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PYC4807 Psychological Assessment Assignment Help

- Critically discuss the appropriateness of gar,h of these measures (i.e. The LPCAT, The DAT, The SDS and the OPQ) in this context.

- State the aim of the measure and indicate which constructs it measures. Do not, for example, just say aptitude/s but indicate which aptitude/s.

- Discuss the norm group of the measure (i.e. for what group is norms available?). Now compare Jon's characteristics to this norm group and decide if the norm group is appropriate in terms of age, language, culture, etcetera.

- Describe the psychometric properties (reliability and validity) of the test and indicate if there is any research available on the use of the test in a multicultural conte. such as South Africa. Briefly indicate why a measure of learning potential (using dynamic assessment) is more suitable than, for example, a group test of intelligence (based on the psychometric approach) in this instance. 

- Explain how you would approach the assessment process with reference to the general guidelines for individual administration. Discuss the ethical considerations that apply in this context. 

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The concept of the assessment process in a psychological assessment highlights the development of a constant cycle of improvement which is helpful in measuring the student's learning outcomes. This further takes into consideration the various departments, programs and units that are to be analyzed from the results obtained thereby making necessary changes to make improvements in the units. Taking the case of Jon in this study, the focus is laid on taking the context theory into account thereby relating it to that of Jon's background and the reasons for which the assessment is to be carried out. Further emphasis is laid on taking a person-environment fit approach that would help to focus on the importance of the domains thereby focusing on the requirements in terms of the general intelligence. The study further highlights the use of a compilation of the test battery thereby using certain measures to discuss its in-depth. The study further focuses on the aims of the measures along with the psychometric properties it relates to. This, in turn, is helpful in terms of focusing on the learning potentials that may help in his case. The study further focuses on the assessment-based approaches along with an effective administration, interpretation of results and feedback.

Context and aim of the assessment

- Assessment process and context theory with references to John's background and the reason for the assessment using the context of testing

As per the case study of Jon, he is interested in the career of administrative job that requires the daily management of tasks such as interaction with people and the coordinating of different tasks. As per the job requirements of Jon, he will need to be engaged with the personnel issues and client queries as a major part of his job. This will require John to be more psychologically efficient and correct in interpreting the actual scenario while delivering value to his own job (Meijers & Lengelle, 2015). The assessment of Jon's counseling process will involve the engagement of various themes such as Theme 1 Psychometric theory and theme 2 types of psychological assessment measures where there will be a thorough discussion on the personality traits of the individual and the cognitive ability of the individual.

The educational counseling of John will result in the proper identification of the career choice of Jon which will ultimately help him in order to complete the main job role more swiftly. the career counseling will result in better career selection for John. Since the assessment will be directed to identify possible characteristics traits of Jon's personality, it will be highlighting the possible traits of the individual that is important for the better satisfying career option. The better selection of the career will result in the higher levels of job satisfaction and the more productivity in the job of the individual such as Jon.

- Discussion of person-environment fit approach to career counselling and indicating the importance of domains that are usually assessed
The person-environment fit approach is highly important for the assessment process of the personality of the individual as it highlights the possible traits in the individual with respect to the working environment. The environment of the job or the working place is necessary for building a sense of productivity in the employees' mind and increasing the efficiency of the employees. Theme 3 which states that the application of assessments in different contexts are important for the assessment process as it highly motivates the employees and the individual to perform better in the working environment.

The domains that are usually assessed in the person-environment fit approach is highly important to analyse as it focuses on the personal traits of the individual at the first time to initiate the development process of the individual's mind with referring to important contexts. The environment should be analysed before suggesting any person for a particular career as it will reflect the fact that the person may not able to cope up with the suggested environment, which will further result in the low productivity of that person in that career (Aron, 2017).

- Application of person-environment fit approach of career counselling to the scenario

As per the scenario is given in the case study of Jon, the person fit environment approach will be applied in the case of Jon's career counseling approach. The application of the person fit environment will result in the better allocation of career choice to Jon which will help him in assessing the potential opportunity in the field of administration where large interaction is needed with clients and the personnel. In the application process of the person-environment fit approach, the future working environment of the person such as Jon will be critically analyzed in relation to his personal traits which will result in the high impacts ion the productivity of the job role. The environment of Jon's working role in the hob will be analyzed as per the job role requirements which will be evaluated based on the personal traits of Jon. the application will include the assessment of the working environment at first and then, the results will be assessed in relation to the psychological characteristics of the person which will be determining the final career suggestion of Jon as per the career counseling program. The proper application of the person environment fit approach will identify the best career option for Jon, which results in better productivity and the interest of working more in the environment (Abkhezr & McMahon, 2017).

