislation in England is associated with the Parliament, the Department of Healthand the Secretary of State for Health. They have set the rules and regulations for the regarding the issue, health and safety act of country allows to provide the best possible issues regarding the health issue faced by the company. Cost of the project will also be managed by the governance authorities(Lydia, 2018).Thus, the role of government and their priorities to meet the needs of public health cannot be denied, their role in ensuring implementation of health services is major, other than they, government allow to ban different things which are restricted for health of individuals which helps in managing the health on community level, as a person's health or any bad habit can affect the lives of other people and community as well.

Cost of project:

Consideration of financial cost while not mentioning the issue is a subjective consideration. In many cases impact of certain health conditions is not available, it is difficult to estimate the cost of that disease but in some cases, it is easy to check the financial cost of issues created by that disease (Lawson, et al., 2016). Different government health organizations already estimated the cost of the different diseases along with the initiatives and reforms used in the same issue, which is helpful in making the required decision of priority setting. Sponsors of this project will invest money and also help with the services(Benedict, et al., 2017)The estimated amount of the 100,00 dollars will be required to carry out this project and that amount will be increased along with the increment of the project area and the services provided to the residents.

MetaQat for health evidence:

MetaQAT is a tool of assessing the public health evidence, which orients the user about accurate usage of appropriate tools by placing them in a larger framework in order to guide about that system. this tool is specifically designed for appraisal of public health services. for assess the right quality and the bias in the evidence of public health PHO uses this MetaQAT tool and that includes the background of the document provided along with the user guide, fillable form and the links which are related to companion tools. This tool provides the framework which mainly helps in assessing the quality (Laura, Bowman, & Pach, 2016). This act will help in improving the health situation of the region and that will also help in improving the lifestyle of the people who are going through health issues. Thisreflects the real pressure which is faced by service providers, this will help them to demonstrate the procedure along with the timeline, in which they have to complete it. Implementation of this system allows to set different priorities regarding the health sector, it allows them to keep a balance in building sustainability and realizing the process of immediate success(Linda, et al., 2015). Many organizations in the country are using these evidence-based approaches in order to review the systematic approaches of clinical issues and guidelines regarding this. Interventions and reviews are more relevant to primary health care which are mostly available in the by the Campbell Collaboration and these evaluations are helping in estimating the funding for many useful projects regarding health care system.

Potential to imporvent:

The whole process will mainly focus on a point which is improving the health of people, this will be the first priority, their social determinants, and the economic factors will help in evaluating the impact of these factors on the life and health of these people, stakeholders of that project will be the government, the health care departments and service providers which will assist in executing the whole process other than that the people who will be getting the services will be part of this project. The government will also play a role in setting the rules and regulations along with the budget for this event. It will ensure that everyone is getting the equal benefit of this project. Evidence will help in estimating the cost of this project along with the possible factors which can influence this project(S. & Thompson, 2017).

Following the right process throughout the timeline will allow getting the exact results as estimated before setting the priority. According to WHO, priority setting is one of the main practices which allows creating a healthy environment in the society. And they are taking a number of measurements to resolve the health care issues over the globe, and that will play a role of example for this project, key points will be considered which are set by world health standards. Public health communities play an important role in this area, they have to identify such issues and warm people against the things which can cause health issues in common. There are a number of things which are restricted to use, all that because of public health rules, for example, do not smoke, it is injurious to health, do not eat too much junk, and many more, public health is promoted through encouraging health of a people at individual level(D., et al., 2018). This kind of practices will help to aware the society about the importance of good health and the need for setting priority regarding the issues. Mainly population health is not about the treatment it is about the facilities which can be provided to community, which an individual should take to preserve good health but as we live in a society which does not have perfect equality so it is not possible to assure that prevention is the only line between an individual and disease. That is why population health is assured by ensuring the health of an individual. That is why the public health sector and clinical health centres of society need to collaborate with each other to maintain the health of the community.


Priority setting is a major factor when working on health services, it will allow putting major factors of health regarding this area on the frontline, these factors include social determinants like education, the economy of this area. All these factors should be kept in mind to meet the needs of the system. this will allow to make a sustainable change in the public health services which will allow creating a healthy environment in society. The estimated amount and participated stakeholders are mentioned in this paper which will play a role in providing health care to the people of England, they will get an appropriate health facility, which will reduce the impact of social determinants on their health.

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