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Importance of Chemical engineering in Academic Curriculum

Chemical engineering as the name implies it is the combination of engineering field and physical sciences. Chemical engineering includes chemistry, physics, biochemistry, microbiology along with this mathematics and economics. Chemical engineer makes some useful and fruitful way to take advantage of the chemicals. Chemical engineering is actually a branch of engineering and has many applications in industrial fields. It all starts in 1839 when a scientist used the term chemical engineering in the production of sulphuric acid but some papers also mentioned George Davis for mentioning this term. The early definition of chemical engineering was use of equipment in chemical fields.

The concept of chemical engineering started with 'unit operation', which was readily taught by George Davis in a school of chemical engineering. But Norton is considered the pioneer of chemical engineering subject as he gave lectures on first course of chemical engineering at MIT. This course merged the chemical and engineering fields and was quite similar to both of these fields yet unique!

Now coming to the concepts and ideas of chemical engineering, it was soon revealed that unit operation on the whole was not capable of developing a chemical laboratory or reactor alone. Therefore, there was need of some other concepts also. Then transport phenomenon took the entry and along with this process system engineering also was invented. As the name suggests, process system engineering involved the system processing, controlling and design while the transport phenomenon included the analytical methodology. Chemical engineering made its place mostly in petrochemicals as it also involves the chemicals plus engineering. But it is not only limited to this field, it also made its way through pharmaceutical companies and polymer chemistry. Wherever in world industry and chemicals are present chemical engineering is involved there.

Wherever chemicals are involved you have to be careful as a little negligence can lead to a big disaster. Same occurred in Flixborough disaster in UK and Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. In Chernobyl disaster leakage of nuclear radiations occurred due to negligence of maintenance of safety towers.

With the flowing time as advances in computer technology is occurring, chemical engineering is also moving towards its advancement. New concepts and new technologies is being involved and has brought revolutionary changes in chemical industries. Now calculations and equations are managed by the computer rather than doing them manually and wasting hours and hours. Now calculations are done in minutes. But with this simplification complexity is also happening as now the problems in this field are much more complicated.

Help with Chemical Engineering Assignments and Projects

Some of the difficulties faced by the engineering students are to learn how to make and synthesize new substances and products which have some industrial importance and also to develop new chemicals and its applications etc.

All these fields are vast in knowledge and one cannot gain mastery in them on his own. The students truly need some assistance which can help and guide them through their difficult projects. Chemical engineering is subject of practical which is unfortunately taught theoretically this leads to various confusions and erroneous concepts. This is just like cooking. A student can only understand chemistry by performing the experiments which is the last priority of our institutions. Our institutional curriculum has incarcerated the student in a box, confined his thinking abilities and limited his learning habits. Scientific language and communication skills also contribute to the difficulties of chemical engineering students as studies showed that many students have no problem with the subject but with the way these topics are explained and written. Students are already in stress due to their onerous load of work. In this tense situation role of our forum start. We help student to collect the important piece of work from the raw data.    

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