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Practice Management System


Tasks: 1. Your group's task is to prepare a revised version of PRINCE2 Project Initiation Documentation (PID) in response to the project scenario (provided at the end of this document).

2. Your group has project management responsibility for organising the implementation of a Practice Management System (PMS) in a newly developed area for AAA Family Practice.

Question 1: Configuration Management Strategy

Answer: 1.1 Configuration Management Procedure: It is important to recognize that this will be a great change for the all staff members of this facility. Each member of the staff will be learning differently and their convenient pace. As the leaders of the facility, management will need to provide resources, training, as well as support to the new recruited members of stuff. This will ensure that there is successful transition into the new system. There three components which are quite essential in switching from the paper-based system to the new automated system (Hoffman &Podgurski, 2008)..The staff and members will be introduced to the new systems and training will be provided. The system will be maintained by the newly appointed practice manager who was currently the admin assistant. The doctors will be the second in command followed by the nurses. The doctor's assistants will then the last in the chain of command in accessing the system.

1.2 Issue and Change Control Procedure: • Recruitment of the committee who will be in control of the implementation from the group of stake holders

• Outlining of the expectation costs and definition of the budget

• Roadmap on the process of how the project will be completed

• Migration of the data for practice as well as for patients

• Creation of user diagram for training

• Testing of the PMS

• Clear definition of the go-live events

• Definition of essential factors as well the strategies for evaluation.

1.3 Tools and Techniques: Liquid planner is one of the tools which will be employed in planning and execution of work. The reason for selection of this tool is because it has project plans which built according to priorities, it visualises the availability of resources impact, accessibility if data as well as statuses on real -time basis, and it automates schedules and date for accomplishment. Secondly, another tool which will be used is the Zoho project tools. The criteria of the selection of this tool will be on the basis of its features which are inclusive of ease planning of projects, get-in depth of gantt charts insights, promotion of seamless collaboration, and integration of apps such as dropbox and zapier. Basecamp tool is well good one for this particular project. It is project management tool which is quite collaborative when on needs to seek clarifications and efficient in terms of reporting of any tasks which are overdue, to-do-lists and creation of schedules and integration of calendar apps (Laura, 2007). One of the techniques which will be employed in this project is agile technique since it will help in breaking down the project into smaller chunks.

1.4 Records: A record system is a process which is systematic in which a firm considers various features. Our recording system will comprise of the following elements:

• The information which will be recorded

• The process of recording the data

• Period time for the storage and data retention

• Recording management system elements

• Analysis of the content

• A file plan which is an indication of record type which primarily required for the project

• A document containing the requirements if the compliance

• Method of auditing the records and system for capturing the data recorded.


1.5 Reporting: The will various forms in which the project progress will be reported which will be inclusive of:

Reports for status: the status of the progress of the project will be made available to the manager on weekly basis for gauging of the progress of the entire project.

Reports for risks: The project manager will be held accountable to reports all the risks for the project at least on monthly basis. This will be primarily on the output which will be presented on the meeting of reviewing risks of the project. The risk report will be inclusive of the summary of the profile of the risks of the project.

Reports from the board/Executives: There will weekly reports which will be presented for review to the board of executives by the project manager. This will ensure that all the executive members are updated on the progress of the whole project.

Resource reports: Through the use of the integrated sheets and Ganttcharts , the report on the how resources have been used on monthly basis will be presented to the procurement manager for the updating of inventory records (Robson and Baek, 2009).

1.6 Timing of Configuration Management and Issue and Change Control Activities: For configuration of the management it will be for the first month of the initiation of the project. Any complaints presented and which are potential risks to the entire project will need to be addressed at this particular point in time. Any deemed changes in terms of controlling the project as well will address and change of the management will do at this phase. New control measures will be put in place if need be at this stage of the configuration of management.

1.7 Roles and Responsibilities: Executive (Alicia Paterson) - Responsible for overall control of the entire project, chairing and making all the required resources available.

