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Anthropology Assignment Help

1) How may anthropology be applied to address some problems of the modern world, or 

2) How may anthropology be applied in your career field, or in your major? To embed images, use the icon that looks like a mountain range with a sun/moon behind it. This will allow you to select images from your device and embed them directly in your post. If images are not embedded and are attached only partial credit will be earned.

Analyze and Reflect on the image collage you shared with classmates. Explain how the images illustrate ways in which anthropology can be applied to address problems in the modern world, or how anthropology can be applied in your career field or in your major. Be specific. 

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Application of Anthropology to address some problems of the Modern World:

Anthropology is having a spectacular importance and it is a multifaceted field which is having so many applications regarding the issues which are happening in the modern world. It mainly deals with the mixture of life style of human beings, and how they are affecting the world by the changes they are bringing biologically and culturally. I strongly believe that anthropology acts as a bridge to solve some problems which are occurring in modern world due to the changes that are brought by different groups of people. If we take an example of one of the serious problem that is happening in modern world like global warming, everyone knows that each and every individual are having their own hand in enhancement of global warming and even they know the effects of global warming and how it will influence their healthy life style they are not bothered about anything and not able to change their life style to control this global warming. In like these situations anthropology helps to know the root causes for the problems and how the problem can be controlled by taking certain measures. As we all know the primary root cause for global warming is the release of more carbon dioxide in to air which will acts as blanket by trapping the heat and finally results in over warming of the planet. The main reasons for this change are deforestation, burning the fossil fuels and mining which the activities are done by human. In this aspect anthropologists can educate the human kind about the calamities that occur due to global warming and the drastic effects which it will show on their day to day life by representing the problems through pictures or oral lectures. These all practices may not control the problem at a time but this information to people may help to control the problem to some extent.


Pictorial representation of the effects of global warming.

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