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why less OTC products should be available (include what items you think should be removed from or not be available OTC?).

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It has notably been seen, how Four out of five American adults would be considering the over-the-counter medications, and it can be to treat the random ailments, problems and the related issues (Qato, 2016). It can be used to treat ailments such as the aches and pains along with the problems to cure the general problems such as the coughs and colds along with the fever, allergies, skin disorders, and also be facing the heartburn and other digestive problems. It is obvious, to understand why there can be prolonged issues that would make an easy way to understand. There is further, no point of arguing that generally also O.T.C.s would be an easy way and the convenient ways, through which it would be readily available and would be included in the groceries and big box stores and it would be obvious that the pharmacies and would be facing the issues of the less expensive than to visit the doctor and also paying extra consultation fees along with the paying for a costly prescription.

On the basis, of the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates and controls the food and the drugs, which need to be under the control, has observed that there are 300,000 over-the- counter drug products which are consistently been available in the market. With this, over the years, the numbers have only grown and also have procured the status of the increasing number of medications to get the O.T.C. status (González-Ponce, 2018). On the basis of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, it has also notably seen how there is the industry trade group, which has emerged since 1975, that have covered the 100 ingredients along with the procured indications or dosage strengths which would cause the transitioned from prescription to the given O.T.C. status.

Just like coins have two sides, the flip side of the OTC is that some drugs are only advised to be used in the circumstances with the given medical condition and it should not be combined with the other drugs. It would have adverse interactions.

Such as the use of the acetaminophen, which is also an active ingredient and a form to be sued Tylenol along with the many competitors, that would be procured and widely be using the O.T.C., in order to take a concrete step to relieve pain or fever. But the opposite side of the use of the acetaminophen which is also one of the major ingredients used in the wide form of the O.T.C. products, such as the in the products called as the cough, cold and allergy remedies, along with ensuring the steps to have a pain relievers called as the Percocet and
Vicodin can cause permanent damage to the liver if at all it is used in the high prescribed modes (Babus, 2017).

Notably from the various research studies, it has been seen that due to the Overdoses and the extra recommended over the prescribed use of the acetaminophen can even cause 30,000 hospitalizations annually and it would also result in the acute liver failure. It has notably seen, how people compromise with their health to escape from the fees of the doctor consultations or undergoing some treatment.

Another issue is that the people do not read the entire label mentioned how toxic it can be if taken in high dosages and do not even understand the ill effects of it. Some companies have also reportedly gone to undergo the OTC to treat the multiple issues simultaneously, resulting only in the risk of the toxicity. People who are aged above 65 holds a high risk of the adverse

side effects and the drug interactions causing hazards in the form of hallucination, confusion or prolong depression, etc.

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