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Proactive case managers advocate for clients using many forms of communication. Case managers may call agencies to establish contact. They may write e-mails to inquire about services. They may also make in-person visits to agencies. Case managers who establish open communication may find that their work with multiple agencies yields positive outcomes for their clients and aids in establishing effective service plans.

Case managers must develop strategies to communicate their clients' needs to various agencies. Case managers can do this by advocating on behalf of their clients. This involves representing their clients' situations in a manner that is sufficiently compelling to encourage multiple agencies to become involved and actively collaborate.

For this week's Discussion, you explore ways in which case managers can foster collaboration among multiple agencies.

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In the case study, it is about Georgia who is an excellent professional but is deeply affected due to the bad childhood. From the case study, one can see how her father was sexually exploiting her and then her brother, due to which she had to undergo abortions and a series of mental trauma. There have been multiple in-person agencies people who have tried to meet and connect with her, but she is not able to overcome her broken past (Moore, 1992). Due to a traumatic childhood, it has impacted Georgia upbringing and it has also resulted in the negative attribution to the public.

The three recommendations for appropriate services in order to deliver the needs-:

The tantrums and an extreme bolt of the anxiety can be dealt with by engaging the person in some activity, It can be something which the individual enjoys like shopping or even going on the movies. Through connecting and understanding the trauma level patiently, one can develop a plan.

The other recommendation is to make the patient participate in behavioral therapy or in cognitive behavioral therapy (Spindel, 2008). The client adversity needs to be understood through the trauma-informed care and provided through the evidence-based along with the child trauma treatment education and providing through training.

Treat trauma-related mental disorders, for example, the post-traumatic stress disorders or even engaging into the major depressive disorders.

The effective service plan for Georgia

To have an effective service plan, one requires connecting with the patient and evaluating a service plan. There needs to be a system installed, which would help in providing the cognitive or the behavioral therapy which can provide utmost guidance in treating the patient.
the fall out planning and implementation is to take prerequisite steps such as connecting, engaging the patient and even timely intervention when the anxiety level rises (Fitch, 2014).

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