Practice Manager (John Chatman) - Responsible for the management of the resources available and tracking the record of all the tasks assigned to every member. He will be the champion after the transition period he will take care of everything.

Senior Supplier (Contract IT firm) - Responsible for managing and maintenance of the systems throughout the transition period. In case of any failure of the systems during the transition period and after will be conducted to supply new materials to restore the functionality of the systems.

Project manager (External Contractor): He will be responsible for overall management of the project and the systems during the transition period. He will be held accountable for all resources acquisition, channelling and responsible for procurement processes from the suppliers.

Team Managers: Responsible for making sure that all tasks which are assigned to their group members are completely within the time which is has been allocated. They will ensure that all members carry out their duties as they are supposed to do and they can do any work reschedule to the team members when necessary.

Project support: Responsible for providing support to the entire team when need be or there is failure of the systems. His functions will be entitled until the whole process of transition is completed and all members of the staff of AAA family care are on-boarded to the new system.

Project Assurance: Responsible for ensuring that all the statutory laws and requirements are meet as stipulated. In addition he will be responsible to ensure that any non-compliance issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

1.8 Scales for Priority and Severity: It is important to note that based on the change of configuration of the management, IT support manager who is external contractor will be required to carry out all the surveillance of the systems since defects within the system will render it unfuctionable for a couple of months. Other changes in the lower manager will be of higher consideration since they do not affect the overall system so much. In addition the project manager tasks will be required to be handled with a lot of care since any mismanagement of the resources will lead to the entire project to stop (Starmer et al., 2010).


Question 2: Project Plan

Answer: 2.1 Plan Description: 

Stage 1: The initiation of the project

It will primarily cover preparation and reviewing of: roles of the project, board members of the project assessment of the stakeholders, documentation of the governance of the project and scope of the project.

Stage 2: Design of the project flow of the new system installation process

Appointment of project manager and IT support experts to carry the trials whether the system is functioning as expected. It will as well involve the shifting of the old records to the new systems. Making of presentations to the executive board of the entire progress of how the systems have responded to the change primarily to the staff members of AAA primary care.

Constraints: limited budget, the time frames which have been set for the stage is not enough to do all the whole assessment for all the stakeholders, and limited availability resources within the facility.

Interfaces: The project will interact with: accessibility and usability, stakeholders affected by the entire project, expectations of the users, the department of finance and procurement, and standards set by the government and various institutions.

Stage 3: System redesign and analysis

System output and testing: It will involve carrying various systems maintenance and checks to ensure that the output from the systems is what is expected.

2.2 Tolerances: The time scale level of tolerance for this project will be set at three weeks for every milestone. 10% of the budget set will use for the contingency expenses which will the entire tolerance expense on the overall project. The manager of the project will expected to come up with exceptional reports with the board of management of the project if the costs or period of time for any of the approved planning stage are likely to exceed the allowed levels of tolerance as set by the project (Tüttelmann et al., 2006)

2.3 Product Descriptions: • Patient's data transfer from the paper based form to the new system

• System output and testing

• Training programs to the members of staff Of AAA family practice

• Tests for the training staff members to gauge their understanding of the new system

• Re-training of the members on daily basis to ensure they are all enrolled in the new system.

• Boarding of the patients data into the new system

• Carrying out feedback from the patients and clients about the efficiency of the system

2.4 Schedule: 

Stage 1: Initiation of the project: 1 month

Stage 2: Design of the project flow of the new system installation process: 3 Months

Stage 3: System output and testing: 2 moths

Question 3: Project Controls

Answer: 3.1 Monitoring and Control: A system for monitoring and control will be set in place. There will weekly trainings for the staff members of AAA family practice to test their knowledge regarding the systems. The project will adopt PRINCE2 processes of control. Meetings for checkpoint which will be chaired by the manager of the project will be held on regular basis in order to monitor the progress of the project and management of any issues which might have cropped up (Hoffman &Podgurski, 2008).


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