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Everyone nowadays dreams to have its own business and fewer people are interested in working under someone or as an employee. Therefore, when a student studies this course they have gets an idea about the various steps that are to be followed in setting up the business and what are the things required in successfully setting up of business. Various operations are carried on when a business is set up such as human resource management, finance, production, accounting, marketing and other supporting key functions.

While studying the course students will get to learn about the whole business and the competition that is running in the environment and the competitive strategies used by its competitor, what is the current scenario of the international business and the market condition of international business. Quality assurance in the product and the service you are going to deliver to the market and the quality standards to be set and last but not least that whole work and functioning has to be performed ethically and following all the ethics and the ethical standard.

As we all know that students have a very hectic and tight schedule of their daily routine tasks and they have to manage, many verticals in one go, at the same time they have to submit the assignments given on the mentioned deadline by the university. However, due to less availability of time, students are not able to submit the given assignments on time and hence they get a delay in submitting them. This results in poor grades achievement.

It is necessary for everyone that they have to pass every single given assignment or classroom assessment with individual passing marks and also have to achieve the aggregate marks in the final evaluation. As we, all know that these assignments also play an equally important role in the good grades achievement and the overall final result of the semester.

It is very easy for students to make assignments by doing copy-pasting of the content from one place to another and submit it to the university, but this is not acceptable. As universities mention in its rubrics that every assigned assignment has to be written in its unique way and should not be copy-pasted from here there. It is very important that there should not be any spelling mistake or grammatical error or any sort of silly mistake that can contribute in poor grades for the students, hence students cannot do any sort of copy-pasting, the only thing they can do is taking reference from one place or other.

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