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Update on Progress of SBAR Submission Assignment Help

Write a brief paper and provide an update on the progress of your SBAR submission to your employer. Discuss the following in your paper: Has your SBAR been received by your employer?

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Has your SBAR been received by your employer?

In progress of my Gemba walk project it has been quite rewarding for me. It has helped me in areas I need to work on such as growth, opportunity, structure, communication and leadership. As I am a full-time student I am no longer working for my previous employer which was Quest Diagnostics Laboratory. In the beginning of initiating this assignment I had reached out to my supervisor in the attempt to gather information and other helpful resources to help build my Gemba project which I was unsuccessful due to timing and lack of communication. Therefore, my SBAR was researched as a local hospital called Casterton Memorial Hospital.

Are there any adjustments you need to make to your project?

While working with my project, I have understood regarding project adjustments the main points and components in a project that need to be adjusted in order to get the expected results. The main components that need to be adjusted are residential care unit need to be more equipped and training for home support needs to be adjusted. After the final assessment, I have come to know that there are few adjustments that need to be made as soon as possible to make the project more efficient. Detailing the work as per the schedule is more important. On the other hand, it has to be kept in mind that like other projects, different teams should be provided with the detailing of works they need to finish (Handzic & Durmic, 2015). This is one of the important adjustments that should be made as this will impact on the overall results of the project. Additionally, work management and time management are the two areas that I have not been so effective. Therefore, this is the first adjustment that I consider need to be done.

Making a base line plan for the project is another priority. The base line for developing home care services and residential services should be providing basic training to the employees. The plan should include how to use medical aids in emergency and how to maintain time while maintaining medical standards in the hospital. It is known that after the request for adjustment to the senior experts or management, monitoring and base line planning are the two important components that needs to be adjusted as per the objectives of the project. Keeping every people engaged in the project alarmed is another responsibility of the higher management or the allocated project manager (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). This is another adjustment for the project that will go hand in hand with the progress of the project and at the end of the initial stage of the project all adjustments could be changed.

Discuss the expected leadership response, as well as possible adjustments; e.g., budget.

The expected leadership response is something that each project teams always has from the start to the end of a project. As per the recent Gemba Walk project in Casterton Memorial Hospital, there are few leadership responses that the responsible teams expect. The first response from the leadership would be involvement. Leaders in this project should involve themselves with the planning, evaluation, training and helping other team members. The second response is two folded. The leaders in this project should act consistently. This suggest the fact that every individual involved in this project should be treated on an equal level (Geier, pro2016). The second concern is that leaders should be consistent in their efforts to bring success to the works. On the other hand, it is expected that leaders should offer timely and constructive feedbacks to the members so that further progress should be maintained and members could be aware of the mistakes and try to reduce them next time. These are the simple yet important expectations that this project and involved members could have form the leadership and the leaders should try their best to fulfil these expectations.

The budget adjustments or anticipated budget is listed below;

Though an estimation of the total cost for the capstone project has been made. It has been assuming that adjustments in some of the areas could be made. This would develop the budget or total cost level. For instance, material costs could increase around $31.80, which was previously estimated as $ 24.00.

Professional feedback on first student response

From the response of the student, it has been understood that the main problem is with communication and for thus training and guidance regarding project needs are being hampered. There is a communication gap arrested between the team members also. This is an agreeable issue that communication gap in project management could bring disaster. The results would not be satisfactory if these problems persist. Simple suggestion to overcome this type of problem would be arranging a discussion session. The team leader should additionally arrange a meeting date with other team members so that miscommunication regarding them could be resolved (Turner, 2016). Through discussion, capabilities and incomplete knowledge level of members could be pointed out. On the other hand, through basic planning and offering them with the supervisors, training needs could be fulfilled. The management could be enticed to see that they have a base plan for the individual needs and project needs. The management become aware of what guidance should be provided and proceed with that. This way communication problems between management and team could be minimized.

Professional feedback on second student response

The second response of the student seem to connected with the problems of understanding the needs of a specific capstone project. This could be happened if the leader or the individual involved in the project lacks practical knowledge about controlling and managing a capstone project. Basically, from the initial stage of a project the team leader should take the responsibility to chalk out the basic needs for the project and as the stages becomes complicated, the leader should take responsibility to understand the changing needs of the project as per the situation demands (Harrison & Lock, 2017). This way, through a system, project needs could be identified and the information could be achieved and there will be no chance of repetition. On the other hand, if the project leader needs any further clarification on these problems, then suggestions would be talking with the supervisors and evaluating the existing work. In this way mistakes could be identified and further progressive ways could be found out. Another effective solution could be examining previous projects and steps and constructing them with the present one. In this way better practical knowledge could be gained.

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