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Human Physiology

Human physiology is a science and its tellsabout the mechanism and complexity of human body, its indicates, formation, mechanism and chemical changes takes place in our body.  Human Physiology mostly focuses about organ system, functioning and how as a whole our body work together. Anatomy and physiology are correlated. Anatomy is formation and physiology is function of the body. It is very interesting to find out how a single cell activity is necessary for our body survival and how millions of cells together form a body.   In human physiology we mostly focus on organ systems their interconnectivity and working method. Human physiology provides fundamental base to science, health science and medical science.

Importance of human Physiology

All of us want to live healthy and fit life. For this purpose we must know our body. Physiology is a way to understand life in a scientific way. Cell, tissue, organ system makes our body together.

It is essential to know how our body works, fight to disease, adapt to stress.  These entire things help us to improve our quality of life.

For living better life human physiology is very significant.  Our body is very precious and keeping it healthy is our duty and if we have knowledge about physiology of our body it become easy to achieve fitness. For discovery of new medicines and improvement in health science, understanding of human physiology required.

Importance of human physiology in academic curriculum

As a student study of human physiology develop scientific thinking about body and life .this scientific thinking help to keep body fit and healthy. Scientific thinking change perception toward life.

 Majority of student aspire to work in health fields. Human physiology create interest of student in health science, pharmacy, dentist, nursing etc. human physiology cover vast area of life  and  has lot of opportunity.

Human physiology not only help student to choose profession in health science .as an individual student understand their body and its function which help them to maintain their body.

Study of human physiology provide fundamental base for medicine, physical science and health science.

Difficulties faced by students in human physiology

Human physiology covers large area of topic like organ system (formation and functioning), cell physiology, endocrine system, homeostasis, and genetics.  The most difficult part of human physiology   is genetics. Student faces problems to understand the concept of genetics that How a single gene control cell and its activity. Genetics needs creation, evaluation, analyzing, application, understanding and remembering .which demand lot of time and practice. For genetics students have to go through past researches and text book is not enough to explain that.

 On the other side organ system is very tough. Anatomy and physiology of organ system make it more complex to understand. How nervous system control and regulate body. The process of accepting and sending messages to the body is difficult part for students.

Structure and mechanism of different organ system is very difficult. And inter -connectivity of these organ systems make it more complex.  To know the functioning of whole human body is a tough task to achieve.

Few topics covered under human physiology

NERVOUS SYSTEM- The most important and complex system of human physiology is nervous system. It consists of brain, spinal cord and neuron.

Actually brain is divided into two parts-

 CNS (central nervous system), PNS (peripheral nervous system)

 CNS is made up of brain and spinal cord

PNS is consisting of nerves which transmit signals from brain to different part of the body

At cellular level nervous system is made up of single cell called 'neuron'. Neuron have special structure called axon who send signals rapidly and precisely to other cells .Nervous system found in multicellular animal is vary and complex.Our nervous system work area is very vast, not only sending massages even controlling metabolic activities responding to stimulii  regulating  body  activity during stress. How our brain does all these things ,it work with endocrine sytem to balance our body.



The 2nd most important and complicated organ system in our body is cardiovascular system.

Cardiovascular system is made up of three parts-

1 heart

2 lungs

3 blood vessels (artery, veins)

These three independent systems work together collectively and form cardiovascular system.

All the tissue of our body need oxygenated blood to survive. Lung help to dissolve oxygen in blood, heart purify and pump blood to blood vessels.  Blood vessels carry oxygenated blood to different part to the body where cell absorb oxygen and in turn give out carbon dioxide and waste product to the blood vessels. Than blood vessels transport these waste material to relative organ from there they secret out from the body this is how cardiovascular system help in functioning of other organ of the body.  Physiology of cardiovascular system is very complicated. Interaction between circulatory system, respiratory system and blood vessels and   affecting each other work is tough to learn.


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