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Bell Studio - Case Study, Holmes Institute, Australia

HI5019 - Strategic Information Systems for Business and Enterprise


Executive Summary: Here, the discussion is on the report focusing over the Bell Studio and the planning is about how the company is able to handle the Adelaide procedures which is based on handling the art supplies as well. The centralization is based on the accounting systems and then planning about the different networking terminal standards. Here, the paper will include the in-depth evaluation and the function which is for handling the life cycle function and processes. There are planning about handling the system standard with overview about the reports which include DFD and then there are system analysis which is for analyzing the risks or the different system structures properly.

Introduction: The consideration is based on the handling of the expenditure cycle where there is a need to plan about the different conversions of the business. Here, the planning needs to be done for the human resources and the other physical materials that are needed with the enhancement and then planning about the organization function. The purchase is about the expenditure with the cash disbursement with handling the payroll of the system planning for the Bell Studio. The evaluation is based on handling the different risks and the processes that are defined for expenditure cycle internal controls.

Question: Prepare a report to Chief Operating Officer to evaluate the processes, risks and internal controls for its expenditure cycle. In your report, you need to include the following items:

a. Data flow diagram of purchases and cash disbursements systems

Answer: Purchase System

Bell Studio - Case Study 1.jpg

Here, the planning for the system of purchase includes the processes with focusing over the comprising of the risks. The planning is done for handling the orders to place them and then receiving the relevant inventories to plan about the identification of the needs. It includes the revaluation of the different liabilities and then work over the purchasing procedures that are defined through handling the inventory planning. The focus is on planning the different standards with the purchase departments working on the proper records. It needs to handle the inventory that is received and then receiving the clerk commands which are for the reconciliation that are for working over the digital purchasing of the orders (Opiyo, 2017). The updates are defined for the accounts and then set the standards which are for the transactions and holding the control account which is to work on the inventory standards and the control account. The planning is based on handling the clear sending of the invoice copy with the reports that are receiving and then purchasing the orders which are set for the company disbursement.

Cash Disbursement System

Bell Studio - Case Study 2.jpg

The accounts are directly payable for the different departments where the company is involved in sending the documents and then handling the account cash. This will help in maintaining the documentation with payments. The planning is based on the needs with documentation maintenance with the payments with the clerk with the handling of the preparation of cheque that are for the invoices with the sending the invoices to the vendors. The signatures are for the manager.


The planning is based on the updates with the cheque with the registration that is for the accounts that is worked upon through handling the clerk details with recording files and are for the invoice and then purchasing the orders. It includes the receiving of reports and then there are different cheque copies as well (Jackman et al., 2015). There are updates with the same and the cheque register accounting that is payable with the subsidiary that are for the ledger with the pay ability that is for the accounts controlling. The information is based on the with the receiving details with the recording of files. The purchase is based on the orders with receiving the reports and then handling the cheque copies.

b. Data flow diagram of payroll system


Bell Studio - Case Study 3.jpg

The employees for Bell studios are working on handling the different records which are for the time of hours and then handling the timecards as well. Here, the supervisors need to work on reviewing the procedures with checking the accuracy with the submission focusing on the payroll departments that are determined at the end of week. The system is computerized with planning on the updates and then handling the terminals that will help in connecting the overall payroll system. The setting and processing with the company data that are for the employees which are to work on the distribution procedures and then reviewing the payroll files which needs to be worked through cheques (Collins et al., 2016). The payroll clerk that will help in sending the copy for the same with the file that is for documenting and then handling the timecards as well. Here, the accounting standards. The payroll systems include how the other departments need to work on the filing procedures and the documentation which will be important for managing the timecards. The payroll system is for the accounts that are directly payable for the clerk and then reviewing the different registering procedures that help in preparing about the disbursement of the vouchers in the manual form.

Hence, it is seen that there is a need to focus on preparing the voucherswhich could be used for handling the payroll function and then the department is also able to handle the accessible for the different general ledger (Hashim et al., 2019). The functions involve the functioning where the accounts are payable and then worked upon for preparation of the cheque of the entire company payroll. The functioning is based on the depositing factors where the impressing of the accounts is done at the bank. Hence, the copy is then released for the same with the cheque which is filled with the accounts and the other payable departments (Brandon, 2016).

c. System flowchart of purchases system


Bell Studio - Case Study 4.jpg

Here, the procedures include the planning that needs to be set for handling the inventories. It is mainly set through working over the reordering procedures. Hence, the case study related to the Bell studio, where the functions are determined through working over the clear preparation of the forms with handling the procedures of the requisition. It works on the copying of the forms and then they are sent for the control of the inventory measures as well. This needs to plan about the different processes and then focus on the payment receipts which are then counted depending upon how the reports are generated. It then works on the accompany of the physical inventories and the patterns are set for handling the storeroom functions. There are other copies which are then sent for the purchasing departments to handle the clerk positioning and then reconciling it with the PO. Here, the third factor is depending upon the reports and then finding the different sectors for the inventory which includes how the receiving of the department is depending upon the records handling and then planning about the different accounts of the suppliers as well. It requires that the general ledger department needs to plan about the receiving of the voucher information with cash disbursement. This is discussed mainly in the major form in the next scenario (Blake et al., 2016).


