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American History Assignment Help

Choose a historical person Pick a historical person of interest to you who is significant to American history. Possible individuals will be discussed in class. It is highly recommended that you discuss your choice with your instructor prior to choosing the person. 

1. During what period of American history did the person live?

2. What were the major contributions or achievements of this individual? 

3. What opportunities enabled this person to achieve success? 

4. What obstacles or challenges did this person encounter? 

5. Did these challenges interfere with or contribute to the person's achievements? 

6. Were other individuals influential in this person's life? Identify these individuals and explain their influence. 

7. Were the contributions of the person of a short-term or long-term influence? 

8. Was the person influential in his/her own lifetime? 

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Period of American history the person live

The present essay is based on one of the most significant and powerful personalities in American history, named George Washington. He was the first president of the United States and served two terms from 1789 to 1797 (Little, 2018). He was also a strong political leader Como statesman come on military general. He was born on February 22, 1732, and died on December 14, 1799, in Virginia, United States (Wilson, 2018). 

Major contribution or achievements

George Washington is considered the founding father of America due to his significant role in politics and the military during the revolutionary war. In this context, he was designated as the commander-in-chief of the continental army at the period of the American Revolution. He arranged and trained the army along with maintaining their morale, thereby leading to victory in the decisive land battle in the Revolutionary war. He became the first president of the United States in the year 1789 in a unanimous manner by receiving 100 percent of the electoral votes (Rae-Grant, 2016). Further, under his president-ship, the US was able to develop a strong relationship with Britain through Jay's treaty. Washington had also established the permanent naval force (United States Navy) by signing the Naval Act of 1794 (Weems, 2015). 

Opportunities enabled to achieve success

George Washington had inborn leadership traits, which helped him to become the father of America and later became the first president. He got the opportunity to work with brilliant writers, philosophers, and organizers such as Sam Adams, Franklin, Patrick Henry, Randolphs, John and Mason. In this context, he was able to gain knowledge from their experience, which helped him in his later life. He was selected as the leader for the revolution, president and constitutional convention because of his intelligence, ideas, and character which is full of courage, charm, and charisma (Brunsman, & Goethals, 2017). 

Obstacles or challenges encountered

George Washington had faced many obstacles during his president-ship and military period. After becoming America's president, he faced challenges related to both domestic and foreign issues. He faced challenges while dealing with countries such as Great Britain and Spain, that were pushing it around. To avoid the war situation, he chose the diplomatic way of Jay's Treaty and Pinckney's Treaty (Halverson, 2017). Another challenge for Washington was about dealing with financial issues. The nation was in debt since the revolutionary war. With an intention to re-establish its financial system, he proposed to create a bank. Domestically, he faced challenged as an opposition from farmers to pay the tax on Whiskey (Brunsman et al, 2017). To combat this disorder and lawlessness, he acted in a way to put down the rebellion. 

These challenges interfere or contribute towards the achievement

The above-mentioned challenges had provided Washington with great opportunities to grow as a strong leader. These challenges facilitated to cultivate his compassion and gratitude. He had always dealt patiently to resolve the obstacles. His presence of mind in a difficult situation has been highly accepted by the local public (Harris, 2018). This not only helped him to resolve the issues but he was also able to when the president position unanimously. 

Other individuals having an influence on his life

During his early life, Washington got the opportunity to work with great philosophers, writers, and orators such as Mason, Sam Adams, Franklin, Patrick Henry, Randolphs, Madison, Jefferson, and John. These personalities a far more educated and knowledgeable than George Washington. He did not possess any first-rate intelligence, rather he was able to gain ideas from these personalities. Their constant impact on Washington transformed him into the highest moral character (Harris, 2018). 

Short term or long-term influence

During a short lifespan, George Washington was able to create long-term influence through his contribution to different fields. It was Washington, who made legitimized the presidency system in the United States which exists to date. He introduced the concept of a two-term limit and presidential veto, which was for the transformed into law. Further, he rejected the idea of monarchy in favour of the democratic republic (Brunsman et al, 2017). Under his effective leadership, the United States was able to establish department naval force which is presently known as the United States Navy. 

Influential in his own lifetime

According to Rae-Grant (2016), George Washington was considered to be an influential land owing Virginian, who had some military experience from Britain. It is due to his influential nature, he confidentially stepped forwarded to lead the Continental Army of America at the time it needed a strong leader during the revolutionary war. After the success in war, he resigned his commission to live life as a common citizen. However, his active and efficient participation in military force made people select him unanimously as the first president of the new government for two four-year terms (Weems, 2015). 

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