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Importance of Biotechnology

For centuries, humankind has used biotechnology in food production, medicine and agriculture. The term biotechnology refers to the practice technology or process that uses any living organism to the useful product to human for specific purpose. Biotechnology is a broad discipline as there are different types of life, as well as technologies. It comprises basic as well as applied sciences. Field of biotechnology comprises of red biotechnology, green biotechnology, white biotechnology, blue biotechnology and bioinformatics. Red biotechnology is the term used for the medical biotechnology. Production of drugs and antibiotic medicines come in the sub-field. Green biotechnology is referred to as agriculture biotechnology. It involves production of transgenic plant. Blue biotechnology is the branch of biotechnology that helps to control water borne organisms and marine organisms. White biotechnology is also known as industry biotechnology. It includes the production of biopolymers, fibres chemical and fuel for the vehicles. Bioinformatics is the mix of biotechnology and computers. It is used for various purposes like development of medicine and drug by helping in finding the analysis of data.

Biotechnology is an important branch because of application and uses. For centuries humankind have used microorganism to produce food and medicine. It helps in reducing the rate of infectious disease. Now, it is used for production for alternating fuel gasoline from ethanol, which is produced from sugar. It reduces the use of petrochemicals. Production of vaccine using recombinant DNA technology through the genetic manipulation, it helps to cure genetic diseases. It also helps to develop new ways of diagnosis. Stem cell therapy, it helps grow and cures the damaged in organism. Varieties of microorganisms are used in enzyme technology to produce biological catalyst. These biological catalysts have replaced animal and plant enzyme. Microorganisms are widely used in baking, brewing and textile industry. Genetic engineering is known for the creation of genetically modified organisms. Applications of genetically modified organisms are oral vaccines production naturally in fruit, transgenic animal and plant. Genetic diseases could be treated by identifying and replacing with functional genome. DNA fingerprinting has application in human health care and justice system. It is used to diagnose inherited disorders. Biotechnology is the branch of science promises the future and future biotechnology. That's why biotechnology is important academic curriculum.

Difficulties faced during biotechnology studies

There are a lot of problems, a student faces while solving biotechnology problems. First of all is the set up an aseptic environment. Biotechnology involves the selective and sensitive condition of biological sample. Little contamination can ruin the production of desire product. Second is maintaining optimum physical environment as biological are sensitive to this. Third, the ethical issue that, we should not play with other's lives. Many experiments failed in results and develop abnormal product such as transgenic animal or poisonous plant. Fourth, new difficulties; as they develop new research method, new difficulties are found during implementation of method.

Solutions to problems of biotechnology

Coming to the solution, Biotechnologists must maintain aseptic and optimum physical factor for the biological sample and the microorganism. They should have knowledge of managing bio-hazards and destruction of them as well. He should understand all the ethical values. He should have knowledge to take down the new problems that come during implementation.

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