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Name and briefly discuss the seven traditional sacraments. How do the administration and recognition of the sacraments differ among different Christian sects? Evaluate the place of ritual in general, and in particular in any two sacraments, to the psychological and social needs of our time. Does administration of sacraments remain a valuable role for churches today?

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Seven traditional sacraments

The seven traditional sacraments in Christianity are baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, penance, anointing of the sick, marriage, and holy orders. These traditional sacraments are typically categorized into three groups: the sacraments of initiation, the sacraments of healing, and the sacraments of service.

Baptism is the first sacrament that unites the individual with Christ and with the Church, and it is not possible to receive any other sacrament without it. The individual, typically a child, is immersed into holy water by a priest, and is anointed with sacred chrism.
The confirmation is the sacrament that is also a part of the initiation process, and the individual here receives a Gift from the Holy Spirit, and continues the journey with God and the Church.

Eucharist implies thanksgiving, and in this, the Priest reaches out to the Holy Communion and blesses them during mass, and reminds them that they are one with Christ, by breaking bread and sharing wine, which signify the body and blood of Christ.

In the sacrament of penance, the individual usually confesses their sins in front of God and asks for forgiveness through the Priest, who is essentially the person anointed to shower God's mercy on His followers.

The sacrament of anointing the sick is applicable only for those who are extremely sick, wherein a Priest bestows a special kind of blessing upon the person, which is supposed to make them feel stronger and closer to God.

Marriage is not just the union between man and woman but is also a mirror that reflects the love that individuals can have for Christ, and also the manner of service to the Church.

Holy Orders are that sacrament, which are applicable for those who have made the choice to devote their lives in the service for God by becoming a bishop or a priest. They are responsible for service towards the Church community and can also perform sacred duties.

Differences in the administration and recognition of the sacraments among the various Christian sects

Among the Catholics, all the seven sacraments are traditionally followed and administered, while the Protestants usually adhere to only the two sacraments of Eucharist and baptism. The Eastern Orthodox Church follows the seven sacraments as well, while the Methodist Church follows two sacraments, the baptism and the Holy Communion.

Evaluation of the place of ritual with regard to psychological and social needs of our times

The two sacraments, baptism and marriage, have their own relevance and importance as far as the psychological and social needs of the current times are concerned. For instance, baptism is significant, because it usually takes place at the Church, which is the common ground for all the rituals of Christians, and therefore, the act of immersion implies that God's grace is important for successful transgression and the forgiving of sins. Similarly, marriage is also a social necessity, as the love between a man and a woman also signifies the devotion they have towards Christ.

Value and importance of the administration of sacraments for today's churches

There are claims and instances as to why the traditional sacraments are relevant even today, as the Church works to protect and uphold them, and the general idea is, that living a sacramental life is very fulfilling, and works to provide a significant amount of power and healing to the people.

Furthermore, when one learns the history and development of any of the sacraments, it reignites the respect that they have for the Church, together with the practices they have and follow.

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