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BUS-1168 Management Communication - Journal Entries Assignment - Lethbridge College, Canada

Required Entries Assessment -

1. Apply the Communication Model to an actual communication breakdown that occurred to you in the last 6 months. Use the Model to explain what you would now do differently and why? Specific components/elements of the Model must be specified in your application.

XYZ ABC - Journal Entry #1: Communication Breakdown September 10, 2016

It was in my recent times, I have experienced a communication breakdown in my office, where there was a problem of the what I said, and what was meant to be thought as of two different things. This resulted in conflicts and created issues, which caused problematic concerns. Overall, it has also caused the issue of confusion and also leads to the mishandling of the situation. Soon, I faced an issue of biasedness and a total boycott. The only thing, which I could relate was when it got started, I have reacted "Oh! My God" to the simple task assigned, which meant I was exclaimed to do a new task, but it was misunderstood by the other colleague as not wanting to take an additional task. Due to this, persistently for 2 days, there was a conflict and I faced a groupism (Smith, 2015). As I tried to strike a conversation, the other colleagues were reluctant to talk which further fuel the tension. Overall it was a learning experience and I have gained a meaningful insight.

2. Observe an effective communicator. Using specific course concepts, what makes him/her effective and why?

XYZ ABC - Journal Entry #2: Communication Breakdown October 10, 2016

It was an informal communication that was used in-office communication, which caused conflict and also confused. I accidentally said and typed a few slangs, idioms and also used some of the informal remarks, during a team target meeting. As the meetings are supposed to be formal and agenda based, informal communication resulted in the misguidance and also caused no seriousness of the task. the other colleagues were shocked and tried to remain to normalize. It was in the meeting in the afternoon, while discussing the team targets, I exclaimed in excitement "Oh boy"! This is Insane!!, due to which the formal meeting of the sales targets became nondirective and unachievebla.e It was a very embarrassing experience, as I wanted to just think that per month target would likely be calculated based on the yearly deliverables, which was misunderstood by me, causing a conflict. As the team meting was target driven, focused on the deliverables, the team manager frowned at me, thinking of perspective.


3. Write about how your perception of another person affects your communication - be specific as to the perception you have, the interpretation you make and how you might now go about changing your perception of the person.

XYZ ABC - Journal Entry #3: Communication Model September 20, 2016

It was during the office, as I was discussing a few things with my colleagues, I happened to discuss gossip or the rumor about the colleague. I discussed "I think she has resigned, look at the way she is walking", was spread like a rumor, claiming that I have said she has resigned and she has confirmed to me. This became a house of talks, soon enough our manager intervened and asked about the source of information, which came from me. It was the other college who was talking with me that has spread the information and it was misleading and rumour specific. The girl has complained about the harassment against me, as I also said "look at the way she is walking", which I meant, that she is carefree, which was misunderstood by the colleague as that I am passing lewd comments. I understood the model of the grapevine and the related impacts which cause the issues (Jones, 2019). Thankfully, my manager understood my intention but warned me not to indulge in grapevine further in office.

4. Analyze your own self-concept and identify the sources that influence it. How does your self-concept influence how you communicate and why?

XYZ ABC - Journal Entry #4: Communication Model September 10, 2016

It was during the team targets meeting, that the manager was discussing in a normal oral discussion when I intervened and discuss it through a powerpoint presentation. This helped my colleagues to understand where we are and what is expected out of us, shortly. It also resulted in the understanding of everyone's roles and responsibilities and accountability related to the near deliverables. it has also helped in expanding our broad thinking and helped us to understand where our company belongs, what all our competitors and how we can target and overcome them strategically. pictorial discussion during a communication model, was a learning experience, as for me and my colleagues were able to understand our roles, responsibilities and how we can target the goals relatively. Another factor was with the pictorial presentation, it has helped the team to visualize the targets and understand gaps areas and what needs to be done to meet the deliverables. It was a difficult thing to relate, but overall it helped in imaging and scoping down the process.


5. Analyze the attending behaviors of a person you know who is an effective listener. Be specific &amp; apply course concepts to explain your observations.

XYZ ABC - Journal Entry #5: Communication Breakdown September 10, 2016

While being part of the social circle, I discussed with my fell companion about the food, that non-veg snacks are good here, which was broken down into the non-vegetarian and only snacks are good. It was due to the passing on the information from one person t another which has caused the distorted information. Not only the entire information became misleading and not correctly interpreted, but it also caused the people to the thing, that I am saying that here only food good is no vegetarian, while other clips, snacks are the only food good and other related things. it has caused an irony and also caused how people use the distorted information while conveying from one person to another. It also causes the area of the conflict, confusion and also most of the people find it difficult to discuss it upfront. It is important to understand the sender which was me, in this case, who has communicated the information to another person who was a receiver, however, the transmission of the information from one source to another only caused conflicts and issues.

6. Observe the non-verbals of an excellent service provider (e.g. server); what do you notice?

XYZ ABC - Journal Entry #6: Communication Breakdown September 23, 2016

It was while being part of an event and activity, my baby was persistently crying, he was showing signs of discomfort, related issue of the body pain and also extremely cranky. As I held him, he sobbed and cried, but he was unable to tell. Here, I was able to understand the baby's nonverbal communication, which was persistently crying, showing signs of uncomfortableness and also crating the issue of the crankiness. As I touched stomach, he cried loudest, which helped me to know that there is a problem in the stomach. I quickly when to doctor and doctor confirmed that there is stiffness in stomach. It was a turning point to understand how the non verbal communication can also be helpful during such phases of life. Overall it was a learning experience and I have gained a meaningful insight to understand the non verbal communication such as cues, body language and the facial expression (Gupta, 2019).


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