Compilation of test battery

- Critical discussion of the appropriateness of each of these measures (The LPCAT, The DAT, The SDS and the OPQ)

The Learning Potential Computerized Adaptive Test ( LPCAT ) focuses on the non verbal figure reasoning ability of the persons who will be tested as per the requirements of the test. However, it may be argued that LPCAT only focuses on the inputs given by the person who is performing the test and it is not necessarily considering the ability of the person's cognitive mechanisms. The Differential Aptitude Test or the DAT focus on the computerized examination which only focuses on the basic knowledge of the students or the participants in the tests while ignoring the cognitive abilities of the participants. Due to which there are many instances that many participants are misguided by the results of the test. The mental ability of the candidates appearing for the test are not tested properly while selecting the candidates in the possible programs or career paths. The Self Directed Search or the SDS test and the OPQ test is focused on the career selection of the candidates based on the inputs of the candidates that they give during the test. The computer manages the data entered in the system to form a concrete opinion on the data and the candidate. These tests also do not cover the aspects of the behavior and the cognitive approach of the participants. However, the tests are only focusing on the computerized inputs from the participants while it is crucial for the career choice and counseling process to have a face to face discussion on the selection of the best career path.

- Aims of the measure

The aims of the measures may be identified as the team building ability of the persons that are potential employees in the organizations for the efficient management of the employees and productivity. The major contribution of employees' productivity is identified in the process of the tests. One of the major aims of the tests may be termed as the identification of the successful planning and the organizational change that is addressed in the test result and the outcomes (Watson, 2016). The result of the test is analysed in detail as per the personal traits of the persons participated and their individual operational achievements to consider a true and fair decision making process. The attention and working memory are analyzed in the test as it is the prime aim of the tests along with the cognitive abilities of the candidates. The problem solving skills of the participants are also tested in the above mentioned tests to help the career counseling process.

- Discussion of the norm groups of the measure. Compare John's characteristics to this norm group and decide if the norm group is appropriate in terms of age, language, culture etc

The norm group of the measure identifies the common characteristics of the group of people and relates the following measure to identify the possible career choices of the persons (Maree & Di Fabio, 2015). The persons are considered as per the norm of the group and the relevant relationship is obtained while relating to the norms and the characteristics of the group. The group will be analysed at first to obtain a detailed knowledge of the traits of the individuals according to the norms of the group. The group will be placed in the common test based on the predetermined norms. The participants in particular norm group are considered as the representatives of the large population who share the common psychological traits with them members of the group. The normative group works in psychology on the basic concepts of normal traits in that group. Ads per the case study of Jon, he is Zulu speaking 18 year old student who will be tested in the group of Zulu speaking people having the age range of 15 to 20 years to identify possible psychological traits which are common in that group. The norm group is appropriate for the character's ability of Jon as he is sharing the same traits, personality, and presentation of thoughts ion the same manner with that particular age group. The norm group selected for Jon is appropriate in terms of age, culture and the language of Zulu that Jon currently speaks in. The language of Jon will result in the common idea generation process of the group as the group will have the same characteristics as Jon and will be tested accordingly to give the desired results.

- Description of the psychometric properties of the test and indicating if there is any research available on the use of the test in a multicultural context such as South Africa

The reliability and the validity of the psychometric tests are important for forming a detailed opinion on the result of the rest (McMahon & Watson, 2015). The reliability of the test is identified as the ability of the test to produce the same or similar results over a long period of time. The test which provides the same result s over a long period of time are considered as reliable and valid and the outcomes obtained from the tests may be able to be used for future reference or medical prescriptions. The reliability and validity count for the stable outcomes or results of the test over time that ensures better productivity of the psychometric properties and tests.

- Indicate why a measure of learning potential using dynamic assessment is more suitable than a group of tests of intelligence

The learning potential using dynamic assessment is more suitable than the group tests of intelligence as it identified the personalized view of the candidates based on the personal intelligence and knowledge of the candidate's and the cognitive abilities of the candidates along with the assessment of the behavioral traits of the candidates. The candidates are responsible for the assessment of the whole intelligence process in which their level of intelligence will be highlighted. The dynamic will only test the overall picture of the candidate's traits and mental properties which are responsible for governing the psychology and behavior of the participants in the workplace or the career paths (Brott, 2015).

