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Social Science - Importance of Social Science

Social as in society as in human beings, Science, as in the systematic study of a thing, the tracking of its true nature. Social Science together combined understands the true nature of human being and society. What is society? What does it mean to be human? What defines a person? Social Science is the subject which defines person i.e. how has he worked, struggled, thrived in his environment? Did he live on a mountain or a desert, near the sea or in the arctic? Yeah ancestry is important and a location is paramount but along with that it also answers essential questions about a person like what is this person like? Is it a man or woman? What does he or she do? Developed during the 19th century, this subject opens up a debate and gives us a say in shaping our collective future. It helps us understand the consequences and application of the new technology. It is not just important for the future but also for what's happening now. For example, a range of social scientists like economists, psychologists, economists helps us understand the economic crisis and weigh up our decisions. Social Science affects our day to day life, right from its contribution to our health and well-being to improvement in our children's lives and education. Everything we look around is a social science, it's not just a subject to learn and acquire knowledge but to use that knowledge to make our daily life decisions, to examine our surroundings, to feel the influence of other human beings, to organize and create an identity for everyone in the society.

Difficulties faced by student while solving Social Science Problems:

Social Science is generally taught in a way that students find it boring and hard to remember. Most of the time students feel that it's a subject to mug up and write answers in the examination. The interest in the subject is lost and it becomes difficult when students fail to relate it to their day to day life, they fail to develop the observing power to understand that everything happening around is the social science.

Few topics covered under Social Science:

The Social science has an extensive scope. It comprises academic disciplines concerned with the study of the social life of humans, animals and individuals including anthropology, archeology, journalism, cultural studies, demographics, economics, geography, history, linguistics, politics, psychology, social services and sociology.

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