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SFTY330 - Aircraft Accident Investigation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA


Question 1: Final analysis (Your analysis for causes - prove and bring it all together here)

Answer: In this assignment, there is the discussion of the aircraft accident where the aircraft was flying at 100 meters top of the communication tower. In this aspect, experts have made an analysis for the cause of such a mournful accident where it is said by them after making the analysis of damaged portions in the lab that, during the occurrence of the accident there was a power related insufficiency or differences between right and left engines of the aircraft. It was determined during making the final analysis of the entire mishap that, the Air Worthiness Directives have detected a crack fuel line three days before the accident in that aircraft. In this aspect, it is important that this aircraft was an old one and it was auctioned several times for selling purpose. At the end of the previous year, it was sold by civil operators. It was determined during the analysis that, there are other records that the aircraft company has a bad record also due to violation of CFR acts (Nixon & Braithwaite, 2018). Basic reason in this aspect was the deterioration of weather due to a very cold environment. On the other hand, due to having a foggy climate at this time, peaks of mountains were obscured also. Additionally, the counter employee has fulfilled the tank in spite of having only a small 45 minute based flying operations. This act has enhanced the scopes of obnoxious gas emissions activities (Alvarez et al., 2019). Due to weather-related fluctuations, the pilot has failed to complete the air taxi mode continuation and finally took off a high peach which was out of limitations for this aircraft. Due to having an issue in the right engine of the aircraft, there was the report of fuel emissions and light sparking also in the right engine of the aircraft. After the formation of the fire sparkles the flight becomes disappeared within the mist. Behind such a mournful accident there was a lot of responsibility for the pilot. It was determined by some of the airport police officers that, before starting the flight there was great fluctuating weather. At the same time, some fumes were present in the right engine of the flight during starting off the flight. In this aspect, the detection of the main reason of the aircraft accident becomes clear. In the initial moment of the accident the pilot had tried to make call 911 but due to a misty weather peak of the mountains were unclear and having o0bnoxious gasses in the right engines he could not get the assistance from the communication tower. After this time, the aircraft crashed and blocked by muds and others. In this mournful incident, all of these reasons are collected from different witnesses who were present at the time of the accident. In this way, some of the information is collected which had provided a complete scenario about the cause of aircraft accident.

Question 2: Conclusion (The probable and contributing causes)

Answer: From the entire discussion about the cause and effect of the aircraft accident, it can be concluded that aircraft pilots should be more cautious about their flights before starting the journey. In this flight-related accidents, there were different witnesses. Most of the witness persons have made a great emphasis over the right and left engine-related activities. In this aspect, it is also assumed that., making an insufficiency of fuels in both of the rights and left engines of the aircraft there was a difference in fuel balances. It has made the emission of chemical gasses. On the other hand, due to having a great amount of foggy weather the aircraft becomes crashed with muds and other obstructions. In this aspect, the distances from communication bases along with not maintenance of the peach area are the other causes of the great aircraft accidents (Ekman & DeBacker, 2018). In this aspect, some recommendations are provided in the following parts. FGor a pilot it is highly crucial to look after the passengers. On the other hand, due to old age, the aircraft has some technological defects also. From all of these cases, the flight has crashed. In this flight-related accidents there were the contributions from different members of the aircraft department., In the initial moment pilot has made the comment to empty the right tank as the span of the journey is very small. In this period, the employee had denied doing that. From all of these aspects, the aircraft got a severe crash with peaks and mud particles. Most of the witnesses have said that the flight was seemed to be fired and sparked with yellow colored fire and then they missed in the cloud. In the last moment, the pilot had communicated with the communication tower but due to weather fluctuation, he has failed to take the assistance.The pilot was also very prudent and experienced one. During the discussion about the experiences and qualifications of the pilot. He was certified and trained enough from different eminent aircraft driving organizations. According to a forest ranger, the fire of aircraft was visible from 5 miles of the airport also. In this aspect, most of the witnesses have emphasized the sudden weather fluctuation. It has to lead the aircraft towards a great mishap. It was the basic things to be discussed. Maintenances of recommendations will provide a thorough safety to the passengers.


Question 3: Recommendations (Realistic, doable suggestions)

Answer: It can be recommended from the entire discussion that, proper maintenances of the technical parts of the aircraft are highly needed. In this accident, it is observed that, if the pilot would detect the fire-related incident he might be able to avoid such an accident. In this aspect, it is highly recommended that airport authorities have to take initial support to take customer care supports where all the customers can call during their problems. On the other hand, all the employees should be trained enough to avoid such gas filling related incidents. In this way, when the employees and pilots both will be conscious enough then the airport authority will be able to avoid all kinds of accidents. In this aspect, satellite connection and other technological advancements are highly recommended. It will enable the pilots and other employees or customers to be connected with the airport or air stations (Ubogu, Adenigbo, & Akaaba, 2018). On the other hand, in the entire scenario, the weather forecasting department also has great importance., In this accident day, if the meteorological department will provide a proper weather forecast, then it will be easy for all the pilots and customers to take their safety measures. Nowadays there are different systems for the aircraft engineers where different pieces of training are provided to check the safety instruments of the aircraft before starting the journey. In this journey, there is a necessity for making the regular meeting of pilots and the senior executives of the airport. In this way, the senior person will come to know about their experiences during the flights. In this meeting, pilots will be able to share their experiences and all their issues. Further research and developments are highly important here., Only through research and development, it is possible to remove all kinds of issues. Maintenance of these recommendations alo0ng with making regular study about the air flights of different sights across the world Along with their case studies will help the pilots and their employees to be aware sufficiently according to the situation Nowadays there are different p[rimary and secondary sources of information from where pilots and other employees can gather their knowledge regarding their flights. From these entire discussions, there is a lot of recommendation. Study about the flights, their case studies., proper safety measure maintenances, along with maintenances of research and developments are a pathway to make the entire system as a protected one. In this way, Governmental assistance and enactment of law are also highly required. Maintenances of all of these recommendations will definitely help pilots and customers to get rid off such accidents.

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