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BUS 499 Business Administration Capstone

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Research the company on its own Website, the public filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR database.

Case Study Analysis


The importance of globalization and technology has been felt across all industries. Moreover the importance of vision and mission along with stakeholders in the success of an organization is well-known. The present report will analyze a retail giant in the e-commerce segment Amazon, and would examine in details the impact of each of the above mentioned terms in its business model and development. The growth of e-commerce an Amazon can be largely attributed to the changing demands of the customers and the ways through which a company handles them (Yu, 2019). So the phenomenal growth of Amazon and its dominance in global e-commerce market will be assessed in this report.

1. Assess how globalization and technology changes have impacted the corporation you researched.

Impact of globalization and technology changes on Amazon

Globalization is one of the biggest benefits which have improved the scope, market and revenue of e-commerce business. In addition to those free trade agreements, double taxation avoidance agreements and increase in foreign direct investment has helped e-commerce sites to grow faster than expected. Amazon has 13 country specific sites and a large number of intermediaries and partners in emerging markets (Fan, 2019). The products of Amazon are also being transported through airlines and shipping containers in different countries. As the company has a large segment of global brands most of them have high demands across the booming economies of Asia, middle-East and Africa. The increasing income of people, tourism, social media marketing and brand awareness Amazon has benefitted heavily by being able to export its products outside the U.S. In 2017 the company had accounted for 4% of all US retail sales and 44% of US e-commerce sales, consumer electronics leading the pack with $8.5 billion revenue (Xiao et al. 2019.).

As far as technology is concerned Amazon has been one of the most innovative companies globally. The company invested millions of dollars in building voice controlled applications for Alexa, assistant and empower it with new skills. The firm inaugurated two dozen fulfilment centres and made the first delivery by drone in UK (Li and Heupel, 2019). The company has also involved themselves in investment in data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics technology for product development, market analysis, segmentation, pricing strategy and location based logistical support system. It has also helped the company to improve its cost efficiency and manage the organization in a far more streamlined and efficient way. The company has built a vision tunnel in DuPont Washington which scans and photographs every product that comes out of the truck through image-recognition algorithms and sort the parcels based on variables, type and weight (Kwak, Zhang and Yu, 2019). Hence it can be said that Amazon has developed itself into a tech-savvy organization that improved its quality control, delivery time and pricing.


2. Apply the industrial organization model and the resource-based model to determine how your corporation could earn above-average returns.

Industrial organization model for better returns of Amazon

As per the Industrial organization model competition, entry barrier and competition prediction are the important factors that assess the condition of the business. In case of Amazon, which is an e-commerce firm the competition among e-commerce firms are extremely high leading to a massive increase in expenses related to customer retention. Entry barrier however is quite a huge advantage for the organization Amazon has huge expenses in warehouses, deep discounting, transportation and logistics have prevented new firms venturing into the e-commerce segment (Ul-Hameed et al. 2019). Furthermore the economies of scale always benefit the large corporations which sell products in bulk and have tie-ups with several subsidiary organisations. Moreover Amazon operates in more than 100 countries which prove its strong supply chain network with several vendors working with it. This allows the company to select vendors based on quality an expertise, and the reputed sellers will not be changing its priorities for a new company. Basically due to these reason new enterprises finds it extremely difficult to survive in the e-commerce market. Competitive predictions is another advantage for Amazon as with the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning methods the firm is keeping a track of its competitors like EBay and Alibaba (Tappia et al. 2019). Competitive pricing through analytics and modelling as well as upgradation of warehouses are possible areas that can help Amazon get above average profits in the long term.

Resource-based model for improved performance of Amazon

As far as resource based model is concerned the Amazon has tangible resources including warehouses, corporate bodies and capital which the company uses efficiently to improve profitability. Venture capitalists provide sufficient funds for the company to run its business and as for intangible assets the firm has patented products in its name and a symbol which is their trademark (Lopez, Bastein and Tukker, 2019). Heterogeneous resources like employee performance, skills and expertise has been brought to the company which has improved the efficiency. Furthermore immovable resources have not benefitted the company as their short-term strategies have often backfired owing to change in government regulations.

In the VRIO framework it can be assessed that Amazon being a consumer driven company selling accessories, clothes, instruments, analytics, web series does not have rare resources, however all of them are valuable and easy to imitate (Clark and MacDonald, 2019). So Amazon gets competitive advantage from being able to produce quality products that are valuable and gets improved revenues from it.

3. Assess how the vision statement and mission statement of the corporation influence its overall success.

Impact of vision and mission statement in the overall success of Amazon

The mission statement of Amazon talks about their intent to become an e-commerce retailer giving customers the lowest price, huge variety for selection and utmost convenience in terms of payment, delivery date and replacement along with grievance redressal. The company has followed the mission and objectives quiet strongly as deep discounting has been a part of the company's offerings from the initial years. As Amazon has been extremely careful about the product base, target customers and the markets they are operating hence they have improved their supply chain network penetrating into rural segments in several countries (Carnes et al. 2019). Large product variety, lower prices and convenience in shopping has been a trademark of Amazon making it the e-commerce market leader in several countries. However in some markets like China and Vietnam where fake products are a problem the company has often faced issues related to quality.

The vision statement of Amazon states that they want to become a customer centric company where the customers can buy and choose anything online which again is quite nicely followed by the organization. The company sells around 480 million products in the United States alone and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace (Li and Heupel, 2019). Hence the vision of the company has been largely fulfilled with most organizations. As far as customers are concerned the grievance redressal of the company has been extremely active and has helped the company to fix issues quickly. Hence the mission and vision statements of the company have set a path which the company has followed. This has helped Amazon build a strong customer base with strong revenues and profitability.


4. Evaluate how each category of stakeholder impacts the overall success of this corporation.

Stakeholder impact in the success of Amazon

The stakeholders of Amazon had great roles to play in the success of the organization. It includes:

Creditors: The private equity firms and venture capitalists funded the company heavily and took the company to $741.6 billion worth valuation. Kleiner Perkins & Buyers and AQL Ventures are the two most important investors which funded the company in the initial years (Xiao et al. 2019).

Shareholders: The shareholders of Amazon have kept their belief in the company The three main shareholders of the company includes Mutual fund holders (32.34%), Institutional Investors (25.09%) and Individual shareholders holding 16.87% in the company (Kwak, Zhang and Yu, 2019). Amazon has 480 million shares distributed among several shareholders who have continuously helped the organization in terms of funding, advisory, strategic initiatives and expansion strategies leading to double digit growth and a massive global reputation.

Employees: Amazon had 563,000 employees globally as on 2018 and they are the pillars of the organizations success on a global scale (Tappia et al. 2019). The delivery boys have worked in extremely difficult conditions in reaching out to the customers as per their convenience, technical team has indulged in number crunching for analyzing market trends competitive situation leading to an improved strategy and also the digital marketing team indulging in promotions for new products and discounts/offers has helped the company sell millions of products on a daily basis.

Suppliers: The huge number of suppliers that Amazon has includes reputed names like Lifetime Brands and United Natural Foods whose quality products have not only improved its presence in developed markets but have improved its revenue base by a solid margin (Ul-Hameed et al. 2019). Furthermore with huge volumes of orders coming from Amazon, both the company and suppliers are improving their profitability in the long-term.

The research has established the ways through which Amazon has transformed itself into a global retailer through the online platform. They have proven that good supplier network and efficient use of resources and technology can improve the business potential of a company and mprove its revenue base. Furthermore following its principles has helped the company to reach out to the right people at the right time.


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