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Analysis Of Mental Illness


Introduction: Mental illness is considered a major issue in the current world, where the issue is considered as an outcome of incapability of managing high mental pressure. The following discussion will be made from the perspective of a movie, where the issues related with mental illness is going to be considered as prime focus of discussion. The management process of mental illness is necessary to be taken into consideration in order to normalise the issues that are associated with a chronic or acute mental disorder patient.

Question 1: Name the movie and describe the character's general behavior in question.

Answer: The movie that has been taken into consideration here is One who flew over the cuckoo's nest and the main character that has been taken into consideration is Randle played by Jack Nicholson. From the perspective of the character, it can be deduced that he is suffering from mental disorder, or to be very precise, he is a patient of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), who assumes that he is the only right person in the asylum but the other people are not. It is a general characteristic of mentally challenged people, where they assume every other person is on the verge of insanity except him. Being a patient of OCD and staying unaware of it is common in these days (Reuman et al., 2017). In the movie, it is seen that he is looking forward to fulfil the desires and break the monotony, which he is seeing around him. In different segments of the movie, it is seen that Randle fights for the rights of other people and stops people from doing things, which they assume as right for them and for the surroundings as well.

This main question in this segment is whether the behaviour of the person is normal from any perspective or not? In order to answer the question, the definition of being normal needs to be understood first. Being normal is being a person who has a clear idea of what needs to be done in order to have a rational approach in every given situation (Vigo, Thornicroft & Atun, 2016). In the movie, the character looks for giving proper guidance to the people who are already sick. It is important to remember that the person in question is already a person with disability and needs proper treatment. Therefore it can be concluded that the behaviour of the character is normal for him but the over desire of fulfilling the demands of the fellow patients makes him as mentally challenged as the others around him in the asylum.

Question 2: Was the movie's portrayal of the character convoluted or normalized making the distinction of abnormal behavior from that of normal behavior blurred?

Answer: Portrayal of the movie character and difference of it with the normal behaviour: In order to answer the question it is important to understand the rational approach first. The director made sure that any kind of wrong message is not being sent to the people who are watching the movie. The definition of being a mentally challenged person is given in the movie properly where different kind of abnormality is portrayed and managed accordingly. The movie has never shown something, which is extravagant or not aligned with the general characters of being mentally challenged. A seamless transition has been given in the movie where it is seen that the issues associated with understanding the rationality of a mentally challenged person is prioritised.


In this context, it can be illustrated that the characters in the movie are never normal and they have given proper signs for it (Warman, Phalen & Martin, 2015). For example, the patient who always play card can be taken into consideration. According to him, it is a same prospect to make an approach and he thinks that the people who are not playing cards with him are not in a stable mental state. From the perspective of Freud, it is normal to expect behaviour like that where thinking people are wrong apart from the ailing person. There have been many such scenes where the viewpoint of an ailing person can be considered as important and it is seen that the people are not giving any proper prospect of normality. The portrayal has never distorted the viewpoint of an ailing person and has provided the best picture associated with proper kind of guidelines (Prisco et al., 2017). Therefore, it can be suggested that the movie has a rational viewpoint towards the mentally ill people's way of thinking and it has never convoluted with the normal people of the society.

Question 3: Explain what cultural influences can make it difficult to identity symptoms of mental disorder.

Answer: Cultural influence on identification of mental disorder: The current society is on the verge of modifying itself in every passing second. It is seen that the issues associated with understanding of self-demand is rising and people are leaning towards digital world. The present culture and society promotes different behaviour than the past and hence it can be sated that some issues associated with mental disorder are not considered as major for the people. The current popular culture often promotes some issues, which are important to be taken into consideration as major. The management of such issues need to be done in a proficient manner in order to avoid the upcoming insanity. For an example, obsessive selfie taking or Selfitis can be taken into consideration. It is a clinical disorder, which is being promoted by the society drastically (Starcevic, Billieux, & Schimmenti, 2018). The culture does not consider selfie taking to be a disease where it has been clinically proven to be a major issue for the young generation. The movie has given a positive viewpoint where the societal norms and related outlook for the patients' have been given proficiently.

Conclusion: From the above discussion, it is evident that the management process needs to be checked in a proficient manner in order to make a logical deduction on the issues being faced by the people. The movie One Who Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest has given a vivid detail of what the world of a mentally ailing person can be and it has given the different processes of thinking as well. The characters that have been considered in this movie are one of the most important aspects and by studying them, a better kind of idea can be generated as well. It is a necessary factor to be taken into consideration and the current society is going totally against the viewpoint of the movie's portrayal. the current culture is not giving a proper support to the mentally ill people and they are considering them to be more normal than the people who are clinically normal. Therefore, it can be concluded that the thought of the movie and the current society has a vast difference in thinking. The current culture does support the system of the movie but the movie has given a valuable statement that clinically mental conditions can be of various forms, which the modern culture has forgotten.


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