Administration, interpretation of results and feedback

- Explaining how you would approach the assessment process with reference to the general guidelines for individual administration
The assessment process will be approached with the general guidelines mentioned in the individual administration of the participants. The participants will be tested on the basis of the general administration and guidelines to express the best results as per the current results which will be properly constructed as per the guidelines. The individual mindset of the participants will be analysed art first in order to indicate the foremost traits of the individuals and the behavioral personality choices of the individual (McMahon, 2016). The predetermination of the personality traits and the proper examination of the traits will result in a thorough analysis of the desired outcome of the tests. The importance of politeness and concentration are to be maintained while assessing the individual as the individual will be assessed on the basis of his cognitive skills and the working behavior to suggest the best career option.

- Discussion of the ethical considerations that apply in this context

The ethical considerations that are applied to this context of Jon's career counseling program, may be identified as the proper knowledge on the personal and characteristic traits of Jon and his working environment which will be important for the proper suggestion of the career counseling program. The proper guidance should be given to Jon and the various individuals who are coming for taking guidance from the career counselor as the suggestions may be responsible for future stress and healthy happier life of the individuals as well as Jon as per the case study. On the other hand, the testing process should be unbiased and practical based supported by the proper logic and the results are to be assessed on the basis of the dynamic rules and the norms which are absolutely critical to be analysed. The professional knowledge is to be maintained as per the industry standards to guide the individual properly and effectively.

- Findings based on each test based on John's results using the four measures

The LPCAT, SDS, DAT and OPQ tests have figured out the relevant findings of the personality of Jon in terms of the cognitive approach of the individual and the behavioral nature of the person the teambuilding capability and the collaboration and cooperation capacity of the individual are highlighted in the test. However, the OPQ has particularly tested them adaptability of the person with the working environment and the ability of Jon to get into the senior position of the organization. The DAT has tested the adaptability of the individual as per the different situational requirement of the context where Jon has to consider the discussions with clients and the personnel as a manager.

- Potential influence of language and socio-cultural factors on these results

There is a potential influence of the languages and socio-cultural on the concerned results that are happened in the case of Jon. the sociolinguistic field is concerned matter here, which studies the impact or the influence of the language and socio-cultural factors. It is discipline, which is subjective. There are so many potential influences such as self-efficacy, which has a huge influence on the result. The self-efficacy signifies the judging ability of individuals based on the skill to gain the particular action. In the process of improving the self-efficacy, the concerned individual of the case study should have some past achievements that will play an important role (Hyland, 2019). On the other side, private speech is the other socio-cultural factor that is based on the result. The functions of the speech are communicative and self-centric. The speech that is self-oriented is referred as the private speech that is far different from the communicative speech.

- Commenting on the format based on the feedback

Sometimes the Feedback is considered as negative input. Though in this format the concerned individual become aware about the errors by learning the feedback, however the feedback is very useful. According to the concerned case, the feedback has the good reliability while dealing with the language or socio-cultural factor as based on the results. The peer interaction can be possible following various factors or activities that are an important element of communication with people in the administrative or other jobs, which are concerned here (Burr, 2018). The format of these can be more organized and needed to provide more detailing, this is recommended based on the feedback. Therefore, the peer interaction would be successfully achieved in terms with the concerned case study by following the above tests. The interaction in peer helps the conversation by exploring the context for further better chances of the production for individual, and it is helpful in practicing the target language with the meaningful use.


In the above discussed essay, the assessment regarding psychology has been described on the assessment process concept, where the growth of a continuous cycle of development, which can aid in the learning outcomes of the student, is illustrated. Here, based on the case study of Jon, the assessment process is preceded. The aim and context of the process has been described by the mentioned processes in terms with the background of Jon and the reason behind this concerned case study. The approaches to the career counselling have been illustrated with the environment of the person and its application, the importance of the domains. After that the compilation of test batteries are provided with the different types of norm groups, measurements such as the LPCAT, the SDS, and the OPQ etc. Various tests with its psychometric properties are discussed with the administration and the interpretation of results and feedback or the recommendation.

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