d. System flowchart of cash disbursements system


Bell Studio - Case Study 5.jpg

The check is based on the disbursement system where there are different facilities that includes the planning with focusing over the discussions that are made through working on the vouchers and then supporting the documents. The cash disbursements are determined with handling the vouchers and then planning about the forms which is defined for the subsidiary ledger. The automation is based on the procedures that is based on handling the worked with the technology that is for restructuring and then setting the different factors. The data is defined through working on the processing with department that works on holding the inventory control which handles the inventory planning with reduced systems that are affected with the subsidiary file that is set under the point reordering.

e. System flowchart of payroll system

Answer: The planning is based on the payroll system with focusing over the tracking the hours and then planning about the wages calculations with deduction planning. The printing and the delivery checks helps in working over the tax employment with handling the government standards. There is a need to track about the importance with planning about the critical information. The working is based on the distribution with processing that is done for the regulations. The detailed planning is for the taxation to ensure and then plan about the withholding with the outsourcing and then handling the system check. It works on addressing and then planning with processing the paychecks which is for the mitigation of the stress (Dunn et al., 2018). The minimization of the errors with the payroll deductions that are for the time and then attendance tracking which is for the analysis of the functional tracking. The check is based on the taxation with the company set for the payment. The accounts payable with the clerk reviewing and then handling the register of the payroll with the manual preparation of the disbursements voucher. Here, the clerk needs to work over the manual procedures with the general ledger department with working on the entire payroll procedures with impressing the accounting at a bank. The clerk is able to file the copy with cheques that are for the payable system with the accounting department.

Bell Studio - Case Study 6.jpg

f. Description of internal control weakness in each system and risks associated with the

Answer: Purchase System: The planning is based on the analysis where there are controlled weakness which is based on planning and then risks related with the stocking. The purchasing requisition results with the overstocking with the possibility with the order sequences that is not accounted with the planning with the cancelling of the orders. The suppliers are working on the past reputation which is not includes the important factors like the pricing and the delivery planning. The suppliers are considered with the selection that is based with not only working over the factors and the time of delivery. The discrepancy of the order with the planning which is not only for handling the check with the check over the ordering procedures. The accounts are payable for the system where there are creditors that are worked upon the reconciliations which are set for handling the amount of $2000. The approval is based on the Account Payable Manager (Hashim et al., 2018). There are no comparison with the handling the timing that is set for the time twice a year. The creditor ledger with the control accounts that results in the errors which are for the longer period of time. The process begins with handling the checks with the inventory subsidiary ledger with the computer terminal with planning about the purchasing of the department. Here, the focus is on handling the goods and the updates with focusing on the temporary file. The printing of the hard copy with the digital purchase order that is defined for the reconciliation with the three documentation. It includes the forming of the sending of the invoices and then receiving the purchase order (Siddiqui, 2017).

Cash Disbursement System: There are planning which includes the focus on the standards of the accounting which is set for the different transactions. The planning is based on the avoidance of the cash flow and requires focusing on the cash which is for handling the bill payments. The avoidance is through the holding of the excess cash with the theft and the fraud which is seen that are protected with the assets that are defined with segregation. The assigning is based on the employees with the focus on the job assignments that are set for the weakness which are set for the computer-based systems with the cash register. They are for handling the arrangements with the cash receipts where there are records preparation as well. Here, the arrangements are based on planning over the control and then planning about checks and the authorization. The disbursements are seen to be checked with the approval and then obtaining a record which is important with the practices with the clerks who have to handle the refunds as per the situation.

Payroll System: The check is on the planning with offering on the recognition of the time. It includes the prevention checks with focusing over the work time standards. The discussion is based on handling the data for the payroll time with the codes that are being shared with the employees and then responsibility with the setting on handling the new employees. The analysis is based on handling the understanding with the responsibility and then planning over the employees dishonesty (Gelinas et al., 2017). Bell Studio is worked on the lack of the payroll which is set for the processing and then handling the paychecks. It works on managing the lack of the internal auditing which is set for the deterring of the employees. The schemes are defined with the defrauding the employers with reducing the loss problems at the financial level. ERP planning needs to be done to ensure that there are proper analysis of the data sectors which helps in building up a better and the deep technology. Bell studio has been worked upon through handling the cards with everyday work. The supervisors need to review the timecards with the correction with the planning about the cheques and then there are various supervisors which are reviewing through handling the accounts payable department.

The risks are defined through handling the ERP planning, which is set through working on the controlled deigning, testing and then working over the framework with the documentation. The estimation is based on the planning and then properly focusing over the major systems. The ERP project leaders works on the failures to recognize about the estimation with the efforts and the skills which are set for the association to the knowledge gaps. The planning is based on the project handling and then embedding the procedures (Watson et al., 2016). It controls the gaps with the setup of the system with ERP project team with working over the building procedures with deep technology. The software expertise is determined with handling the lack of the different perspectives with the risk management with the internal controls that affect with different aspects. The implementation procedures are defined through working on the technology with user education in a complete manner (Mwangi et al., 2018).


Conclusion: The analysis is based on the planning with the Bell Studio which works on the aspects that are worked on the different planning and the aspects. The different procedures are based on the disbursements and then working over the payroll systems. It works on the system with reducing the risks and then handling the planning with the processes that are determined through handling the education of the user (Koeppel et al., 2018). The controlled optimization is worked upon through evaluation and then designing the planning with duty frameworks. It works on the controlling the mitigation and then setting the ERP delivery with the reduction of the testing of the time and the costs are determined with control systems with effective manner.

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