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JavaServer Pages

JSP (JavaServer Pages) is an effective technology used to create dynamic content. Web pages developed using JSP assist dynamic content. This helps engineers embed java code in HTML pages by making utilization of exceptional JSP labels, most of which start with <% and end with %>.

A JavaServer Pages component is a type of Java servlet that is intended to satisfy the part of a UI for a Java web application.  Text files are combined with embedded JSP actions, XML elements, HTML or XHTML by web designers to write JSPs. JSP can perform all the jobs like collecting user input data through Web Page forms, creating dynamic web pages and presenting data from any data source. JSP tags have a great utility such as like fetching data from a database, inserting user choices, acquiring JavaBeans components, sharing data between pages.

JSP suffix depicts that an HTML file contains a link to a java servlet. JSP can be seen as an extension to a servlet which is concise and easy to maintain. .JSPF is an extension for JSP fragment. Various JSP constructs are shown below:

<%@page ... %> - setting the content type.

<%@taglib ... %> - directive for tag library..

jsp:useBean - utilized for object creation and initialization of an identifier.

jsp:setProperty - defined the values of an object property.

${ } it is used to retrieve the value of object properties.

f:equals is used to test the equality of an attribute and the current item of a collection.

Importance of JSP Course

Following is the comparison and benefits of JSP over other technologies-

JSP vs. Active Server Pages (ASP) - JSP has two main advantages. Firstly, Dynamic part is powerful and easier to use as Java is used instead of Visual basic or other MS specific language to write the dynamic part. Secondly, JSP is portable to various non-Microsoft Web servers and operating systems.

JSP vs. Pure Servlets - JSP adds convenience as it allows editing or modifying regular HTML while pure servlets result in usage of numerous printIn statements to generate HTML.

JSP vs. Server-Side Includes (SSI) - Server Side Includes was developed for general inclusions rather than coding real programs that make database connections and use form information.

JSP vs. JavaScript - JavaScript is an alternative to JSP to create dynamic HTML but only on the client side. JS rarely interacts with the server to perform tasks like image processing and database access etc.

JSP vs. Static HTML - Static HTML, obviously cannot deal with dynamic information.

Why students should prefer to join JSP programming course?

JavaServer Pages have an overlap with Common Gateway Interface or CGI in terms of implementation of programs. But JSP has relative advantages over CGI.

Since Dynamic elements are embedded in HTML page instead of separate CGI files, JSP has a great edge over CGI in terms of performance.

In JSP, Compilation is done prior to server processing while similar technologies like Perl and CGI requires an interpreter. It is loaded onto the server and read the script for each page request.

Similar to Servlets, JSP to has all the access to JAVA APIs like EJB, JDBC, JNDI, etc. It is due to the fact that JavaServer pages are based on Java Servlets API.

JSP Pages are also utilized in tandem with servlets that drives the business logic. A Java Servlet template engine supports this model

Lastly, JSP is an important part of Java EE, a comprehensive platform for enterprise class applications. This proves that JSP has an important part to play in the most general applications to the most tricky and demanding.

Skills required for completing JSP programming course assignment

Good Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will help in using more and more features of JSP. The basic idea behind JSP is very identical to PHP. A servlet is a series of instructions in Java that serves a request.

Understanding and working experience of technologies like Jetty or Tomcat is also important. Tomcat is popular, fully-featured web server. A faster, simpler or more flexible service like Jetty will also do. Unlike Tomcat, Jetty was developed to design web services instead of web apps.

Difficulties encountered while writing JSP programming assignment

Apart from the good understanding of the concepts of HTML, JavaScript, Tomcat and others mentioned in the skills section, there are few JSP concepts like the Life cycle of JSP and JSP Architecture that are considered to be quite tricky for students. Other topics that can create difficulty for students are:

JSP Translation

JSP Compilation

JSP Expressions

Basic JSP Architecture

JSP Tags

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